Welcome to your monthly update - November 2020

Ah... you guys!

I'll keep this short and sweet (he says) because your actions clearly show you are fully up to speed with what we are all trying to achieve here.

These newsletters are NOT looking for you to contribute any more than you already have, especially if you make a Monthly Payment Subscription. In fact, I'll even go as far as saying you SHOULDN'T donate anything more if you've already donated this month!

On or around the 25th of each month I will send out an update to you, a valued contributor to the VBFamily237 Support Fund. It will show the fund total and, if appropriate, highlight any help we have been able to offer to those in need. 

I think, most importantly, it will also be a regular reminder that we are always here to assist YOU because none of us know what is around the corner, do we!

How the fund is looking.

We'll break the figures down as follows:

  • Running Fund Total
  • Monies collected that month
  • Amount of one-off donations
  • Amount of monthly subscribers
Is there anything else you'd like to know?

Did you set up a Monthly Subscription Payment?

WHATEVER or HOWEVER you donated, it is so very much appreciated.

I was contacted by one or two people who said the monthly subscription 'thing' was complicated. It is very simple... to make life easier for you there is the option to tick a box and make your donation a regular monthly subscription. Set it up and forget about it. £5 would be MORE than enough if you were considering this.

To set up your Monthly Subscription Payment just click any DONATE button on this newsletter.



Scores on the doors ?

Launching on 9th November, we raised over £700 in the first 24 hours! We have not had a chance to see the 2nd monthly payments yet so this first newsletter won't reflect the changes in the total. December will be a better indicator of how the fund will grow each month.

What are your thoughts on these figures? Amazing, or do you think more people should be getting involved? I guess 'should' is a strong word... you know what I mean.

VB Mailing List: Over 1400 people

Total Donators (that's you): 86 (some of you donated twice due to errors/subscribing)
One-time Donations: 35
Monthly Subscriptions: 51

Average One-time Donation: £20
Maximum One-time Donation: £100

Average Monthly Subscription: £5
Maximum Monthly Subscription: £20


You won't realise it yet but one day (and let's hope it's not too soon) it will suddenly dawn on you that you need help and that we are here for you. As soon as that happens, get in touch!


Have you see the huge list of people we have within the Network who can help you out with any Physical and Mental challenges you may be facing?

Check out our Directory.


Told you!

Short but sweet. Nothing but love once again goes your way. You may have missed me saying somewhere (maybe on the radio) that Family237 members will be first in line when accessing bookings for hotels and tickets for future VB events. We may be very close to revealing news SOON !!!

Oh, my heart hurts it's so full of love and pride for you.

Wardy xxx

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