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January 2020

Welcome to the winter of 2020. It seems we had more "winter" during November than we have had so far this year, but don't be fooled, there is no escaping it. In this issue we will give you some tips on how to survive the winter with your furry friend. In our last Pet Points Newsletter we told you about our Photos with Santa event, and it was held on December 1. Despite the poor weather that day, we still managed to raise over $300 for Soi Dog Canada. And a big thank you to our Santa Claus Gregory D, and our photographer Leni. You can see all the pictures on our website.

Contrary to what many people believe, dogs paws do not actually get cold.  According to a Japanese research study done a few years ago it was discovered that dogs have an intricate network of veins which helps blood circulate quickly to heat or cool their paws. Paws are also padded by fatty tissue which is more resistant to freezing. However, this does not mean that your dog's paws do not need protection from ice, snow and salt. Many de-icing products can cause your dog pain, and prolonged contact with many of the salts and chemicals used on sidewalks and roadways can lead to chemical burns on your dog's paws. Another cause of sore paws during the winter are the ice balls which form between the pads and toes, and is especially true for long haired dogs. As well, dogs have been known to rip their paw pads while playing on ice. The best way to protect your dog's paws is with boots, socks, or a balm specifically formulated for the paws. We carry all these products at Pet Pointe, and have recently brought in a boots and legging combination called Walkee Paws. We highlighted all the advantages of Walkee Paws in our November Newsletter. You can see the Walkee Paws in action below
During very cold days or heavy snow days, many dogs do not want to stay outside long. JW by Petmade Pet Products has the perfect boredom busters. Below is the JW Treat Pod. Simply insert treats or kibble. This toy allows your dog to manipulate and slide the pods to release treats
The JW Treat Tower below can be adjusted for different levels of difficulty. Simply insert the treat in the top and they randomly come out the bottom as your dog works to release them. These toys are also great to use at meal time for kibble eaters, as is the Rockin' Treat Ball shown in the video below.
This is a great toy for larger dogs.
Baby it's cold outside
When the temperature drops below freezing, most pets should not be kept outside for extended periods.
  • Keep your cat indoors, and for most dogs there is nothing wrong with putting a coat or sweater on, and boots when needed. Chances are if you are cold, so is your dog.
  • Do not leave your pet in your car, as the car will hold in the cold, and a pet could actually freeze to death if left in the car for too long a time.
  • If you leave your car outside, remember to bang on the hood before starting the car, as cats are known to seek warmth by a warm car engine
  • Do not let your dog or cat drink or lick anything found near a car. Ethylene glycol is found in antifreeze and brake fluid and can be fatal.
  • Be careful on off leash trails during heavy snow as snow masks recognizable smells. If you are concerned keep your dog leashed.
  • During the darker mornings and evenings, have your dog wear a collar light or a reflective collar or leash

We have samples in store of many of our pet foods. Stop in to talk to us about what pet food is best for your dog or cat
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