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It's a bumper issue to end the year. We have been busy here, there, and everywhere.

So called 'damage causing animals' need your help! There are TWO days to send your objections; The draft management norms and standards allow for the use of gin traps, poisons, dog hunting, helicopter hunting etc. Comments must be posted latest 10 December 2016. However short or long, it all counts.
It could be as short as this sample email:
We object to the decimation of our wildlife. We object specifically to the use of gin traps, poisons, hunting dogs, denning, and species culls as means of predator controls in sheep farming. We call for shepherds to be employed to protect the sheep as the default option.
See this for a (comprehensive) sample letter you can use part of, or cut and paste, courtesy of Bool Smuts of Landmark Foundation. It clearly outines the objectionable points.
They need you!

This article on the myth of human superiority makes excellent reading.
We are regularly asked about Isabella Garcia (amongst other brands) and their claims they don't animal test. We note they offer ingredients of a 'natural origin' -
caviar extract in a product
manner. : egg. An ingredient, regardless of the mother, we will never accept. Fish are either killed for their eggs, or stunned and have their eggs removed in an invasive
We are very pleased to include a new, vegan, mostly orgaic brand approved:

While cosmetic testing has ceased, or is in the process of being banned, in certain countries, this has no bearing whatsoever on
• Medical research
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Cosmeceutical industry – cosmetics that utilise pharmaceutical ingredients or things like botox
• Cleaning products

Ingredients for cosmetics and personal care may still be tested for things like worker and food safety, the pharma industry and the like. This is why remains an essential guide for compassionate consumers.
Furthermore, animals,of all species, continue to be used in tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse studies, the manufacture of commercial products - such as household cleaners, agriculture, toxicological studies, education and in many other ways. Animals are scalded, burnt, drowned, electrocuted, poisoned and killed, all in the name of ‘science’. And let us not forget military testing!

ENQUIRY into EU statement

We live in a violent society. Why would you add to that, by getting your youngster a gun? DO NOT buy pellet guns for Christmas, or anytime! The use of pellet guns has the same restrictions as the use of firearms. See Firearm Control Act. Act 60, of 2000. Section 120, paragraph 3b and 7. The use of a pellet gun in an urban area, even to shoot at a target, IS ILLEGAL. Pellet guns maim and kill, weapons of war against animals - domestic and small wildlife alike. Monkeys are shot regularly, as are domestic animals and birds from time to time. Shooting animals is also a violation of the Animal Protection Act.

The end of November saw MINK fur farming in JAPAN has come to an end, as the country's last remaining fur farm in Niigata has closed its doors. In recent
years the Otsuka mink farm was repeatedly reported by Animal Rights Center Japan for operating without a license and violating the Japanese Invasive Alien Species Act of 2006. Since the Invasive Alien Species Act in 2006 it became illegal to build new mink fur farms in Japan. Now the farm has ended its operations, Japan joins a growing number of countries that are leaving fur farming behind. See the BWC page on fur. 

FFSA organised a tweet storm
for Worldwide Fur Free Friday (WFFF)  on November 25, 2016:
It is a day of INTERNATIONAL ACTION, as protests against the sale of fur are held across the world. In solidarity, Fur Free SA initiates a tweet storm (#FurOffends) against a luxury shopping centre that has many shops selling genuine fur items
- this event was a huge success, as on average, two tweets every minute went to Sandton City throughout the day and well into the evening
. A huge shout out to everyone who participated by tweeting, sending #FurFreeSA messages of encouragement and e-mailing the management of Sandton City Centre.

Although selling these items is legal, people in the fur industry have no morality when it comes to exploiting animals in the most horrendous way. Please do not buy fur trinkets, toys and trim. How does it make sense to buy a toy animal, made with the fur using another animal?

BWC thanks to the Union of Jewish Women in CT, for the donation of collected assorted furs for the BWC/Fur Free SA Foster Fur project, who are so pleased to get fur out of circulation. It is apt that this was  collected on worldwide Fur Free Friday. The furs will be used at a sanctuary in due course, as a surrogate and for the recuperation of injured wildlife.

Please follow @beautywithoutcr on Twitter, LIKE and then scroll down, copy and paste the 11 tweets about the dolphins; you can retweet, but copy and paste a new tweet, to start trending. Or write your own using
#CaptiveDolphinCruelty #KeepDolphinsFree @BayworldPE @NMandelaBay 
MINUTES of the Bayworld meeting BWC attended, in which several excellent suggestions were made by the 'anti-capture' attendees. This was not a meeting of all concerned, only the animal welfare and rights people! BWC asked Ric OBarry, of the Dolphin Project, to share his views, which were to be shared in a presentation given, but we were not gioven the opportunity to do as at this one sided meeting, but the chair was presented with the information. In short, it seems the Eastern Cape Government is the only group to WANT dolphins, but as we know corruption is rife all over. They want their "property" returned to PE and given African names (!). By the way, only one of the two SA dolphins can be returned from Japan, because they are too closely related. The other 5 intended dolphins would have to be sourced elewhere, perpetualing the horror of dolphin capture such as Taiji.

Most of the Mandela Bay Deveopment Agency does not want a return of dolphins, and while the anti-dolphin votes appear to significantly outweigh the pro-dolphin people, we have a long way to go to ensure Bayworld becomes a world class venue without, at the least, dolphins, and at best no sealife at all. 

With all the bad news, here's something to make you smile.


BWC hosted a march for Voices for African Wildlife, our independent affiliate, through the very windy streets of Cape Town. Thank you so much to those who braved the wind, and chose to be the voice for our wildlife. We are so grateful that the chief whip of the IFP joined us, Narend Singh, along with advocate Anthony Mitchell, to accept a memo from Philip Pitout of CACH who came down from Ladismith. Hayley came down from Mpumalanga, just for the march, and of course, Kenesias Dambakurima of VAW, who spoke so very well, from the Strand. Never question that your presence matters. It most certainly does. 
There is NO reason to have physical encounters or to walk with wildlife. You can tell yourself what you wish, but every encounter means death for a lion. Note: lions are not IT, but s/he!

We are so pleased that after pressure from Tozie Zokufa and his team at Humane Society International SA, and the collaborative efforts of BWC, SAFCEI, CIWF and United front 4 Animals, including the petition started by BWC supporter, Yolanda Guse, McDonalds have now pledged to start in 2017 to actively work towards cage free products by 2025.
While naturally we eschew the consumptions of animals, we recognize the suffering of animals in the system right now, and support effor
ts to minimize the inherent apathy and cruelty of animal industries.
McDonalds can start the serious work of engaging with their suppliers to go cage free.
Tens of millions of chickens suffer the fate of living in a space the size of an iPad, for 'life' , laying eggs, until they are deemed unproductive, and if they have survived this horror, go to a terrible and terrifying death. This is the reality for over 95% of South African hens. Read all about it :
  We now acknowledge McDonalds pledge to this.

We have had a turbulent time with Myoga at the Vineyard, which chef put Foie Gras back on the menu, some time after giving us a tongue lashing for not noticing when they removed it! So we have been in communication, as has a supporter. Finally, we received this : "We are no longer serving foie gras on the menu as of last week. We will be reprinting our menus shortly. I will forward you the menus once the alternative dishes have been finalised and ready to print."


We came across this recently, where the No Foie Gras campaign is mentioned, and the first paragraph info directly from the NFG website, we are pleased to note.

So-called 'humane' foie gras perpetuates the notion that foie gras is desirable and acceptable. Suppliers/Consumers will, guaranteed, take short cuts, especially as the standard foie gras would be cheaper. So no, this is unacceptable.. It may well be better than the current methods, but promoting the notion of humane foie gras is no different to happy meat- there is no such thing! Until an animal flings themself against the knife, taking lives for fleeting pleasure will never be acceptable, especially when there is an entire world of incredible taste and texture out there, which requires the suffering and death of no sentient being.
Thought provoking, gentle, probing. If you were not able to attend Dr Melanie Joy's talks or workshops in Jhb or CT, then we really do recommend looking for the info found on
Then you can also discover the origin and definition of carnism
Dr Melanie Joy, celebrated author of, amongst other things, 'Why we love Dogs, eat Pigs and wear Cows', was given a BWC Living without cruelty cookbook, after her most interesting talk. 

A contentious issue, to be sure, and one we vigourously work against. Despite residents objections, Tableview in CT was again a designated area, so BWC worked with the community to hold a demonstration on 5 November despite the presence of several thousand fireworks supporters - mostly from other neighbourhoods -
BWC hosted the demo in Tableview, which Fallen Angels initiated, against the horrors of fireworks, for 3 hours.  It was amusing to have the SAPS request that we not use a "please hoot in support" sign, due to the noise. The noise from the fireworks was far louder.

When culture and tradition causes pollution, suffering, injury and death to other beings, those cultures and traditions should evolve. Fireworks are destructive, and our insistence on our desire and temporary pleasure, at any cost, is the reason the planet is in such a state. For those who would say that people trying to do the right thing by our environment, wildlife, birdlife and domestic animals are spoilers, remember they (we) have NOTHING to gain, because it's not about them (us) !

1. The fireworks industry is well known to be a hazardous industry. Right from the initial phase of manufacturing till the transportation and storage of fireworks in the stores, risk to life and property is high. Lead poisoning, ulcers and damage to the central nervous system is usual in workers. Child labour is a predominant form of employment and leads to loss of lives at an early age.

2. Research studies confirm that the loud sounds of fireworks do have an adverse effect on wild animals as well as domestic animals. The noise from fireworks causes a great amount of fear, stress and anxiety in wild animals. Documented effects include nesting birds and small mammal parents abandoning their nests leaving their defenseless babies behind. The panic can sometimes cause so much disorientation, that wildlife parents cannot locate their nests and their babies die. Panic and disorientation from fireworks noise has also resulted in birds flying into windows and buildings, or too far out to sea to escape the noise. Waterfowl become entangled in remnants of large fireworks, or ingest pieces, and scavenging animals (both birds and mammals) ingest debris, usually resulting in death.
Errant fireworks can also cause environmental damage though fires, and from the release of poisonous chemicals and particle-laden smoke, which is not just inhaled by wildlife, but contaminates the natural environment.

3. Many domestic animals become so distressed that they attempt to escape which can lead animals to scale high perimeter walls, get stuck in fences or storm-water drains, become victims of motor vehicle accidents, and end up wandering the streets for weeks, lost away from home – or if they’re lucky, end up at an animal shelter.

4. South Africa’s Animals Protection Act clearly states that “it is illegal for any person to terrify any animal” yet annually, thousands of animals end up lost and abandoned, disorientated and sometimes severely injured. South Africa’s Firearms and Explosives Ordinance also makes it illegal for any child under the age of 16 to use or buy fireworks and it is illegal to use or sell fireworks without an official permit except at an officially designated site. In spite of this legislation, fireworks are still sold in many corner cafés to anyone of any age, and they continue to be set off at residential homes and gardens where they cause a real danger.

It's that time of year.... sadly, Grande Roche have gone BACK on their assurance that from Jan 2017 they would no longer have annual fireworks displays. Their new GM has decided they will continue with fireworks annually, indefinitely. This despite knowing of the pollution, animal injury and terror induced, both wild and domestic. Feel free to politely let them know how you feel at

Instead of doing something for ourselves, on World Vegan Day, like the Veg Pride Parade, we decided to share with those in need, so we offered (vegan) hotdogs, thanks to donations by Fry's Fanily Foods, and Paddocks Superspar, together with fruit and almond choc milk with the homeless and destitute in the Company Gardens of Cape Town. A great day sharing with those less fortunate, and we are so grateful to supporters who brought hotdogs and fruit to share, as well. Leftovers went to the Kensington Haven, with the balance sent off to the near northern suburbs, courtesy of Lizette and Ryan of Epping District Improvement. 


Well done to Julie Toerien of Onrusrivier, who won the first monthly draw, in this case a Lavish Beautiful Day cream. Jennifer Hukins won the November draw, and her Africa Organics hair care set is on the way to her!
WILL YOU be the one to win next?
Every month, one lucky person who takes new membership, renews their membership or donates a minimum of R100, stands to win a mystery prize, to a minimum value of R100. Anywhere in the country.
It may be skin care, a BWC tee, fragrance, a hamper of travel sized personal care, a pendant...
The d
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We are happy to announce we have connected with a new on-line supplier and BWC tees, are available, exclusively from Unicorn Cafe; They also stock BWC winter hoodies at a very special price of only R300 until end December. Get your wonderful A5 Festive cards, at only R7.50 ea. Order your cards from Laureen Bertin in Jhb, or today, and browse and see what else she has for you on the Unicorn Cafe fb page -   R99 courier throughout South Africa.

Fish feel pain, they can learn and teach, and they suffer amongst the worst deaths on the planet, by the billions; they either suffocate slowly, or are crushed by thousands of other fish in huge nets or implode due to immense pressure changes when caught in bottom dragging nets..
so try these, and have familar meals with none of the suffering:
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