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Dear Hochberg Middle School Parents,

Posnack Jewish Day School will be closing its main campus, effective Monday, March 16. Online teaching for middle school students will begin on Tuesday, March 17, and will run indefinitely until further notice.

The learning will continue via an online platform through Canvas. All middle school teachers and students have been thoroughly trained on how to use Canvas for online learning. This system will be most successful if our students are mindful of the procedures and expectations that have been set forth below.

Please read the following information regarding the procedures and expectations of online school for all Hochberg Middle School students:
  • Students will participate in online schooling from Monday thru Thursday. (Online schooling will not take place on Fridays. Fridays will be dedicated to teacher planning and independent student work.)

  • Students will follow the regular bell schedule with 45-minute classes and 5 minutes in between periods. (See schedule below.)

  • Students will begin their online school day at 8:45 am and end at 3:20 pm with a break for lunch. (Tefilah will be observed before school, on an individual basis.)

  • Students are expected to be logged into Canvas and join the appropriate Conference at the beginning of each class period.

  • Students are expected to remain logged in and present for the duration of each period, as directed by each teacher. (Teachers have the flexibility to modify the duration of each class period, being mindful of the overall well-being of our students.)

  • Teachers will take attendance for every period, which will be indicated when the student joins the appropriate Canvas Conference. (Posnack School’s attendance policy will apply during online instruction.)

  • Teachers will provide direct instruction via Canvas Conference and will continue to post learning materials and assignments on Canvas.

  • Teachers will use their webcam and microphone to deliver lessons and provide directions.

  • Students are expected to comply with the teacher’s instructions and be active participants during all online sessions.

  • The online messaging system through Canvas is to be used for educational purposes only and guided by the teacher.

  • Summative and formative assessments will be administered to middle school students at the discretion of the teachers and may be in the form of projects, essays, etc.

  • Grades will be recorded for assigned projects, assessments, and other written work and are expected to be submitted according to the due dates established by the teacher.

  • Teachers will continue to be available for students and parents to contact via e-mail with any questions or concerns.

  • In the event that your child experiences technology issues, your child should notify his/her teachers and seek help from our school’s IT department. (Posnack School IT Department will be sending out an email with more information about support services).

  • Students are expected to dress appropriately during the online school day (Shoulders and stomachs should not be exposed while participating in online learning. Shorts worn should be mid-thigh or longer.)

  • While participating online, all inappropriate gestures or language either written or demonstrated on the camera will be subject to disciplinary action, per the handbook.

  • All aspects of the Honor Code will be expected to be followed and observed.

  • If the above expectations are not followed, teachers will contact parents via e-mail. If the behavior or non-compliance persists, students will incur infractions to be addressed by the Dean of Students upon our return to campus and may be subject to consequences.

    Hochberg Middle School online school schedule:

    • Tefilah-8:00-8:40 am (student self-directed)
    • Period A-8:45-9:30 am
    • Period B-9:35-10:20 am
    • Period C-10:25-11:10 am
    • Period D (Lunch)-11:15-12:00 pm
    • Period E-12:05-12:50 pm
    • Period F-12:55-1:40 pm
    • Period G-1:45-2:30 pm
    • Period H-2:35-3:20 pm

      • All electives will be taught online, with the exception of Culinary/Cooking
      • Students will attend LR through Google Meet
Mrs. Elisabeth Trofimtchouk, our School Counselor, is also available via e-mail at for support.

We kindly ask that you read and discuss this e-mail with your child. If you have any questions, please contact me at As always, I am available to you and your child(ren).

Our school will continue to keep the Posnack School Community abreast of any changes and updates as they come about. Please stay healthy and safe.

Shabbat Shalom,

Tamara S. Zaslow
Hochberg Middle School Principal
Copyright © 2020 David Posnack Jewish Day School, All rights reserved.

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