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Beauty Without Cruelty, est 1975, has grown into the biggest animal rights organisation in the country with the inclusion of Fur Free, African Vegan Outreach (AVO) No Foie Gras (NFG) and we are closely aligned with African Voices For Wildlife and Future4Wildlife.


We do not accept companies using animal based data they obtained from other companies, or animal testing ‘where required by law’, the latter being a convenient loophole for so many, especially all the big name brands.

We do not look at country of origin, fair-trade, organic, natural or manmade ingredients, alcohol, or ingredients such as Sodium laureth sulfate, palm oil or anything else. We hav
e the strictest criteria in the world, with respect to the non-animal testing criteria and we expect consumers to read labels to avoid those things mentioned with which they take issue.

Also to clarify, it is understood, internationally, that ‘cruelty-free’ (a term we don’t use), refers to animal testing, and vegan refers to animal ingredients. The over 100 brands found are clearly marked which are plant based or vegetarian and several of the brands offer vegetarian, but mostly plant based products.
The veg brands listed remain listed as per the contractual obligations.

There is no charge ever, for any part of the process, or for the use of the trademarked logo, if approved. Not all brands have added the logo to their labels, so we recommend using the guide. BWC's humane criteria are as follows:

1. ASSURANCES: As virtually all substances have been tested on animals at some time, BWC requires companies to initiate a self-imposed fixed cut-off date with regard to the use of animal tested ingredients, which is at least five years before the date of application (now 2013) and the company must guarantee that the chosen date will be strictly adhered to in the future. Failure to comply with the fixed cut-off date will result in immediate removal from the BWC approved product guide.

2. Products may not contain animal ingredients or by-products. BWC can suggest alternatives to such ingredients. (This took effect April 2018, previously, vegetarian ingredients such as dairy based lactose etc or bee products were previously permitted, as they are by Leaping Bunny, the accepted international standard)

3. Written assurances must be obtained from ingredient supply companies, that individual ingredients supplied to the company, have not been tested (by them) on animals after the cut-off date. The only raw ingredients that don't need such assurance are those that are obtained directly from the farm, such as herbs, plants, flowers etc. If these have been changed through any pharmaceutical or other process, assurances must be supplied.

4. Parent companies and their subsidiaries too, must comply with these testing criteria.

And a decade later, we are still having demonstrations, conversations, including with local government, and spreading the word every which way that animal circuses are outdated, inherently cruel and completely unjustifiable. 
PLEASE SUPPORT the demos before each show, for just one hour, in Riversdal 4 and 5 Feb, Heidelberg 6 and 7 Feb and Swellendam 8 and 9 Feb, from 6pm to 7pm. These are legal, peaceful and posters will be provided. Please find the events pages on facebook which are named "(name of town) says no to animal circuses"  

BWC was at
Open Streets Cape Town, in Bree street, handing out animal circus information flyers and chalking. Our focus this year was on animals in entertainment, but we did chalk one comment which included www/


In conjunction with events around the globe early April, BWC will focus this event on (all) our wildlife and the trade in their body parts that’s driving them towards extinction. Trophy hunting is also under fire. As our natural and wild world is increasingly under threat from all quarters, our voices need to grow ever louder and carry our message to the ears of decision-makers and world leaders.


At the same time as the march, Voices For African Wildlife will be taking children to the Drakenstein Lion Park, to learn about our wildlife and see how they have been saved from the unscrupulous.

SPEAK OUT FOR THE VOICELESS! Please diarise. We call for stronger measures to protect them, and to preserve our remaining wild world and the biodiversity it depends on.

We will have a hayride available for those with mobility / health difficulties.
Children are welcome.
We do not encourage canine companions, but if you do bring your dog(s) please ensure they are on a lead, and that you bring water and poop bags If the ground is too hot, they must use the hayride with their human.

We walk to parliament, we will hand over a memorandum outlining our demands for protection for all our wildlife and return to 10 Darling Street.


Deliberately creating beings with mental problems, who will spend their lives suffering fear, depression, over and above the suffering of being animals used in research.
"Many cloned animals have faulty or suppressed immune systems and they suffer from a string of health issues including heart failure, respiratory difficulties, and structural disabilities.

The team that created Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua admits there was “much failure before we found a way to successfully clone a monkey”. In fact, they tried 79 times before they got it right. Monkey after monkey was made to live in distressing conditions and then die after a few days. The PR people don’t tell us the names of those babies. The awful truth is that Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua will be lucky if they die young, such is the cruelty and suffering that would otherwise be in store for them. The cloning racket is like something from a horror film. Were a random person to do it in their basement, it would be seen as psychotic madness. But behind high walls and under the cover of academic titles and pompously-named laboratories, big bucks allow this “science” a veneer of responsibility."

In other news, chickens are being bred to lay 'medicinal' eggs 

In 2018, we added no fewer than 24 new brands to the
1. Afriearth (The hospitality brand company (pty) ltd)
2. Baocare
3. Bee pure
4. Bellezza laboratories pty ltd
5. Bon Tierra (pty) ltd
6. Busby Oils Natal
7. Cosmic Life
8. Cubs (The hospitality brand company (pty) ltd)
9. Eco Diva natural products
10. Epimax
11. Iwori
12. Keet & Monks (The hospitality brand company (pty) ltd)
13. L’infini natural skin care & herbal farm (pty) ltd
14. Lady of the Herbs
15. Love My Skin
16. Moringa foods International
17. My Skincare
18. Natura Pets
19. Seven Tree
20. Significant Organics
21. Soil
22. The Oolala collection
23. Triple Orange Manufacturing
24. Vegan Soap za


It is only through your support that BWC can continue to fight animal exploitation. 
Membership drive; Get this fantastic keyring, which will always give you the most up to date , when you donate R100 or more during February and send POP to along with your name and postal address!
Well over 100 brands now listed, with everything from hair care and grooming to household cleaners and companion animal care. If you already have a keyring, here's your chance to share, with one to give away!


What a wonderful start to the year.

Please note this is a thirteen year long story. Nothing worthwhile is an overnight win. 


INDIVIDUAL ANNUAL SUPPORT REMAINS A MERE R100 and donations are most welcome. 
Beauty without Cruelty | Standard Bank - Branch: 025109 - Savings Acc: 077 491 645 OR download the Snapscan app to your phone, follow the easy prompts, and it's done! Please send your POP with postal address to so we may thank you. A Compassion magazine will be posted annually, as soon as it's been printed, to those on the list.  




Our limited edition caps are available from Lizette at only R80, plus postage or courier fee and you can snapscan or EFT. For a mere R200 you can have a sunshine yellow teeshirt and cap! 



I found frozen cherries and these are approximate amounts but this couldn't be more delicious or easy. No photo, I ate it all! 
500 gr bag of frozen cherries
1/4 cup agave, maple, zylitol or golden syrup
1/4 cup dairy free chocolate spread (best) or macadamia butter
1/4 cup raw cacao powder (or use cocoa) 
1/4 cup cherry liqeuer (optional) 
1 tsp vanilla extract or 1 tsp caramel essence 
Blend, blend, taste, smile, taste some more, freeze, covered for a couple of hours. 
Serve with fresh cherries and / or a drizzle of melted dairy free chocolate. Take the applause graciously.
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Beauty Without Cruelty
Established 1975 NPO #002-882 

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PLEASE SUPPORT OUR CAMPAIGN - Education is vital in allowing consumers and suppliers to making informed decisions.
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