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It's been a busy month.

A question for the pro-circus people we know read these pages: How can one insist on having circus animals when EVERY welfare, and i will repeat it to be clear, every welfare organisation in the world, denounce animals in the circus? Just because the SPCA does its mandated job by doing inspections does not mean they approve. They have made it abundantly clear. The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has actively encouraged the public to support BWC protests. Which means weekly protests have been held in every area the circus has appeared, leafleting has been done, BWC was on radio twice, there has been great media coverage highlighting the isse and we have seen bumper tournouts! Cape Talk gave the animal circus owner a right thumping on air, especially as he compared the circus life to life in a sanctuary.

This link is to the article which directly accuses Beauty Without Cruelty of
encouraging violence and we will not be bullied or intimidated.

Fish Hoek, with over 270 people

Tableview with 169
As far as the eye can see
Wynberg with 113

Saturday 4th March sees BWC at legal, peaceful protests, in Wynberg again from 2 to 3pm, along Rosmead Ave outide the William Herbert sportsground, on the 11th in Paarl corner of Main and Turk Roads, and then the 18th in Somerset West outside Gordons School. Please join us!


On the 22nd of April 2017, VFAW will hold an event called "GO GREEN - SAVE ALL EARTH'S CREATURES". This event will be on World Earth Day and this year's theme is "Environmental and Climate Literacy". Our event will involve activities like clean up litter, planting veggies, environmental and animal presentations etc. We are also going to plant spekboom plants on that day which put oxygen back into the atmosphere, also edible for humans and animals, but their main purpose is to re-oygenate the planet and in the Eastern Cape huge overseas companies are getting environment credits by planting thousands of acres of it, indigenous and need very little water too and most importantly, we are going to celebrate Better Foundation International School's pledge to Go Green!

This initiative will award us an opportunity to directly engage with the public to educate them on the value and importance of animals to our lives and to the environment as well as make them understand that "WE" as humans are the custodians of the earth and as her custodians it is our responsibility to care for all her creatures and this entails creating (and maintaining) a healthy and safe Environment for those sentient creatures to exist in.

Beauty without Cruelty is so proud to be a part of this effort to enthuse our young people.


We find it difficult to empathise with fish, i believe, because they don't have faces we can relate to. Their facial expression doesn't seem to vary, and they don't have eyelashes. Here is yet
another reason to treat them with respect and leave them be... Sound plays an important role in various fish behaviours such as reproduction, feeding and territorial disputes. Nocturnal predatory fish use calls to stay together to hunt, while fish that are active during the day use sound to defend their territory. “You get the dusk and dawn choruses like you would with the birds in the forest,” says Steve Simpson, a marine biologist at the University of Exeter, UK.


We have recently been in contact with Dorelle Sapere of the MBDA and been told that the plans have been put on hold.
Seaworld, which induces killer whales, dolphins and sea lions to perform tricks to entertain the public, said profits for three months to the end of June 2016 compared with the same period a year earlier dropped by a whopping 84%, due to public education around the horrors sea mammals endure.
So why on earth would a tax payer-funded trip to Seaworld be necessary as part of the public participation process? Exactly who would be part of this 'research team' ? And no matter who is paying, how does visiting a failing business - specifically due to the inclusion of sea mammals, I might add - help a bankrupt municipality establish the norm for Bayworld? Ric O Barry, the world's foremost authority on dolphins, has made very clear his stance, which was sent to BWC by Ric O Barry and delivered to the forum.
Beauty Without Cruelty's view remains very clearly, that sea mammals, and all sea life, belong in the sea. Sea mammals CAN be rehabilitated after capture and incarceration, Mr O Barry has proven this. There is no compromise, from our standpoint, when it comes to the dolphins.
With virtual reality and a myriad of excellent suggestions which have been provided to the forum, a world class facility which will attract local and international tourists without causing suffering and misery for others can be established, providing many jobs on an ongoing basis, and be the sort of destination that is visited more than once.


We don't have to kill! Poisons and glue traps are terrible ways to remove rodents. Here are two traps, one from builders warehouse at 495 and the black one from Perky Pets at 175, or even at Agrimark. We found the traps at builders a month ago, and was reminded of it this morning with a query for humane traps. Rats are particularly kind animals, showing empathy and compassionate behaviour that could certainly show humans a thing or two.



After all the bruhaha about donkeys, their terribe "living' conditions and awful deaths, this; legalising and implementing a business in growing donkeys for their skins, for export. The trade agreement has already been signed.
Why does this matter when we have trade in cows, sheep and other animals? Because like the successful ban on introducing legal dog racing, this is a new industry. You understand of course, that ALL that matters is the skin, for 'medicine' so the chances
of these animals being treated with any measure of kindness or compassion is zilch. Their deaths will be painful, lingering and horrific.
Because all we care about is the money.
There is no end to the thievery, skulduggery and greed of the people in government, especially when you don't have to work to earn your keep. Just 'farm' donkeys, kill and skin them and there's money in the bank.
Don't wonder why there is so much violence in the country. This is why reducing animals to mere merchandise, reducing them to's so easy to add humans to the list.
Please DOWNLOAD and print this


While “old” ingredients may have been found to be safe for use, there is still the possibility of retesting if a substance is later found to be a cause for concern. According to regulators in the USA, sunscreens are particularly prone to retesting, as are hair colourants. It is internationally required by law that certain ingredients be tested on animals, such as pharmaceuticals, before being introduced to the market.

Although the European Union and the UK imposed a complete ban in 2013 on the testing of cosmetic products/ingredients on animals, and Australia appears to have followed suit, please be aware the REACH (Regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of CHemicals) regulations and others supersede the EU Cosmetic Directive, therefore making it important for ALL companies to be endorsed by a recognized independent auditor (such as Beauty Without Cruelty or the internationally accepted Leaping Bunny Programme).

The bottom line is that cosmetic testing may be banned, but some ingredients used in cosmetics are tested for among other things, worker safety, pharmaceuticals, food etc. So if substances tested for other reasons are also used in cosmetics, how can these products be considered to be not tested on animals?

Please see for almost 70 brands which have proven their humane manufacture claims. It doesn’t matter what they say, its’s what they prove.


BWC went to speak with the owner, Vivien, of
MOONSTRUCK EXPERIENCE as she had a stand at the Antique and Art Expo at the Lookout in the Waterfront,  Information on fur, including and starting with vintage fur was on hand. WELL!
After I said good morning, I'd like to speak with her about the furs, and that I have some information she may be interested in, I was informed that she wanted no information, and that i will LISTEN to her because I am at her stand;

"I am doing far more for animals than you, because I am concentrating on the living not the dead, instead of people like you who jump up and down for dead animals and wasting your time."

Profits, i was told, from the furs (which included what looked like sable, and a leopard coat - with permit -) go to an animal organisation that does something about animals in cages. I know the org, and will let them know the origin of the donation, they must do with the info as they wish.  Doubtless from her reaction, this was not the first such encounter, whether here or in Northcliff where her store is.  The store is 3A & B Fir Drive Centre, Cnr Fir Drive and Weltevreden Road Northcliff.
(Vivien has no idea of who I am or if I am part of an organisation)

This was received from Asgar Suliman of Solo Shoes, when the lab test ordered and paid for by Fur Free confirmed that the fur pompoms on his sandals are indeed of animal origin "Thank u for the lab report. We have checked again with our suppliers while I was in China last week. All the fur that we are using on our shoes are made from synthetic fibre.  The use of animal Fur is very expensive and we cannot afford it even if we wanted to. Solo is always against animal cruelty." They remain of the Fur Free SA Wall of Shame.

Please see the link to
Baboon Matters 'Hands Up For Baboons' campaign. The aim is to create such an enormous wave of support for baboons that the South African Minister for the Environment, Edna Molewa, will change baboons’ conservation status from “least protected” to “protected”.


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Holistic Vegan Skin Care made with modern cosmeceuticals and traditional apothecary.
All our products are free from paraben preservatives, petrochemicals, Sodium Laurel Sulphate and synthetic dyes and fragrances.
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We are happy to announce we have connected with a new on-line supplier and BWC tees, tops, cookbooks, bumper stickers are available, exclusively from Unicorn Cafe; Order today, and browse and see what else she has for you on the website   R99 courier throughout South Africa.
There's a national Melktert day!

PS; Chill any leftover filling in small ramekins, turn out and serve with fruit or sprinkle with sugar and caramelise it Milk tart / melktert must be full cream and luxurious. Rice milk or anything thi looking just won't do.
750mls Alpro soy milk (or full cream dairy-free milk of your choice)
1 bottle Orleywhip
3/4 tsp vanilla powder
2 heaped Tbs custard powder
1 heaped Tbs cornflour
1/2 to 3/4 cup raw sugar - to taste
Bring it all to a simmer. Cook until thickened, stirring constantly. Cool slightly, pour onto your pre-cooked pastry and bake about 30 minutes. Cool and chill in the fridge. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

The pastry is my recipe and the easiest thing ever;
For sweet pastry, mix 1 1/3 cups flour, a 1/2 tsp salt, 6 Tbs castor sugar and 200gr melted coconut oil.
Pat into your baking dish, up the sides and put into the freezer immediately to start the oil setting, for just a couple of minutes.(don't leave it in too long or the pastry goes solid and you can't realign) Re-pat the pastry, using fingers or fork, into place up the sides. Prebake at 180 for about 10 minutes. If it's raised slightly after baking, just press down with a fork, fill the case with your favourite dairy free melktert filling and bake about 30 minutes. Chill.
(for savoury tarts, omit sugar, add a Tbs finely chopped fresh herbs / nutritional yeast flakes / finely chopped cooked onion (or ready cooked crisp onion flakes) or a tsp of crushed chilli ... you are limited only by your imagination.
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