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Beauty Without Cruelty, est 1975, has grown into the biggest animal rights organisation in the country with the inclusion of Fur Free, African Vegan Outreach (AVO) No Foie Gras (NFG) and we are closely aligned with African Voices For Wildlife and Future4Wildlife.

It was brought to our attention that 'cat boots' were being sold by Plastics Depot and Takealot and both were approached. The so called anti-scratch boots are extremely cruel devices, reminiscent of thumb screw torture devices, which date back to 17th century. These hard, plastic tubes are to be tightened over a cats paws, using a screw device, rendering the cats immobile, therefore unable to walk, escape, use a litter tray and a horrifically stressful apparatus to be used on any animal for the purpose of supposedly stopping cats from scratching furniture.  These terrible devices are freely available from plastics stores, and we would like to point out that these products are in contravention of the Animal Protection Act 71 of 1962 which prohibits the attachment of any equipment to an animal which will cause distress.  

While Takealot did a press release confirming the immediate removal of this product from their on-line store, the depot required a second personal visit to take action. We have now confirmed  they have removed all 'cat boot' stock from all stores, and will no longer supply or sell them. We do ask though, that the public remain vigilant and let us or the Cape Animal Welfare Forum 081 352 0927 or email know if they see any at any store.

This makes for interesting reading no matter what side of the debate you fall. 

As of Feb 2019, no fewer than 53 countries have said no to animals in circuses, in some fashion or form.
Weekly BWC protests started in Riviersonderend, and included many towns, but not limited to Swellendam, Paarl, Ceres, Vredendal, and of course Wynberg, Tableview, Parow, Athlone. We spoke on Magic 828, and dedicated a 4 month radio advert to education promoting animal free circuses. We were in the Smile radio studio with the circus, debating the issue. Media coverage saw inserts in several papers. There is definitely more awareness out there, and the public is more understanding of the reasons animal circuses are unacceptable. We had close to 200 people attend the Tableview circus. 

BWC had been in contact with the Namibian ministers and state vet since February as soon as the planned trip was made known. Our thanks to Min of Environment and Tourism and the Deputy Minister in Namibia, for confirming the truth. The circus, despite their claims to the contrary, had never applied for permits to travel across border. They applied for an exemption for permits, which was denied. The ministers spoken with confirmed they would also like to see Namibia as the first African country to ban circus animals.

Muyunda added "to grant permits to a circus with animals will harm Namibia's good international image as an environmentally conscious country". Deputy Minister of National Planning, Mr. Piet van der Walt, told Republikein that in his personal capacity, he will throw his weight behind the animal rights group Namibians Against Animals in Circuses. "I support the campaign that Namibia becomes the first country in Africa to ban animals in circuses. I also provide advice to Namibians Against Animals in Circuses on how to bring this issue to the attention of the Namibian government," he said.
As part of the Namibians Against Circus Animals working group, BWC will be working towards making this a reality.


Mrs Lyndith Waller is His Excellency, Prince Buthelezi’s private secretary, who accepted the handover of a memorandum on behalf of Prince Buthelezi. The IFP is, to their knowledge, the only mainstream political party that had a section dedicated to environmental issues in its 2019 manifesto. Some 200 people attended the march and over 100 local organisations were signatories on the memorandum handed over. 

This video clip is of the march and gives some insight into our demands. 

We have contacted the new Minister of Environment, Ms Creesy  and the Western Cape minister regarding the
use of rat poison ;  WHY are cruel rat poisons, which also affect other species, still being used, when we know that simply encouraging predator birds will not only keep rat populations in check, but restore some balance to our ecosystems? Barn owls are rat’s natural predators. Barn owls are known to catch approximately two thousand rodents per year. One family of the owl can feed on 15 mice/rats a night, which means almost 5500 rodents annually!  Nest boxes are simply mounted about 4.5 metres from the ground.

BWC has also
written to the ombudsman regarding the fallacious article from Belgium being repeated in a South African Burger. The Belgian falsely suggested that vegan diets pose risks. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ (AND) position paper on vegetarian diets, notes that key statements and conclusions in the report were not based on scientific evidence, and were both erroneous and misleading. It is long known that plant based diets are appropriate, satisfy the nutrient needs and promote normal growth at all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy and lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, older adulthood, as well as for athletes.

BWC was on air to discuss the appalling state of local rivers, which was highlighted during our event in July last year. Due to our actions, other organisations and individuals whose focus is the environment have taken this project to new heights. 

We have said over, and over, and over again, on various social media pages where people promote WnW as being 'cruelty free' that Wet n Wild is not listed with Leaping Bunny (Cruelty Free International) and therefore suspect. It's not so much that they are selling in China, which they allegedly denied, it is that they have not satisfactorily PROVEN their no animal testing claims, which PETA listing does not require. Please use for brands which have proven their claims to our rigorous criteria satisfaction.
Recently added:


On Issues Of Faith episode 1 of the Kindness Project, it was excellent to see our 'Cape Town Unites for Animals' March for the ban of cosmetic testing in 2018 on national TV.

We received confirmation from
Peter Johnson Laboratories that the fur sample we submitted is, as we expected, animal fur and not synthetic. Shoe Warehouse has confirmed that all stock has been removed, and we will have a written commitment to staying fur free once a board meeting is concluded. The shoes were not correctly labelled by the supplier. 

The worldwide captive marine mammal industry inflicts cruelty and suffering on thousands of individual animals and continues to threaten wild whale and dolphin populations. Over 5,000 cetaceans have died in captivity since 1950s. #Emptythetanks

While we are no fans of the hunting group Safari Club International, even they have standards; 

Were Aspirin to be invented now "it would most probably not be licensed for use in humans because it causes birth defects in rats, mice, monkeys, guinea-pigs, cats and dogs. But not in humans." (

Another hot topic; Does Herbalife animal test? This question has become more prevalent with their new plant based offerings: YES, they do animal test. They mention only finished products, and 'legal requirements'
"Although animal testing is commonly used to test household preparations, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for human use, Herbalife’s policy is not to test any of its finished products, including food, cosmetics and dietary supplements on animals, except when there is a specific regulatory requirement."


 "Partly inspired by our meeting with you a few years ago - and in response to the growing trend towards veganism across the world - African Extracts is happy to tell you that our entire range (except for five we are still working on) is now totally vegan - including our complete new Radiance range. The vegan ones (and the few non-vegan ones) are clearly marked as such on our new website."
We commend such positive action!


BWC spent a day at UCT sharing information and offering BWC approved samples donated by African Extracts Rooibos, for World Week for Animals in Laboratories.
This animated, all ages video clip explains the absurdity of using animals in research.

We will be vigorously addressing cosmetic testing again now that the new parliament has been chosen.
Meanwhile, Laureen Bertin in Jhb addressed the Miss Earth SA contestants during a workshop, on the link between women and lab animals, and the impact our everyday grooming and clothing choices have on the environment.  

We are also certainly fighting this ; A new safari park is planned near the small town of Kleinmond in the Western Cape  but at what cost to the sensitive Overstrand environment or the elephants and other animals subjected to exploitation? BWC is registered as interested and affected parties.

Safari Club International, and other hunting groups is composed of the wealthy who like to kill. Safari Club Int says so themself! They support every form of killing animals and actively litigate to prevent laws from disallowing them to do whatever they want, and in SA hunters, bloodlust, corruption and greed are the reason for canned hunting, and the rise of selling lion bones. They appeal to 'science' and 'conservation', and accuse their detractors of being politically motivated and resorting to emotion, but on their own website they openly admit the fundamental reason for their rabid behaviour.

Voices for African Wildlife event at Drakenstein Lion Park, held in conjunction with the Global March for Elephants and Rhino in Cape Town the same day, was a huge success. 60+ children learnt a lot about lions and chimpanzees, the problems our wild animals are facing and why it's important for all of us, as one web of life, to protect our natural heritage. VFAW is affiliated with Beauty Without Cruelty (South Africa) which covered the costs of travel to and from the park, and provided flavoured dairy-free milk for all, courtesy of Good Hope International Beverages.  

In KZN Carol Dillon has had BWC tables at several markets and represented BWC at several events, including #Emptythecages at Ushaka 


It is so exciting when people start making kind choices. It is disheartening when we clarify issues, against what is expected, of what constitutes a humanely manufactured product, and with 40 years experience, BWC has extensive knowledge in this area. BWC is supportive of people making compassionate choices: If one truly wishes to make compassionate choices, then one would welcome constructive clarification on the reality behind so-called humane claims. If one wishes to support companies that cannot or will not provide proof to established and respected organisations, because one likes the brand, so be it, but it cannot be under the guise of being a caring consumer. Companies will not give the kind of information required for assurances, to members of the public, that they provide BWC. We know that companies lie. We know the value of BWC endorsement. We can not, and will not, pander to those who want to buy a brand they choose to believe is humane, for their own gratification. BWC does not offer opinions but facts. Facts are often ugly, and this is not about any of us, it is about the animals who suffer in labs, while companies make false claims and hide behind clever marketing and the consumers who choose to believe them.


It is only through your support that BWC can continue to fight animal exploitation. 
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