Arts of the Arab World Uprisings Symposium videos & interviews available online.

Our 2013 Freer symposium was a huge success. If you missed the live event, there are videos, links to news interviews, and more on the event website. read more

Celebration honors the scholarly work and image collections of history of art faculty.

By naming the collections after the faculty who created them, we honored those whose work took them around the world to document art represented in everything from museums to monuments to caves. read more

News from the Visual Resources Collections

The VRC's new manager Cathy Pense talks about making space, growing larger, and new acquisitions. read more


Welcome New Faculty

We are delighted to welcome Nachiket Chanchani, Paroma Chatterjee, and Jennifer Nelson to the department.

Faculty Publications

Megan Holmes publishes The Miraculous Image in Renaissance Florence; read more.
Joan Kee publishes Contemporary Korean Art: Tansaekhwa and the Urgency of Method; read more.
Alex Potts publishes Experiments in Modern Realism: World Making in Postwar European and American Art;
read more.
Matthew Biro publishes Anselm Kiefer: Phaidon Focus;
read more.

Christiane Gruber publishes Visual Culture in the Modern Middle East: Rhetoric of the Image; read more.


Interview with a history of art honors student.

Megan Flattley talks about her topic (Soviet Socialist Realism), what it's like to work closely with her advisor, and the ups and downs of writing a 50-page paper. read more

Welcome new graduate student cohort

Introducing the most recent additions to our talented graduate student body. read more

My Summer Work

PhD candidate Emily Talbot talks about lecturing in Paris, her research findings, and two unfinished paintings by Jules Bastien-Lepage hanging on the walls of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nancy. read more

My Summer Work

PhD candidate Alice Isabella Sullivan talks about basic grammatical rules of Old Church Slavonic, objects from the reign of Stephen the Great, and lunch with the nuns at Sucevita Monastery. read more

Graduate Student Awards

Congratulations graduate student award-winners Ashley Miller and Alice Isabella Sullivan! read more


Tappan Collective

U-M alumnni ('10) Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein have named their online art business after one of their favorite campus buildings.
read more

Victors for Michigan...and History of Art

Our largest-ever fundraising campaign is ambitious, visionary, purposeful — worthy of the name “Victors.” The $400 million goal is built upon the cornerstone of the liberal arts: the idea that a powerful, pragmatic education can transform hearts and minds, can solve problems in a changing world, can yield ideas and innovation across every discipline. read more

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