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Michelle Venter of Rondebosch library with Heather Howe
An article on vivisection, which included input by BWC, appeared in the Pretoria Uni newspaper, Perdeby, which has 30 000 readers.
We spent a day at UCT, with one 3D /VR viewer set up, and plenty of info on animal testing, humane guides, the cosmetic testing petition, Charlotte Rhys handbag size give-aways to those who watched the 5 minute clip.

People were horrified. And upset. We then used an animated 30-second clip which is effective, without being harrowing. This proved to be more successful, especially as it was exam time. 
We need donations of second hand smart phones please, for this sort of outreach, so we can have six people viewing at a time. Please contact if you can help.

Laureen Bertin shared a presentation of BWC's Green Living, which includes the issue of animal testing and pollution, at the Miss Earth 2017 Castings in Rosebank Joburg. 

The Humane Guide
1. The humane guide is about brands which DO NOT ANIMAL TEST. Nothing else. No fair trade, alcohol-free, vegan, suitable country of origin, organic, natural / plant based ingredients or anything else is considered. That's up to the public to decide, and use what works for them. And if a brand is organic, fair trade, vegan and also uses no alcohol, that's a bonus.
2. As everything has been animal tested at some point, there is no thing thing as 'cruelty free'. Even if it's vegan.
3. The Humane Guide does NOT mean humane animal testing, it means NON-animal testing.
4. The fixed cut off date means that an applicant brand may not have used any ingredient which has been animal-tested within 5 years of their application. Often this date, chosen by them, is longer than 5 years.
5. Assuming that because substances like Rooibos heals, therefore animal testing is not harmful, is naive at best: inducing cancers, diabetes and heart problems in animals to prove the health benefits of Rooibos or any other 'natural' substance is heinous, and keeping animals caged in a sterile environment often for months on end is certainly harmful!
6. NO ONE can claim they use only 'never tested on animals' ingredients. Because they don't exist.

An alert from Fur Free SA:
The price of a garment can be an indicator of genuine or fake fur when it comes to the “luxury” fur market. In this category, synthetic or faux fur is much cheaper. For example, a genuine rabbit fur jacket sold by Luisa Spagnoli costs thousands of rands, whereas a fake fur vest from Pick n’ Pay costs less than R200.00. These items are usually accurately labeled.
However, increasingly real fur items from China can be mislabeled as fake or not labeled at all. Due to inadequate animal protection laws in places like China and South Korea, billions of animals including cats and dogs are brutally killed. Their fur is stripped off while their bodies are still warm, as this makes skinning easier. Investigations have shown some animals skinned alive. Animals are merely viewed as commodities from which to make money and fur sourced in this way is cheaper than synthetic fur. It is usually found as fur trim on inexpensive garments or fur trinkets and pet toys. This “budget” fur is flooding the South African market.
Recently FFSA found the items below being sold as synthentic when in fact all were real fur. FFSA is pleased to report that Jet Stores, Pick n’Pay, YDE and Shoe City immediately removed the offending items with a public apology. Solo Shoes, which is selling Candys sandals with fur pompoms, refused to believe that the fur was genuine and continues to sell items containing real fur.
Please, support only fur free retailers.

Sissy Boy retailer has been added to
#FurFreeSA's Wall Of Shame for the following reasons: Despite the label on the garment, sourced from China, stating “Knit fur coat”, Sissy Boy denied that this fur trim was real. It was only when FFSA was going to get the fur tested did Sissy Boy concede that the fur was genuine. There was no public apology from Sissy Boy other than, the issue "will be taken up with the supplier in question”. Sissy Boy claims that it “strives to be open and transparent with customers with regards to what we offer and what they are purchasing”. Yet this retailer would not disclose the type of the fur on this garment. While any animal skinned for their fur is unacceptable, judging from the length and texture of the fur on these jackets it could be raccoon dog fur. Sissy Boy further informed FFSA that “unfortunately at this stage we cannot withdraw the garment in question"

Starting Friday 9th June there is to be a TWEET STORM. Here is the link to the event page with all the details. The tweet sheet will only be published on the 9th, just before the event.

Recently FFSA found fur items being sold in error by Tangible and The Farside Kids.
Both retailers were horrified, as these items were among their synthetic stock. Here are their respective responses to FFSA:
 "Thank you for bringing this serious matter to our attention. We would like to clarify that Tangible does not endorse the use of real fur. As we discussed in our telephone conversation of today, we had no idea that the round Pom Pom keychains were real fur. Tangible is completely against cruelty to animals in any shape or form and is committed to having our manufacturers supply us with only synthetic faux fur products for our brand”.
Kind Regards, Tracey Oberholzer
Farside Kids
“I would like to apologise to the public for unintentionally and through my own ignorance purchasing shoes from a supplier with fur trim. I would never sell fur of any kind and will be returning them to the supplier. Thank you for informing our store of the problem as we were unaware that it was not synthetic fur". 
Yours sincerely, Megan
As real fur items are currently flooding the South African market it has become the responsibility of ethical consumers to always check if a product is fur free. Better still; don’t buy fur goods of any type.  
Here is
the link to FFSA’s online album on how to tell the difference between real and fake fur.
Mink eyelash extensions are a worldwide fashion with many celebrities promoting them. Don't be fooled, there is nothing humane about how these extensions are sourced. Read more

27/05/2017 Voices for African Wildlife Kids Road Show event in Lower, Crossroads, Phillipi East. We educated our township children and the community of Lower on Pet sterilization, five freedoms of Animals etc.... Heather of Beauty Without Cruelty, seen below, educating kids. Heather has been, since we launched this educational program, and is still educating kids in townships, on how to take good care of animals, the importance of sterilization and more. This is over and above the work done at the Kwafaku Reading School. This event also saw 50 dogs with new leads, and 7 will be warmer this winter, thanks to donations of leads and kennels!
"We are not just educating our township kids on how to take good care of animals.... we are also creating a new generation/breed of animal lovers, one that will consider pet sterilization as more important as human family planning and any form of dog/cat abuse as domestic violence. A generation that will not consider mother nature as an abstract entity, that's to be tamed, controlled, harvested and commercialized, but instead consider a new paradigm, one that draws from reverence and gratitude. A generation that will understand that, nature is the context in which we live, breath and love, it is a grand stage upon which all lives no matter how grand or how lowly, begin and end." (Kenesias Dambakurima)

There was also a GO GREEN outreach programme in the Strand with Voices for African Wildlife, which  included BWC discussing the importance of domestic animals and the reason for spay and neuter, community cleanup, followed by dance competitions and more speakers, with the indefatigable Kenesias Dambakurima, aka Kenny Damba.

After weekly protests since the beginning of the year, we had a dozen brave souls who ignored the 35+ degrees, the long weekend and all the other things happening, 29 April, to bid the circus farewell.
By the time we did the group shot, several had crawled, heat exhausted, back to their vehicles. We are so immensely grateful for the support you have all regularly given to the animals! From almost 300 folks to the small groups of a handful at an event, your presence is valued! We know it can take decades before we see results, but that is how the world works. Life would be wonderful if we could all just write one letter, make one call or attend one protest and change happens.

There was a great deal of media coverage regarding the circus over the last few months in almost every area they visited, up to and including Vredenburg. We are working behind the scenes to effect serious change.
Brian Boswell has
lost his bid to sell elephants -  Boswell wanted to send five of his circus-trained African elephants to Dubai reportedly for R3m for each.

Beauscience is now approved by BWC. See all their products here. There are the Botanicals, Professionals, Baby, Men’s and Naturals ranges. At the moment there are some products that still contain lanolin, but this has been changed to shea butter, and the range will be vegan by January 2018. Found on line, and in selected pharmacies and health stores.

Our new radio advert on Magic828 can be heard
here, or just tune in :) 

Canned hunting: When even hunters fall out over the canned hunting industry : a man with hunting ethics (yes we know that's an oxymoron)
has resigned due to pressure from the pro canned hunting brigade.

We thought we'd share this with you, because while we are destroying the planet and killing other lives because of greed, ignorance and fear, there are still species being discovered.

Ostrich riding: two facilities have chosen to stop allowing ostrich riding in Oudtshoorn. Riding ostriches or sitting on them for a picture to be taken is very popular among tourists. However, questions have been raised about the possibility that the birds are being hurt in the process. 

lifts the ban on Rhino horn sales.

On vivisection (graphics suitable for all ages) A BWC slide show.
GLUE TRAPS: Please, if you see any store selling glue traps, report them to the NSPCA! Some China Town stores as well as mainstream local stores are selling these contraptions. The more they’re reported, the more can be done to stop them! Just like gin traps, any animal including wild birds and small domestic animals are targets, and anyone caught on glue traps will be terrified, they may be separated from their young; and they will endure hours of suffering and a prolonged death through starvation.
There are no controls are in place to restrict or limit sales of these contraptions, for example using either an age restriction or advising on the use and abuse, and of course those with bad intent may buy them freely.
With plenty of humane options including the use of peppermint or cinnamon oil and humane catch and release traps, there is no excuse for using these!

WINNERS; the May winner of the lucky draw is Mrs I Dorter who receives a wonderful product, courtesy of Ecologic, and for April Ms A Kew, body care from Woolworths.


ANY brand which claims they use 'natural ingredients' which have never been animal tested is lying. Straight up.
BWC knows that almost everything has been animal tested, including ingredients like Rooibos and Lavender, which is the reason for the 5 year minimum cut-off date, an internationally accepted standard. It doesn't matter if the BRAND says they don't animal test, they cannot claim to use any ingredient which hasn't been animal tested by a researcher, somewhere, sometime.
Here's one example;
People have been talking and writing about the health benefits of Rooibos since the late 1960’s. A convincing body of evidence confirming the potential health properties of Rooibos has been built up, mostly based on in vitro work (in test tubes) and in vivo work (with live animals). Many articles on the properties and health benefits of Rooibos have been published in the South African and international scientific literature, including several research articles in high-impact, peer-reviewed scientific journals. [link to Research References]
The next step is to confirm that the same health benefits can be proven in the human body. A research team at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, led by Dr Jeanine Marnewick, is now taking on the challenge of the first ever clinical Rooibos studies in adults who are at risk for developing heart disease. The study started in June 2007 and the first results were expected in 2008. Their research is co-funded by the South African Rooibos Council."

Thank you to Lindi Butterfield for her proactive offering for World Week for Animals in Laboratories. This easy to read poster gives you all the current approved brand logos on one page!

OUR NEW PDF version of the guide, for those who'd like to print it out

We may not like all animal types, but we can still ensure we don't do them harm. We love rats, though, who are cute, funny, loving and lovable, playful intelligent little tykes

We are happy to announce we have connected with a new on-line supplier and BWC hoodies, jackets, tees, cookbooks, bumper stickers are available, exclusively from Unicorn Cafe; Order from today, after you browse and see what else she has for you on the website   See BWC choices and more jackets and hoodies here R99 courier throughout South Africa.
For two generous serves, tear 2 punnets oyster mushrooms into strips. Cook in a little oil on high heat till some are golden and crisped.
Then the magic; use what you have in your cupboard to make a tangy, sweet, sticky sauce with a bite; I used Jimmy's, Harissa sauce (Pesto Princess) Xylitol syrup, obscene amounts of garlic and ginger, use amounts that work for you :) I used at least a heaped tsp of each, crushed. and a hefty dose of Sriracha for bite. Simmer till sticky.
Serve in rolls, with sides you like.
No pigs died, this is every bit as satifsying, and has the right 'chew' factor, due to using shredded oyster mushrooms.

This sweet 'pap' recipe was designed by BWC especially with tight budgets in mind.
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