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Newsletter 25 January 11

Dear Toastmasters,

We had a wonderful night at Polish Your Polish and it was great to see numerous guests from other clubs who came to visit us. For many it wasn't the first visit either and for a long time they have given us a lot of support.
Anika Kumar was the toastmaster of the evening and it was impossible to see that it was her first time in this role.  Because of this time of the year she chose "The Carnival" as the theme of the meeting. Speakers were asked about where and how they would like to celebrate the Carnival. Unsurprisingly Rio de Janeiro loomed as the prime destination.
Grzegorz Krasnodębski was the timekeeper and Area Governor, Paul Walsh, listened closely to our usage of English grammar. He chose "spirit" as the word of the day and encouraged us to use it. Some associated it with the main ingredient of vodka which fitted quite well to the spirit of carnival and fun :)
Table topics session was led by Mikołaj Paszkowski and were evaluated by Catherine Chadwick from London Olympians. Session was won by Paul Walsh who advised us on some policies during the after-office parties and how to avoid some embarrassing situations the day after.
After Table Topics Szymon Jaroszewski greeted guests and we started the second part. Anna Idec delivered a speech about grandmother's day and the importance of grandparents in our lives. Jakub Pawłowski talked about the students festival called "Juwenalia" and David West treated us to a very passionate interpretive reading of the play called "Luther" written by John Osborne (first staged in 1961).
Anna was evaluated by Gosia Górna, Jakub by Gosia Szyrmer and David by his wife, Carol.
We then had a report from our grammarian (who was very lenient to us) and listened to the summary of the meeting by Felicity Okolo, who was the General Evaluator. It was extremely useful and we noted down a lot of things we can improve upon. Apparently we are one of the most laid back clubs.

The last part of each meeting is always the awards celebration.
Paul Walsh, as I mentioned, was voted the best table topic speaker, Gosia Górna - best evaluator and the audience liked the most the speech about "Juwenalia".
After giving the awards, our President, Agnes Obara, closed the meeting and we all headed off to the bar.

Here you can find Jakub's speech.

Next meeting (in Polish) will be on 8th of February at Ognisko Polskie.

Next meeting in English will be on 22nd of March. We will be hosting the speech and evaluation contest. More details will be announced closer to this date.
Thank you again for coming and see you soon!

PS. If you want more information about the club, our meetings and benefits of being the member of Polish Your Polish please email me on: vpm@polishyourpolish.org.uk

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