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Beauty Without Cruelty, est 1975, has grown into the biggest animal rights organisation in the country with the inclusion of Fur Free, African Vegan Outreach (AVO) No Foie Gras (NFG) and African Voices For Wildlife on board; all are independent under the BWC umbrella.
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May 12th is 'Empty The Tanks' Day - worldwide events will take place.
In support of this day, we'd like you to get together with friends or family and watch these two documentaries, this Saturday, about dolphins and orcas, for free, on line,

(The Cove)
This is a day for everyone around the world to stand up against marine mammal captivity. The abuse and exploitation of these sentient beings has no place in the 21st century. Protests and educational events will be held all over world in front of marine mammal parks and aquariums, and in your home anywhere and everywhere in the country! Meanwhile, back in South Africa, we make performing sea mammals the major reason for visiting an oceanarium. Even though captive whales and dolphins are kept in an environment free of predators, pollution and other threats, they die young.
Around 3,000 whales and dolphins are held in aquaria, zoos and marine parks globally. Capturing and keeping whales and dolphins in captivity is deplorable. They are highly intelligent and live in complex societies. But they are taken from their homes, separated from their families and confined for human ‘entertainment’.

This is an international event, calling for residents to appeal to their city. We need you all to make your voices heard, please, and email:

We'd like you to mail the Mayor of your city, too! Let's get going, South Africa.  

If you prefer, please use this template as a guide:

Dear Mayor

In order to create awareness of the vulnerability of South African animals, please make May 18th 2018 and beyond “Endangered Species Day” in Cape Town. (insert your City) 

There are 32 animals, birds, fish and whale species  endangered in South Africa.  Ecosystems are being destroyed, as all these animals play a vital role in the delicate balance of nature, which humankind is destroying at an alarming rate. They all have a place in the world, to keep balance and order.  We need your help, to save our ecosystems and restore balance, by creating awareness that all animals, large and small, have a place and value in south Africa beyond the financial benefit we generally consider more important.

'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated ~ Mahatma Gandhi'

Please heed our call and help us continue to raise awareness by making May 18 Endangered Species Day.

Yours sincerely,

Regarding the recent Sentience march we had, which was attended and supported by 87 organisations and hundreds of individuals, and the letter given to Prince Buthelezi regarding Animal Sentience, the IFP will be firing the first salvo in this regard in the upcoming Environmental budget vote debate on the 16th May. We will keep you updated.

On the matter of the bill to ban cosmetic testing in South Africa, the following ;
Animals Protection A/B [B4-2018 ( s76)]

• Briefing by Committee Support officials - 14 August 2018
• Briefing by MP Cheryllyn Dudley - 21 August 2018
• Briefing by department - 28 Aug 2018
Advertisement calling for public input (date to be confirmed)
• Public hearings - 4 September
• Deliberations to be completed - 6 November

Here is a short clip from a radio podcast in Afrikaans and English, with Cheryllyn Dudley and BWC, on the matter of cosmetic testing 
See the Cape Town Ban Cosmetic Testing
march video clip,  by Claudia Ruth Pearce 
We are indebted to
Kerry Postlewhite from Cruelty Free International, who flew out especially for the CT march and spent time with Cheryllyn Dudley, the MP who is fighting for this ban on our behalf. 

This is the
Jhb march clip which took place simultaneously 

From left, Cheryllyn Dudley, MP, Charles Mangho, Director and chemist at Charlotte Rhys, and Kerry Postlewhite of Cruelty Free International all spoke at the march, where 5000+ signatures and a letter of support from 57 local organisations was handed to Ms Dudley.  Here is Cape Talk with Kerry 

23 animals die EVERY second in a lab somewhere. How is it possible that with all the evidence we have, proving that animal testing is bad science and causes harm and death to humans (as well, of course, to non-humans) that it continues? Are you still trying to justify using household and personal care products that are not endorsed by BWC? See for over 100 brands which have proven their non animal testing claims.
World Day for Laboratory Animals, also known as World Day for Animals in Laboratories or World Lab Animal Day, is an annual global observance held on April 24. It was established in 1979 by the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) based in the United Kingdom.

The date April 24 was chosen because it marked the birthday of Hugh Dowding, British Air Chief Marshal who was an avid anti-vivisectionist. After the Second World War, he served as president of NAVS, and his wife Muriel was a NAVS Council member.
World Lab Animal Day focuses on raising awareness about cruel animal tests and their advanced non-animal alternatives that are more effective and reliable and do not result in the death of living creatures.
Don't ignore them because you don't see them. 

Beauty Without Cruelty had their busiest day ever at UCT during World Week for Animals in Laboratories, sharing info and getting more signatures for the ban on cosmetic animal testing in South Africa. We had
African Extracts Rooibos samples to offer in thanks, which has been most supportive of BWC. 

Anyone (and everyone) draws up lists of brands they claim doesn't animal test, but companies are not going to supply the public the kind of info required, such as written assurances from suppliers wrt every single ingredient they use. A letter from a company just saying they don't animal test means diddly squat. What about testing for purposes other than cosmetics? And don't blame China, all the big name brands use loopholes. A product may not be tested, but wha
t of ingredients, which might also be tested for pharmaceutical reasons, or food and worker safety? Using the data from other companies research? Supporting and funding non-cosmetic medical research? You see, it goes far deeper than what one might think.
Currently has the most stringent requirements for listing worldwide, and Beauty Without Cruelty SA has been auditing brands since 1975.. As of April this year only brands which are animal ingredient free may apply for audit and listing, which costs NOTHING to consumer or company, ever.

Jade Challis Chowthree chose to highlight BWC for a project, and we are delighted at this clever poster. Thank you Jade!

From the vivisector's own textbook..."It is impossible to give reliable general rules for the validity of extrapolation from one species to another. [This] can often only be verified after the first trials in the target species [humans]. Extrapolation from animal models. . . will always remain a matter of hindsight." Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science ,Volume II: Animal Models Svendensen and Hau (Eds.) CRC Press 1994 p6.


It's a world where you can be stupid, irresponsible and selfish, and someone else pays the price. In this case, Shamba the lion. Animals are NOT toys, entertainment, 'medicine', spare parts, clothing, décor or food. The park has now been forced to close, it seems, due to the outpouring of fury from around the world. 

And of course, our lions are not given the protection they deserve.
On the contrary The Asian demand for tiger wine and other products is stimulating demand for tiger parts and derivatives – and has critically endangered wild tigers. 
There are only about 4 000 tigers left in the wild. The largest group is in India, where it is coming under increasing threat from poaching and are now functionally extinct in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, while there are an estimated SEVEN wild tigers left in China.
So our Government has seen fit to allow the killing of lions for their bones instead.
It is only through your support that BWC can continue to fight animal 
INDIVIDUAL ANNUAL SUPPORT REMAINS A MERE R100 and donations are most welcome. 
Beauty without Cruelty | Standard Bank - Branch: 025109 - Savings Acc: 077 491 645 OR download the Snapscan app to your phone, follow the easy prompts, and it's done! 



Our limited edition caps are available from Lizette at only R80, plus postage or courier fee and you can snapscan or EFT. For a mere R200 you can have a sunshine yellow teeshirt and cap! 



I like quick, easy and impressive dishes that WOW.

2-3 cups strong vegetable stock 

1 tin coconut cream 

A tin of baked beans

A tin of italian tomatoes 

1 large onion, chopped 

2 stalks chopped celery (no leaves) 

3 or 4 large garlic cloves

Chopped fresh chilli to taste 

2 Tbs soy sauce 

¾ cup peanut butter 

Simmer all but the peanut butter. Blend until as smooth as possible, strain to remove solids like celery fibres, so that it's siken, then add peanut butter and stir to melt. Simmer a while longer until the strong garlic odours dissipate. Taste for seasoning like salt and pepper. 

Rich, luxuriant and decadent.  Best in tiny (demitasse) cups, as a starter.  Pop a couple of salted peanut halves on top, as garnish and crunch. This got rave reviews.
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