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Beauty Without Cruelty, est 1975, is an animal rights organisation with a primary objective to educate and inform the public about the exploitation, abuse and suffering of animals and to offer humane,  non-animal  options to replace cruel and harmful lifestyle choices.  We receive no government or lottery funding and rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters to continue our work for the benefit of animals, on their behalf. 

Beauty Without Cruelty means living without cruelty.

We are officially back with this format! 

Several years ago, Carte Blanche interviewed a Mr Fischer of Erich Fischer Furs in Jhb regarding subjecting wild animals to factory farming, as well as the prolonged terror and suffering induced by trapping. Fischer ensured on air, that he would provide proof of how humane his supply chain is. To date, this has not materialised. The myth of ethical fur has now been debunked in all Scandinavian countries. It does not matter if the item only has fur trimming or is a full size fur coat, animals suffer and die just the same. There is no such thing as a humane fur farm.

The fur industry is unnecessary in every way. Numerous designers, luxury brands and retailers have now stopped using genuine fur in their garments. Austria, the United Kingdom, and Croatia have full bans, the Netherlands has a ban on fox and chinchilla farming, and over 60 countries have banned certain types of traps. Israel has a bill pending which would outlaw the importation, exportation, and sale of fur within its country lines, excluding shtreimels. Many countries have extremely vague labelling laws, meaning that items containing dog and cat fur are often deliberately mislabelled as faux fur, or under exotic sounding names.
Minks are the animals most commonly raised on fur farms, and are inbred for unusual colour; white mink are deaf as a result and another colour suffers ‘screw-neck’ due to a lack of gravity receptors in the ear. Foxes, chinchillas, rabbits and other animals are also victims. Animals raised on fur farms live in intense confinement, and suffer psychologically. Neurotic behaviours include pacing, circling, self-mutilation, and throwing themselves against the sides of their wire cages. Caged foxes will resort to cannibalism. Many of these animals will die from disease, stress, cannibalism and self-mutilation, but enough will survive to make the business profitable, and they will then suffer anal electrocution, suffocation, or poisoning, all to ensure the fur isn’t damaged.

These days it is easy to look glamourous and gorgeous without causing harm or suffering to another being. If you won’t wear your own companion cat or dog, why wear anyone else? It is 2020. We moved out of caves a long time ago. Fur is now seen as the uniform of the psychopath.

It is shameful at best, that companies such as landlords and tenants hide behind ‘it is legal’, so they can continue what is morally abhorrent in their quest for filthy lucre.

DIARISE to visit the charming area of Palmer Road in Muizenberg. Local artists have offered works of art to be auctioned to raise funds for Beauty Without Cruelty. Paintings, ceramics, drawings, pottery, jewellery - This is your chance to bid on something made by incredibly talented artists, and own something special. There will be something for every budget!
Card facilities and Snapscan will be available. Wine-tasting and snacks will be served.
Our grateful thanks to
Art on The Run for initiating and organising this.

More and more, people are speaking out. All SA communities have confirmed they approve of the banning of percussive fireworks, except the Chinese, but as China itself has set the precedent by banning fireworks in 440 cities in China, we trust this should have little impact.
Read about the V&A Waterfront here

We are proud to have been part of the SATSA workshops around this issue, which has borne fruit on behalf of the animals of South Africa.
Guidelines have been released and these do provide information for (not) interacting with captive wild animals. The guidelines recommend that the tourism trade and tourists themselves avoid establishments that:
• Allow touching/petting of wild infant animals
• Allow touching/petting of predators or cetaceans
• Allow walking with predators or elephants
• Allow riding of any wild animal
• Have animal shows or performances (so this would include a circus with live animal displays/performances). 


This is a long read, but this is some of what we have accomplished in 2019:

  1. After a decade of BWC fighting fireworks, through petitions, letters, articles and education, Cape Town chose to not permit public designated fireworks areas which with some exceptions of disobedience, resulted in fewer fires, traumatised, lost and injured animals, human injuries. This is a significant victory for us and all organisations working toward this.  
  2. Approached the V&A waterfront which, after accepting from BWC letters from many organisations and associations in solidarity, has committed to offering environmentally and animal friendlier options from 2020. Another huge victory.  
  3. Launched the Compassionate Kitchen Cookbook, after a successful launch at Wordsworth Seapoint – Get your copy from Wordsworth or direct from; R199 inclusive of speedpost or R249 via courier 
  4. Was part of the working group at SATSA, which ultimately offered an excellent tourism guide steering visitors away from animal interactive / exploitative venues, including animal circuses 
  5. Appeared on eNCA live, to discuss animal circuses  
  6. Appeared on Carte Blanche, discussing veganism during a climate change article 
  7. Had several articles on radio and in print about peacocks under threat, for whom we ultimately found a solution, in Clovelly, working with the Country Club. This is a work in progress.   
  8. Held weekly educational classes at a local school in Dunoon; We read, sing, play act with the youngsters, across all grades, and they get to mess with clay, colour in or fill in word balloons to make a story. We all have fun, while we plant the kernel of compassion for all lives in them. They will apply what they can, at their age, to living more kindly.   
  9. BWC was at the SAFCEI Policy Conference 2019, with brilliant people who are putting Earth and all sentient beings at the centre of their work.   
  10. Laureen Bertin in Jhb addressed the Miss Earth SA contestants during a workshop, on the link between women and lab animals, and the impact our everyday grooming and clothing choices have on the environment.  
  11. BWC has a regular stand at a Durban vegan market, run by Carol Dillon, where info is shared and humane guides, information leaflets, our kid's book, The Five Freedoms and the Magic Minibus, and more are on offer.  
  12. BWC spent time at the Rainbow Dreams Trust Rotary Camp for 30 refugee children. We discussed the reason all animals matter and the concept of animal sentience.  
  13. There was also a session a month later, with Rainbow Dreams, with a group of children who are burn victims and HIV+. 
  14. We presented at Westerford School after they approached us
  15. We successfully got torture device ‘cat boots’ removed from the shelves and stock lists of Plastics Depot and TakeAlot, and also successfully got a ‘cat bathing cage’ removed as well. The so called anti-scratch boots are extremely cruel devices, reminiscent of thumb screw torture devices, which date back to 17th century. These hard, plastic tubes are to be tightened over a cats paws, using a screw device, rendering the cats immobile, therefore unable to walk, escape, use a litter tray and a horrifically stressful apparatus to be used on any animal for the purpose of supposedly stopping cats from scratching furniture.  
  16. We are also certainly fighting a new safari park planned near the small town of Kleinmond in the Western Cape but at what cost to the sensitive Overstrand environment or the elephants and other animals subjected to exploitation? BWC is registered as interested and affected parties. 
  17. We offered a presentation of Animals as Entertainment through the ages, at a recent Animals Conference in CT, some of which was quite brutal, and focussed on modern interpretations of using animals as holographs, interactive film and art instead 
  18. A positive meeting was had with Deputy Consul Michel Neto at the Consulate of Brazil, regarding the plight of the Amazon. While diplomats have to retain a sense of neutrality, an interestingly empathetic conversation was held. The decimating of the Amazon is a threat to both the indigenous people and fauna of the forest, and ultimately, also the planet.  
  19. We did a presentations for the Cosmetic,Toiletries and Fragrances Association in Johannesburg, on the history of animal based cosmetic testing and what the procedure is to be audited and listed by Beauty Without Cruelty, which is SA's oldest existing animal rights organisation. 
  20. We met with the office of the Consul of Japan to discuss the annual dolphin hunt. It is difficult to imagine the suffering dolphins and whales hunted in Taiji experience, from the panic and exhaustion of their capture to their excruciating deaths. Dolphins and whales are highly emotional animals with strong social ties, the period of extreme distress can last days, it becomes difficult to think of a practice crueller to animals anywhere in the world.  
  21. Weekly  BWC circus protests started in Riviersonderend, and included many towns, but not limited to Swellendam, Paarl, Ceres, Vredendal, and of course Wynberg, Tableview, Parow, Athlone.  
  22. We spoke on Magic 828, and dedicated a 4 month radio advert to education promoting animal free circuses.  
  23. We were in the Smile radio studio with the circus, debating the issue.  
  24. Media coverage saw inserts in several papers. There is definitely more awareness out there, and the public is more understanding of the reasons animal circuses are unacceptable. We had close to 200 people attend the Tableview circus.  
  25. For the Global March for Elephants and Rhino, Mrs Lyndith Waller, His Excellency, Prince Buthelezi’s private secretary, accepted the handover of a memorandum on behalf of Prince Buthelezi. The IFP is, to their knowledge, the only mainstream political party that had a section dedicated to environmental issues in its 2019 manifesto. Some 200 people attended the march and over 100 local organisations were signatories on the memorandum handed over. 
  26. Affiliate Voices for African Wildlife had event at Drakenstein Lion Park, held in conjunction with the Global March for Elephants and Rhino in Cape Town, was a huge success. 60+ children learnt a lot about lions and chimpanzees, the problems our wild animals are facing and why it's important for all of us, as one web of life, to protect our natural heritage. Beauty Without Cruelty (South Africa) covered the costs of travel to and from the park, and provided flavoured dairy-free milk for all. 
  27. BWC was on air to discuss the appalling state of local rivers, which was highlighted during our event in July last year. Due to our actions, other organisations and individuals whose focus is the environment have taken this project to new heights.
  28. On Issues Of Faith episode 1 of the Kindness Project, it was excellent to see our 'Cape Town Unites for Animals' March for the ban of cosmetic testing in 2018 on national TV. 
  29. We contacted the new Minister of Environment, Ms Creesy and the Western Cape minister regarding the use of rat poison ; WHY are cruel rat poisons, which also affect other species, still being used, when we know that simply encouraging predator birds will not only keep rat populations in check, but restore some balance to our ecosystems? Barn owls are rat’s natural predators. Barn owls are known to catch approximately two thousand rodents per year. One family of the owl can feed on 15 mice/rats a night, which means almost 5500 rodents annually! Nest boxes are simply mounted about 4.5 metres from the ground.
  30. We received confirmation from Peter Johnson Laboratories that the fur sample we submitted is, as we expected, animal fur and not synthetic. Shoe Warehouse has confirmed that all stock has been removed, and we will have a written commitment to staying fur free once a board meeting is concluded. The shoes were not correctly labelled by the supplier. 
  31. BWC spent a day at UCT sharing information and offering BWC approved samples donated by African Extracts Rooibos, for World Week for Animals in Laboratories. 
  32. BWC was at Open Streets Cape Town, in Bree street, handing out animal circus information flyers and chalking. Our focus this year was on animals in entertainment, but we did chalk one comment which included www/ 
  33. We attended the annual Blessing of the Animals session at St Georges, representing all animals but especially rodents and others who are used in research, and chalked appropriate messages on the steps and pavements outside the entrances.
  34. By May this year we had added another 11 brands to the  
  35. We are still waiting for the Cosmetics Testing Bill to be presented, which is due to occur early 2020. The original bill presenter retired, we had voting, a new parliament set up and all these things have hampered our efforts. The bill had to be ‘revived’, re-presented to the party members, accepted, and only then could they move forward, and of course, they also go on recess where they are not working at parliament itself. 
  36. We had our logo and name registered. It is no longer just trademarked. It is now a legal offense to use our logo without written consent.

We did the research, and hoped to incentivise the remaining animal circus in South Africa to retire their animals, if we provided a holographic projector set-up for them. We knew it would be expensive, but we were not expecting a conservative price tag of R750 000.00+
We cannot justify crowdfunding that kind of money, so we need YOU to help us to continue standing up for circus animals and saying no!
We need you. Everywhere.

Kind words regarding our Compassionate Kitchen cookbook.

"As chief cook on Bazinga it was great to have The Compassionate Cook on board. Being on the boat we couldn't just go to the store to buy what we needed but managed to reference several recipes as inspiration for tasty, hearty, cruelty free meals, using dried , frozen or tinned substitutes. A must have book for any kitchen!"
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