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Dear Hochberg Lower School Parents,

In an unprecedented move, beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020, students will begin their learning at home utilizing technology resources to provide and guide instructional goals. Utilizing familiar programs like Google Classroom, video conferencing software (Google Hangout Meet and Zoom), and additional online resources, students will be able to continue the learning process.

We have been preparing within our Hochberg Lower School family to provide students with continual educational support and learning opportunities. Our teachers have been collaborating on ways to utilize technology tools families will have at their disposal to support the learning goals. We are just one of the thousands of schools that have moved to an online format in a short period of time. With a large number of people globally trying to simultaneously access various websites and activities, there are bound to be some “hiccups” along the way. As the initial week progresses, there may be a necessity to make some tweaks, modifications, and adjustments to improve the learning environment for our students. We encourage both parents and students to be patient through this process.

The Posnack School Technology Team has created an informational website that can be accessed through a link on the Posnack Academic Portal and Canvas or by clicking here. Parents experiencing issues accessing school-related websites and resources should initially reach out to their child’s classroom teacher. Students who are using Hochberg Lower School devices, and are experiencing hardware and software issues, should utilize the website above for technical support. From the website, the Posnack School Technology Team will be providing assistance utilizing the Posnack School Technology Help Desk and remote support sessions to help students through any issues that might arise. We are working with our partners at MobileMeIt and Fujitsu to address hardware issues and repairs.

Here are some additional tips and guidelines to help you prepare:

  • Students should find a comfortable quiet location to set up to work.

  • Students who might be participating in a live class session and using a Hochberg Lower School device should shut down their device nightly and start-up their device 15 minutes prior to beginning a live session to ensure they are ready to go.

  • Students should not be using any school-issued device for non-school related activities to ensure their devices do not get infected with viruses and/or malware.

  • As email will be the primary form of communication from teachers and Hochberg Lower School administration, students and parents should check their email periodically throughout the day. Students in grades 4 and 5 should frequently check their school email.

Students Using Posnack School Devices:

  • Students should use their school-issued device as a primary device for school instruction. In cases of problems, using the school-issued device will be easier to troubleshoot and fix.

  • If the device experiences hardware related issues and stops working, first check the resource website mentioned below for ways to troubleshoot the problem. If that does not resolve the problem, submit a help desk ticket. You should, at this point, use another internet-enabled device to rejoin the lesson. If you are unable to rejoin, students should take the opportunity to listen to the recording once made available through Canvas.

  • Students can utilize Apple or Android mobile devices to view video conferencing programs (Google Hangout Meet/Zoom/etc.) to participate in live school activities/classroom learning. Limited hardware support can be provided for students using these devices.

  • For students using school-owned devices, if possible, keep an ethernet cable available that can be directly plugged into your home router. This would be used in the case of a wireless issue. Doing this will allow the student to be online as well as give the technology team remote access capability.

  • Students should utilize Chrome or Firefox web browser or Safari on the iPhone to attend the online live class activities/meetings. Internet Explorer and Edge Browsers are not fully compatible with many of the platforms.

Internet Access:

  • Most activities can be done within relatively low bandwidth environments. However, having multiple devices connected from the same location may cause some internet issues, so turning off unnecessary devices (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) that use the internet is advised.

  • If you are experiencing any internet issues you should first contact your internet provider directly.

  • Families may utilize Mobile Hotspots (Google search results on Mobile Hotspots) from their mobile devices to provide connectivity if their home internet is not providing service.

  • Students are strongly discouraged from working together in groups and public places during this period. If the student is unable to get internet service using the methods above, please email the teacher directly to let them know of the difficulty so accommodations can be made.

Resource Website and Help Desk and Remote Assistance:

All members of the Posnack School Technology Team will be providing assistance to students and faculty during the hours of 8:30 am-3:30 pm Monday through Thursday. For 5th grade students who are using a school-issued device, the Technology Team will have access to tools to establish a remote connection to allow for student/parent assistance. For all parents experiencing issues accessing school-related websites and resources, they should remember to reach out to their child’s classroom teacher.

Students need to be patient when trying to resolve issues. Students can try to resolve issues independently utilizing the website before completing a help desk ticket. Sometimes things might take a longer time to load, or may not work the first time, etc. Please reassure your child and work through the problem before quickly jumping to the help desk. This extra time may give the issue time to resolve on its own and not bottleneck the Help desk with multiple items for the same issue.

Important Links:

Canvas URL Accessed on School device and Mobile Devices:

Posnack Technology Help Desk:

Hochberg Lower School Academic Portal:

Sign in to Microsoft Portal to download a copy of Office to a different device:

User Name: <<student email address>>

Select School/Work Account

Password: Posnack Computer Password


Jeff Shapiro
Director of Posnack School IT
Copyright © 2020 David Posnack Jewish Day School, All rights reserved.

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