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Happy November! While the O season is starting to wind down in the northern climes, we still have a lot of great things happening in our sport.

Orienteering USA Launches Facebook Page
Thanks to Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club member, and Orienteering USA board member, Maiya Anderson for launching our new Facebook page. This page is designed to be a gateway to the sport and get new folks to try orienteering.  Thanks also to North Texas Orienteering Association’s Lisa Carr, Quantico Orienteering Club’s Kathleen Lennon and Western Connecticut Orienteering Club’s (and Orienteering USA Secretary) Donna Fluegel for their contributions to this project.

Be sure to “Like” Orienteering USA on Facebook.  Invite your “O” and “not yet O” friends as well!
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It's Annual Fund Time
The 2012 Annual Fund is in full swing.  We appreciate your past generosity and ask you once again to please give to Orienteering USA.  Just visit and click on “Support Orienteering”.  Or you can use the envelope found in Orienteering North America magazine.
Thanks for your donation.

It's Annual Fund Time - Part II
If you choose to write a check, please make sure you make it payable to “United States Orienteering Federation”…not USOF or OUSA.  Because of changes in banking practices, many banks are beginning to reject checks with acronyms on them.  Be proud of our name, spell it out. Checks payable to Orienteering USA can be cashed although the IRS still thinks that we are the United States Orienteering Federation and there is a very slight chance that if you are audited that they would question Orienteering USA as a non-profit. It's easy enough to prove but it's even easier to just write out the name in full.

One More National Championship Event This Year
OCIN will be hosting the 2012 OUSA Ultralong, Relay and Night Orienteering National Championships. They will be held in Cincinnati from November 30 – December 2.  Visit to register.

Making or Updating Maps?
Mapping (leaf off) season is near.  So it is time to create new maps and update old ones.  If you don't already have one, be sure to sign up for a Pictometry account to get low cost access to aerial imagery.  Contact Orienteering USA VP/Clubs Greg Lennon at for more information.

Orienteering USA Gifts for the Holiday Season
Looking for a holiday gift for your orienteer (or yourself)?  Don’t want to buy another compass?  Visit and click on “Store” on the top blue bar. There you will find an array of unique Orienteering USA items.  In addition, all profits go to OUSA’s mission.

Orienteering USA Membership Database
Soon a new membership database will be up and running behind the scenes, and each person will get an email telling them how to log in to see their profiles as well as check their contact and membership data. If you, or those in your family, want to make sure you get this, email Orienteering USA Membership & Accounting Director Robin Shannonhouse at with all new, corrected and/or individual email addresses for all of the orienteers on your membership.

Championship Challenge Award Update
Thanks to all of you who participated in A-meets in the first half of the year.  About 150 of you qualified for Championship Challenge shirts and have been patiently waiting for them.  We have been delayed because we have been catching up with stragglers to get their sizing and shipping information.  This will be done this weekend and then we will produce and ship the shirts. Thanks for your patience.

2013 National Orienteering Day Dates Announced
Mark your calendars!  September 21-22, 2013 is the designated weekend for Orienteering USA’s National Orienteering Day. More later.

Orienteering USA Highlights Calendar
  • October - December: Annual Fund
  • Nov. 30 - Dec. 2: OUSA Ultralong, Relay and Night Orienteering National Championships (OCIN – Cincinnati, OH)
  • Jan. 19 - 20, 2013: Georgia Navigator A-meet (GAOC – near Madison, GA)
  • Jan. 19, 2013: OUSA Board of Directors Meeting @ Georgia Navigator

We hope that everybody has a Happy Thanksgiving and gets to run in the “Turkey Trot” of their choice.  Think of it as cross-training!


Peter Goodwin – President
Glen Schorr – Executive Director

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