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Pet Points

August 2019

Welcome to the last 5 weeks of the summer of 2019.  Hopefully the warm weather will last well into September. As you can see from the subject line, we are hoping to feature your pets in future newsletters. In this issue we will feature our favourite pet, our dog Amy.

We will also introduce you to a new product for picky dogs, and let you know a little bit about the issues with blue-green algae in lakes and streams.

If any of you are still concerned about the buzz about grain free food and DCM in dogs, please check our website for more information, or come in and talk to us.

Amy is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Brichon Frise. Amy has lived at Mystic Pointe with Pet Pointe owners David & Barby, since she was a puppy.  This past May, she turned 14 years old, so I guess that makes her the old girl of the neighbourhood. True to her both of her breeds, Amy is happiest when she is with her people and does not require a lot of exercise, which makes her the perfect condo dog. Now that Amy is a senior she takes her walks pretty slowly, but at one time she really enjoyed doing agility. Watch her in action here

If you would like your pet featured in a future newsletter and on our social media, please send an email to Make sure to include a picture, or pictures (and we will choose) and a brief write up about your pet.

Blue-Green Algae - - - Should you be worried?
Blue-Green Algae is a microscopic plant-like organism that produces toxins that can sicken or kill people and animals. Algae occurs naturally in water, but the blue-green variety are considered Harmful Algal Blooms. CNN reported "In Wilmington, North Carolina, three dogs died after frolicking in a pond, while another succumbed after a swim in Lake Allatoona, Georgia.  A common enemy likely led to the deaths of all four dogs: liver failure brought on by ingesting water contaminated with toxic blue-green algae." Blue-green algae has been seen in Ontario this summer, including Hamilton, and Georgian Bay.  For more information, you can go to this website
*NEW* Pour Overs from The Honest Kitchen
Pour Overs are the newest product from The Honest Kitchen. Pour Overs are 100% human-grade and contain tasty whole foods, with none of the by-products and fillers that can be found in other wet foods and toppers. They come in a wide variety of flavours and dog love them. Pour Overs make a great addition to whatever is in your pet’s bowl! They’re especially great with dry foods, to get a boost of nutrition and moisture in their bowl. Other great benefits of this product are:
  • Easy to open and close BPA-free grab n’ go box
  • Stays pourable (not hard and gelatinous like canned food)
  • 100% human-grade, grain-free, limited ingredients
  • NO by-products, GMO ingredients, rendered meals, artificial colors or flavors
Stop by, and pick one up. $2.99/box
As there are a lot of new people in the area of Mystic Pointe, Humber Bay and surrounding area, we decided it was time again to let you know a little bit about us. We (Barby & David) have lived in Mystic Pointe for over 20 years, and opened Pet Pointe in March of 2011. We pride ourselves on doing independent research on pet supplies, especially when it comes to what we feed our dogs and cats. Since we are not part of a chain or franchise, we are free to bring in (or not bring in) products of our choosing. There is no head office giving us an incentive to push a particular product at any time. We take feedback from our customers seriously, and this not only helps us to decide what products to bring back in, but it enables us to give advise to other customers. We are able to tell you about the best vets, dog walkers, trainers, and other pet related services. It is a real plus for us that so many people that come into the store are not just customers, they are our neighbours.  If you haven't seen the video below, check it out.  Many of you will recognize, the great dog walker Anastasia with her dog Scout, and Real Estate Agent Extradonaire Werner and his dog Beau.
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