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Beauty Without Cruelty, est 1975, has grown into the biggest animal rights organisation in the country with the inclusion of Fur Free, African Vegan Outreach (AVO) No Foie Gras (NFG) and African Voices For Wildlife on board; all are independent under the BWC umbrella.


We need you to comment right now, please, before public comment is closed ; click on this link
and ask for SABS/TC 1040/SC 04 - SANS 10386ED2 – DSS

because you want to comment on 3.6 – under product – to EXCLUDE ALL INGREDIENTS OR FINAL PRODUCTS WHICH ARE CLASSIFIED AS COSMETICS. For further information on draft standards, please contact
We cannot send the document ourselves as it is protected, and this will only be set by request. We need you to do this, please. 


BOOKINGS NOW OPEN!  Make a provisional booking to ensure your seats, and pay end November.
You can NOT book through Computicket, it will show as 'sold out'.
Your chance to support BWC while enjoying a night out, and standing a chance to win one of several lucky draws. 

If you are opposed to fireworks provincially or nationally, please email Please include your name and email address or phone number and date it "open ended 2019". Your letters will be used in an updated second proposal for a motion to ban fireworks to Parliament in Feb 2019.

This poster and our appeal has reached 99 122 people so far, with almost 1500 shares. In October, we wrote to the CoCT about prohibiting fireworks, citing all the reasons and offering alternatives, while observing the breaking of the City's onw bylaws in permitting fireworks. This was written and sent on behalf of many other organisations including, but not limited to, Cape Animal Welfare Forum, Cape Animal Rights Forum, the NSPCA and several ratepayers and homeowners associations. We have followed up, and followed up again, by mail and with phone calls, and while I have just this morning been informed that positive action is being proposed, we have not yet had the courtesy of a response from the Mayor, Premier or Safety & Security offices. 
We respectfully requested that the City of Cape Town immediately within its jurisdiction, prohibit the production, sale, purchase and use of fireworks, We asked that they halt the issue of any further permits requested/applied for in terms of the above and revoke permits issued for future events from the date of a letter sent dated 21 October. 
In the alternative to the above requests, we requested that the City of Cape Town require and promulgate the necessary regulations/policies that only “silent” fireworks be produced, sold, purchased or used, by professionals, and for City organised events only. In other words, (in particular) percussive fireworks to be prohibited for sale and use by the public at large.
Our rationale is simple; there is nothing of benefit to be found in fireworks except the brief entertainment factor which can, when all is said and done, be found in other manners, including but not limited to, spectacular light and laser shows. Fireworks have a proven detrimental impact on animals, both domestic and wild, on land, in air and sea. Furthermore, they have a proven detrimental impact on the environment and human health, are arguably in contravention of/conflict with the provisions of other certain legislation and public opinion demands a ban!
The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Section 24 states that everyone has the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or wellbeing, and to have the environment protected for the benefit of present and future generations through reasonable legislative and other measures that prevent pollution and ecological degradation, amongst other things.
We also pointed out that trying to enforce the current provisions allowing for fireworks and ensuring that people setting these off have the necessary permissions and permits put additional pressure on the South African Police Services, already overburdened and under-resourced. 

Schools ; Our education officer, Heather has done presentations on our book, the Five Freedoms
at Groote Schuur Primary, Claremont Primary, Wynberg Girls, Rondebosch Boys (both intermediate) and we also presented at Parklands College over two sessions, including the humane guide and cosmetic testing. 

Carol Dillon has followed BWC since the 70s, and is now our official Durban representative, where she has spoken at Oh My Soul in October, ran
the BWC information table at the Heritage Day vegan market and attended several recent Pro Veg events as the BWC representative, and gave out leaflets to those attending. Tara Aberdeen also volunteers for BWC and works together with Carol when she is able to. 

Tara Aberdeen and Carol Dillon at the BWC table at Botha's Hill 

BWC made 90 chicken-friendly burgers, with sticky onions and sweet chilli Mayo for a factory Friday lunch, as our event for World Vegan Day which is 1 Nov. This was had with Good Hope strawberry milkshakes, kindly sponsored by Good Hope. Fry's part sponsored the crumbed chicken-style burger patties, and you know the day is good when the first person to take a bite says, "oh, (with surprise) it's much better than I thought it would be"  We'd confirmed the numbers, so that everyone at the factory  had one, with no leftovers, and the response was positive from all.

No longer relegated to the fringe, veganism is one of the ways individuals can make an impact. Or, at least, not contribute to the crisis. Oceanic dead zones, depleted fisheries, deforestation, contaminated groundwater, contaminated air are by-products of animal based production. Oceanic dead zones are caused by fertilizer runoff from industrial agriculture and contamination from industry. Depleted fisheries are evidence of ‘efficiency,’ trawl-net fishing scoops up everything in its path with half or more of what is caught. tossed back into the oceans, dead. Deforestation is to grow crops to feed the ‘livestock’ of industrial animal agriculture. We simply cannot continue like this. Today, more than ever, we need to re-evaluate our contribution to the mess we are making to the planet. Plant based living is the start.

There was also a stand at Khanyisa Waldorf School, and at the Moonlight Walk for dogs in Killarney, to raise funds for Cape Animal Welfare Forum of which BWC is a member. 

Anyone (and everyone) draws up lists of brands they claim doesn't animal test, but companies are not going to supply the public the kind of info required, such as written assurances from suppliers wrt every single ingredient they use. A letter from a company just saying they don't animal test is meaningless. There are several pertinent questions to be answered: 
  1. What about testing for purposes other than cosmetics? And don't blame China, all the big name brands use loopholes.
  2. A product may not be tested, but what of the ingredients, which might also be tested for pharmaceutical reasons, or food and worker safety?
  3. Using the data from other companies research?
  4. Supporting and funding non-cosmetic medical research?
Currently has the most stringent requirements for listing worldwide, and Beauty Without Cruelty SA has been auditing brands since 1975. While vegetarian brands will be audited and provided with a certificate confirming BWC testing compliance, as of April 2018 year only brands which are animal ingredient free will be audited and listed on the humane guide, and be permitted to use the BWC logo, which costs NOTHING to consumer or company, ever. Note; those vegetarian brands previously listed remain so listed, according to the contractual agreement. 


If animal experiments save humans why will vivisectors not accept an independent investigation?  We have said over and over that there are vested interests of suppliers of food, cages and equipment, and pharma companies conduct animal studies as a stepping stone to clinical trials while protecting themselves from lawsuits in the event of an adverse effects and use animal studies as a legal safety net : the LAW needs to change, forcing pharma and medical research to make use of non-animal methods of which there are plenty.
" (In 2015) Drs Greek and Menache called for properly moderated public scientific debate hearings in the form of juries, with independent judges from the scientific community to judge their positions against the claims made by animal modelers. No scientist from the animal experimentation community has ever agreed to this, despite it now being called for by 83 members of the last UK Parliament (prior to the UK’s recent election). The debate conditions for this more thorough science debate hearing are endorsed as “well set out and fair” by Britain’s foremost human rights defence barrister Michael Mansfield QC”
Watch their testimony to the EU 

With the current exception of LIPLINER PENCILS, all Woolworths NEW stock of cosmetics is vegan friendly, and you will find the V either on the product itself, on the packaging, or on the double sided barcode / product sticker. This is dependent on the size of the item and label space.
NOTE: 1. There is still old stock on the shelves. 2. Soon the lipliners will also be vegan friendly.


For clarity, Himalaya Herbals is part of Himalaya Drug Company, and we received this, confirming what we have said all along ; that the company, as a whole, does animal testing. We will not endorse or approve a company where some products are free from animal testing, and others are animal tested.
"Thank you for your email and interest in our products. Further to your query, our panel of medical experts explain the following: Himalaya's Personal Care products, are not subjected to animal testing. The same is mentioned on the label of the pack. Our products follow International Ethical Guidelines.

However, our Pharmaceutical products undergo animal testing, to study the safety and efficacy, before undertaking clinical trials.  Please be assured that all Himalaya products are 100% natural, safe and efficacious, backed by sound clinical data.

Regards Ms. Tara Sharad Charan Manager - Customer Service The Himalaya Drug Company"

Emy works flat out exposing the truth, as Fur Free SA (follow them here) and it's a thankless, never ending task. But you can assist by tweeting on 23 November! 
Every year Worldwide Fur Free Friday (WFFF) is held on Black Friday (23 November 2018). It is a day of INTERNATIONAL ACTION, as protests against the sale of fur are held across the world.  If you are on twitter, please join Fur Free SA’S WFFF anti-fur tweet storm or help by sharing the event.
The global anti-fur movement is having an impact on the luxury fur market. For ethical reasons numerous luxury brands have now adopted a fur free policy. These brands include Armani, Burberry, Coach, Diane von Furstenberg, DKNY, Donna Karan, Furla, John Galliano, Gucci, Hugo Boss Michael Kors/Jimmy Choo, The Kooples and Versace. However, there is still a LUXURY FUR SHOP, Erich Fischer Furriers located in The Firs up-market shopping centre, Johannesburg.

ERICH FISCHER FURRIERS IS A TENANT OF INVESTEC LTD.  Given its various animal conservation projects one would think that Investec cares about the well–being and preservation of animals. One would expect Investec to place concerns about wild animals above purely commercial interests. Yet, despite on-going public protest and direct communication with Investec, this corporate refuses to take a moral stand against the fur industry and ban the sale of fur on its properties. Investec was given a dossier with the facts about the fur industry but dismissed this document, arguing that as long as an activity is legal, Investec does NOT judge the ethics of its tenants. Investec does NOT see a contradiction in its ethics by profiting from the horrific fur industry! JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS LEGAL, DOES NOT MAKE IT MORAL! No compassionate person would promote the fur market knowing the true facts behind fur production. It is time Investec joined the growing fur-free trend, and do the moral thing by banning fur sales on its properties. The  tweet sheet, addressed to Investec, will be posted on the day of the event. 

Fur Free SA, which works in association with Beauty Without Cruelty (South Africa), is pleased to notify consumers that The Body Shop has a wonderful range of synthetic makeup and shaving brushes. The Body Shop, too, has the Leaping Bunny certification making it a worthwhile shop to support.
NOTE: Body shop is not listed with Beauty Without Cruelty, but we can confirm their holding company is now also Leaping Bunny approved, therefore those consumers previously avoiding BS due to their Loreal ties can shop there with a clear conscience. BWC  recogniseS Leaping Bunny as the only international standard, for choosing certified non-animal tested products. 

And Beauty Without Cruelty was there 

And on that note, this article  on new plant based leathers was one to which Beauty Without Cruelty contributed. 

Beauty Without Cruelty condemned the inclusion of a live lamb in the Cape Town Baxter Theatre's upcoming production. The Baxter's  initial response was dissatisfying. "Every effort is being pursued to look after the lamb in accordance to animal welfare stipulations and regulations" The lamb shouldn't be on a stage, at all, ever, subjected to people, lights, travel backwards and forwards to a nearby farm. 
We offered to fund a beaded lamb, in exchange for being permitted to take the lamb to a sanctuary.  "The symbol of a sick lamb with maggots kept in the kitchen suggests the blurring of order" should be just that, a symbol, not a real animal. We then received this;  
After careful consideration and extensive consultation with various local and international stakeholders and theatre specialists, the Baxter Theatre Centre and the director of Sam Shepard’s family play, Curse of the Starving Class, Sylvaine Strike, have decided to use a fabric model lamb in the production."
We commend all concerned for their positive attitude and actions in this regard.

While we cannot divulge details for this years long project, as nothing has yet been signed on the dotted line, we can say that we are so very proud to have initiated some of the projected plans for a future Bayworld which will certainly be a venture of which we can all be proud, and which will benefit the people, ecosystems and animals alike.

1. California
2. Hawaii
3. New York
4. South Carolina
5. Bolivia
6. Chile
7. Costa Rica
8. Croatia
9. Cyprus
10. Greece
11. Hungary
12. India
13. Nicaragua
14. Slovenia
15. Switzerland

The following have laws so strict, it is nearly impossible to keep cetaceans in captivity
16. Brazil
17. Luxembourg
18. Norway
19. United Kingdom, where the last dolphinarium was closed in 1993. No company has been able to open in the U.K. since then, because imposed standards exceed the viability of establishing a dolphinarium in the country.

Canada still has legislation under review

We are very happy to be working alongside Future 4 Wildlife, where we also hold a directorship, and Stefania Falcon represents BWC at wildlife specific events, such as the recent lion bone workshop held in town, and in other joint projects pushing for legislation change for the protection of our large cats and others. Amongst other things,
Future 4 Wildlife promotes education and change through educational projects. With scientific, legal and economic research it promotes the ethical preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, and opposes to all the abuses linked to the legal and illegal exploitation and trading in live wildlife and animal body parts. Together with Voices for African Wildlife, run by Kenesias Dambakurima, which focuses on education for children and adults in disenfranchised communities on the value and importance of animals in our lives as well as their role in the environment and Future 4 Wildlife, and BWC teaching the young about the Five Freedoms, we strive for a brighter future for all.  
At only R50, excl P&P, this makes an excellent gift, stocking filler or addition to your library. Order from Unicorn Café and browse other BWC merchandise while you're there! If in Cape Town, mail ; ask about the 'official bunny hugger' caps too, limited stock left. 

Together we can do more! 


It is only through your support that BWC can continue to fight animal exploitation. 
INDIVIDUAL ANNUAL SUPPORT REMAINS A MERE R100 and donations are most welcome. 
Beauty without Cruelty | Standard Bank - Branch: 025109 - Savings Acc: 077 491 645 OR download the Snapscan app to your phone, follow the easy prompts, and it's done! 



Our limited edition caps are available from Lizette at only R80, plus postage or courier fee and you can snapscan or EFT. For a mere R200 you can have a sunshine yellow teeshirt and cap! 



For the upcoming festive season here is Chef Skye's free recipe book, in pdf form, with several starter, mains, sides and desserts, from easy to challenging. It is printable. Enjoy!
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Beauty Without Cruelty
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