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Beauty Without Cruelty, est 1975, has grown into the biggest animal rights organisation in the country with the inclusion of Fur Free, African Vegan Outreach (AVO) No Foie Gras (NFG) and African Voices For Wildlife on board; all are independent under the BWC umbrella.
We're back! We have a bumper issue for you. 

We have several events we are taking part in, but for now, come and visit our stand and buy your humane guide keyring, new children's book, and a chicken-style burger with the trimmings! 


You pay the same ticket price, have a grand evening, and support BWC! Block book for 10 seats and pay for 9, so bring the  extended family! 


The CoCT wants to build a road through the Noordhoek Wetlands which will severely impact the wetland and the animals who live there. We are particularly worried about the endangered Western Leopard Toad who breeds at the ponds which will be destroyed by this road. In order to challenge this road application, a specialist is required. All money raised goes towards paying this specialist.


We will be here too, with BWC merchandise. 

We are, as part of World Vegan Day and week, in November, cooking and supplying Fry's chicken style burgers, with all the trimmings, to +- 70 people at a local factory, along with chocolate dairy free milk.  You can have anything you like, in an animal friendly version! These came FIRST in a UK competition, against an actual crumbed chicken burger. That says it all! 


We have instigated Endangered Species Day on the Cape Town calendar!

"Thank you for your correspondence directed to the office of Cllr Brett Herron, the Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development at the City of Cape Town. Environmental Management is within this portfolio of responsibility.

We regret that we missed the opportunity to publicise this event this year. Our media and communications plans are usually planned several weeks ahead of time, but I have included our Communications and environmental dept officials on this reply to ensure that we diarise this for next year. I see that the next Endangered Species Day next year will be on 17th May, 2019.

We are proud to be living in what is regarded as the most biodiverse city in the world, and be at the centre of the Cape Floral Kingdom. One of just 6 floristic kingdoms in the world, the Cape Floral Kingdom is the world’s smallest plant kingdom and richest per unit of area.

One way the City is seeking to protect our biodiversity is to halt urban sprawl so that we can protect our critical biodiversity areas, the majority of which lie on the outskirts of the metro area. Last month the City of Cape Town Council approved a new development framework for the city to reduce the urban footprint and promote inward growth, which will help to achieve greater protection for these outlying high biodiversity areas."


Every bit of information shared and outreach for our animals is necessary, in all its guises, and having the COCT on board is exciting news indeed!


Sheila Wilson and visitor Rosemary Alles went to Strand to offer a presentation, along with Kenesias Dambakurima at the Beautiful Beginnings school, on kindness and compassion wrt animals to children ages 11-13.

Beauty Without Cruelty provided copies of the new The Five Freedoms and the Magic Minibus which were given to children who answered questions correctly or asked meaningful questions.

Stacy May Black asked us for info and truth behind mink eyelashes, and well done to Pink Rebel who have immediately removed mink eyelashes and Stacy, for doing the right thing!

If you feel the need for the new semi permanent eyelashes, please be sure to ask for SYNTHETIC and check the box they use. While none have yet been BWC or Leaping Bunny approved, synthetic at least doesn't support the fur industry...You can see this article for eyelash info 

Thanks to SPCA Lephalale Leanne Groenwald for asking our assistance to put together a children's power-point presentation. We had about 1 1/2 hours to put it together, but we did it!

BWC was asked to comment for this article on the PETA expose on mohair.  Whether the footage is entirely accurate or not, we do NOT need to wear the skins, furs or hairs (yarns) for any reason. there are plenty of plant based and man made options available, including those which upcycle plastics for warm winter woollies!

t is difficult to remain positive, inspired and determined in the face of blind insensitivity and dare we be bold, stupidity, on a daily basis. We will fight this, tooth and nail, as we will the new owners of the PE Bayworld who sound like they want dolphins, seals and penguins...  East London Zoo wants to acquire Wild Dogs , this, after an international outcry over the appalling  conditions in which the animals have been kept. 

1 JUNE is Milk Day
There is NOTHING to celebrate. We have been told milk is healthy but scientific studies have found that contrary to popular belief, drinking milk may do more harm to our bodies than good. Opponents of milk argue that it contributes to obesity, calcium deficiency, allergies, heart disease, cancer, and other health ailments. Claims regarding milk's benefits are merely advertising campaigns designed to promote dairy sales; many nutritious alternatives to cow's milk exist. It is easy to get EVERYTHING you need from plant based sources.



This would be laughable if they weren't being serious. It's a cry we hear over and over again. This is the problem of applying financial worth to animals instead of accepting their inherent value as fascinating beings with an essential role in the ecosystems of the world.
Beauty Without Cruelty is opposed to the deprivation of life that hunting represents. We oppose all exploitation of animals and believe, with regard to wildlife, that nature managed very well before humans decided to interfere in their “management”. It is human interference and our greedy appropriation of their habitats (the Riverine rabbit is an example) that is responsible for their plight and hunting should not be the method promoted to control their numbers and thus encourage further destruction of habitats in the long term; where will it all end?
In a 2003 paper in the journal Visual Studies, two sociologists reviewed hundreds of photos in 14 popular hunting magazines, looking for themes in the photos of animal bodies. They tested the notion in traditional hunting narratives that trophy displays pay tribute to the beauty of nature and wildlife.
"Instead of love and respect for nature and individual animals, the researchers reported, we found extreme objectification of animal bodies, with severed deer heads and cut-off antlers representative examples of the contradiction in the love-of-nature hunting stereotype."
These days, whether one actually displays heads on walls or instead has photos of oneself grinning like a buffoon over the corpse  of the dead animal, is irrelevant – both clearly indicate people who kill for entertainment or to gratify their egos. People who kill for fun are usually labelled serial killers.

This article questions whether it's the beginning of the end for canned hunting 

In June, Deon Cilliers, a Free State province Professional Hunter, taxidermist and owner of Hunters Safari, pleaded guilty to 45 counts of contravening the Biodiversity and Conservation Acts in the Ladybrand court yesterday.
Included in his plea was the illegal hunting of 39 captive bred lions; the keeping of 8 caracals without permits and the importation and release of 9 Scimitar Oryx- an exotic species.  Most of the Cilliers hunting clients came from the United States of America and Poland. The majority of the hunts were held on Bellevue Farm, Excelsior district in the Free State without the required permits.


In June, a male lion was shot by a trophy hunter in Umbabat Private Nature Reserve on the boundary of Kruger National Park. Unconfirmed reports suggest it may have been the leader of the Western Pride named Skye, beloved of many tourists. If so, his cubs will be killed by another male taking over the pride.

It is probable the lion was lured out of Kruger Park with bait provided by an elephant and buffalo hunt, which took place beforehand. The hunter, whose name has not been established but is believed to be American, is estimated to have paid over R1-million to pull the trigger. Everyone involved in the hunt appears to have gone to ground, all calls going to voicemail."
HOW could this have happened? The captive lion industry and the lion bone trading in South Africa is our nation’s shame. Wild populations of lions have declined by 80% in 20 years, so the rise of lion farms and canned hunting has not protected wild lions. 

The two day workshop in Cape Town recently held saw  a great turnout for a freezing morning, on very urine-stenched sidewalks outside the entry to the Visitor Centre at 120 Plein Steet from 0645 until 08h30, where there was plenty of pedestrian traffic and of course, all the delegates for the workshop, for and against.  It was easy to spot the pro-killing brigade, who concentrated furiously on their folders or phones, made no eye contact, and ignored our pleas to leave the lions alone. Except for one man, who furiously told us to 'just shut up'. Rather an emotional outburst for one who was heard to say that we were 'just emotional' about the issue. BWC stands proudly with many organisations far better equipped than us, to take a stand and fight this legislatively. We handed over a 50 odd page memorandum of negative press clips and links, on behalf of Campaign Against Canned Hunting, showing how Brand SA is being negatively impacted, and when one considers that one in 12 SA jobs are somehow linked to tourism, this is an issue which affects non-human and human alike! 

We urge the use of the and not being misled by claims on labels; yet another example was now brought to our attention - a brand which still claims to be endorsed or approved by BWC, after being de-listed some years ago for non compliance of ingredients, is an active member of a council which funds and does animal based research to prove the healing efficacy of their major ingredient!
From their website (redacted)
"XXXXX is a very active member of the XXXX, who in the past year have created media exposure in excess of R15 million for XXXX in South Africa and in international markets.
The South African XXXX has invested in excess of R40 million into XXXX research in the past 20 years and will invest a further R3-million in 2017 to commission additional research into XXXX health-enhancing properties, which could yield some of the most exciting new discoveries yet."

From the XXXX website: 
"XXXX has proven cancer-fighting properties in animal research studies, and exciting new research points towards the role that XXXX can play in promoting heart health and preventing diabetes."
"A convincing body of evidence confirming the potential health properties of XXXX has been built up, mostly based on in vitro work (in test tubes) and in vivo work (with live animals)."

Inducing tumours, cancers and human diseases in animals to test the efficacy of something is reprehensible and unacceptable on every level.

Please be kind, and use the guide.

Cruelty Free International International's Leaping Bunny remains very much essential (as will Beauty Without Cruelty 's be, once cosmetic testing is banned in SA) because The REACH directive in the EU supersedes the cosmetic testing ban, and the FDA often requires, for example, that hair dyes have further animal testing done wrt cancers.. Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a European Union regulation dating from 18 December 2006. REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment. Testing is testing, and ingredients a brand CHOOSES TO USE may be tested for other reasons. We do not accept ingredients tested for any reason. There is NO COST EVER to company or consumer for BWC auditing, listing or the use of the logo once approved, so there is no excuse for any brand not to be listed if they claim they are a non animal testing brand.

We have now successfully prevented them from claiming anything about being approved by BWC 

Beauty Without Cruelty and Animal Rescue Organisation collaborated to rescue and send Charlotte the piglet to a safe haven.
Find out about the farm  You can support the animals by purchasing one of Andre's artworks.

On Sunday, a month to 6 week old NZ Kunekune, which means 'fat and round' x2, was rescued, and she is now with the delightful Andre Laubscher on Erf 81, in the Cape Town CBD and your donation of food or funding direct to him will ensure that she, and the other rescued animals there, have care...after screaming her head off for 20 seconds, she realized that Andre and his beard was perhaps, after all, the best thing ever, and she snuggled down into his neck.  You can visit by driving up Military Road in the heart of Cape Town.


Apparently at a meeting of the Baboon Technical Team in 2017 the issue of removing baboons from the vineyards (killing them) was discussed, and as the vineyards are privately owned they may apply for permits to remove damage causing animals. BWC and a number of organisations and individuals are working towards finding the truth. A one-sided and alarmist Carte Blanche episode hasn't helped matters either. 

The Baboon Action group, comprising several animal interest organisations and individuals, confirm that the law has allegedly been broken by the authorities themselves, all of whom are shifting responsibility from themselves to other departments. The UCT Baboon Research Unit, Cape Nature, BTT and SANParks are all abdicating responsibility, the CoCT seems to be caught in the middle, unable to reign in rogue elements, and the SPCA denies any knowledge of the permits.
The problem has arisen in the first instance because of decisions allegedly taken by SANParks, City of Cape Town and Cape Nature.
Goal 8 of the Buffer Zone Policy of The National Environmental Management of Protected Areas Act – NEMPAA states, in a nutshell, that animals (public assets) are held in trust by the State for the benefit of present and future generations, as part of the public estate. So even if these animals had left the Table Mountain National Park, they are protected by the state itself! Furthermore, hunting is not permitted in the Cape Peninsula –and if the DEA itself permitted the hunting, it would mean they are in breach of their own legislation.

In July, we had a great turnout on a cold and rainy morning, of 130+ people, including a great bunch of folk from Constantia Uitsig. Yvette Huysamer accepted a memo from Jenni Trethowan of
Baboon Matters, on behalf of the Cape Party, which was from various animal interest groups including several organizations in Cape Town Unites for Animals and Cape Animal Rights Forum. The gathering was against the allegedly unlawful issuing of permits to hunt and kill Chacma Baboons, who are protected in the Cape Peninsula. Seven baboons are known to have been killed, but up to 40 are unaccounted for! There was extensive media coverage and we will keep you posted on the issue going forward. This update from Baboon Matters is worth a read. 

We were able to
share our intention on Magic 828, which was a clean up of a section of the Black River in Cape Town, near the sea. A 500m stretch yielded almost 70 bags of litter, from one side! We had about 40 people join us, including the folks from Greenpeace and Future4Wildlife, as well as Anonymous for the Voiceless. Unfortunately it turned out that nothing we collected could be recycled, and the worst is that the following day, it looked exactly as it did before we started. 


Blood transfusion has now saved over a billion people. It was delayed by over a century due to animal experiments...vivisectors still try to take credit for it of course and nearly everyone believes them.
"The French physician, Jean Denis, transfused lambs' blood into numerous patients who all died. Not recognizing the basic differences between animals and humans, Denis did not realize why his technique failed. Yet, because of the failure of this animal experiment, no further attempts were made for more than a century." (K. Walker, The Story of Medicine, Hutchinson, 1954. R. McGrew, Encyclopedia of Medical History, MacMillan Press, 1985. A. Gastiglioni, A History of Medicine, (1947 edition translated by E.B. Krumbhaer) Rye


Beauty Without Cruelty handed a memorandum over to Consul General Naito's representative, denouncing the Taji dolphin capture and killing, before the start of the annual massacre on 1 September. 

Chris Mercer, of CACH, Richard Pierce, author of 
Cuddle Me Kill Me, on the matter of lion cub petting,  and BWC form a new ethics committee for Inverdoon sanctuary in the Karoo, which until recently permitted physical interaction with the cheetah. On the 4th and 5th September, we visited the resort at the request of the new owner, Searl Derman, in order to assess the existing Cheetah program and to advise on any changes needed to comply with fair trade tourism guidelines. 



This clip is of a recent BWC and Fur Free SA collaboration  #FurMustFall protest held in Jhb. Fur Free has been most active and you can see what they have been up to here 

BWC was part of the powerful and immensely moving CT march, sharing information on the link between animal and womxn abuse. 


We raised over R30K after expenses, and some funds are still coming in, all thanks to the fabulous support of the individuals and companies who value the efforts of BWC. We had a most entertaining evening, with outstanding plant based finger foods catered by the One and Only Hotel, bubbles supplied by Durbanville Hills, wine tasting by Org de Rac and an alcohol-free wine tasting  courtesy of The Grape Juice Emporium. 

Just unpacked, in time for Christmas, our children's book at a mere R50 from
Unicorn Cafe countrywide ex p&p
They also have other BWC merchandise, food and ingredients available, so browse the store.

Spiced Apple and Raisin sweet muffins, with Kasha
50gr Fry's Family Foods Kasha (or try animal friendly versions of Maltabella / pronutro or similar)
200gr stoneground unbleached cake flour
1 rounded Tbs baking powder
140gr fructose, xylitol or raw sugar
1/2 cup chopped dried apple
1/2 cup sultanas
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp mixed spice
1 tsp
+- 1 cup unsweetened dairy free milk of choice
1 Tbs rice or cider vinegar
Mix the dry ingredients well, add the liquids and mix.

If using fairy cake or mini muffin tins, a slightly rounded Tbs of mixture will yield 30+
Bake the minis at 180 for 15-17 minutes
For large muffins, at least 22-25 minutes, check if they are pulling away slightly.
Options: top muffins with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar before baking. Here, iced with a tofu vanilla cream cheez icing, for a bit of sweetness
Recipe credit BWC

It is only through your support that BWC can continue to fight animal 
INDIVIDUAL ANNUAL SUPPORT REMAINS A MERE R100 and donations are most welcome. 
Beauty without Cruelty | Standard Bank - Branch: 025109 - Savings Acc: 077 491 645 OR download the Snapscan app to your phone, follow the easy prompts, and it's done! 



Our limited edition caps are available from Lizette at only R80, plus postage or courier fee and you can snapscan or EFT. For a mere R200 you can have a sunshine yellow teeshirt and cap! 

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