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24th of May - Meeting recap

Every few months in Polish Your Polish we have a special night when we polish... our English. It's a great opportunity to meet people from other clubs and learn from them. They also have a chance to meet and listen to us.
The Chef (aka toastmaster of the meeting) was Jakub Pawlowski and he decided to show the analogy between a toastmasters meeting and a feast. Each person from his motley crew was asked to share the best culinary experience they've ever had in reply to the chef's question. 
Our kitchen timer, Mikolaj Paszkowski, made sure that nothing will be under- or overcooked. One of our guests, Michelle, stepped into the role of Food Inspector (a.k.a. grammarian) in order to supervise what ingredients we put into our meals. Her special ingredient ("word of the day") was "mix" and encouraged us to use it in our dishes.
The session of appetisers (aka Table Topics) was led by a Deputy Chef, Michal Kalwasinski. His questions matched the theme of the meeting and related to food and eating:
  • Does the way to a man's heart go through his stomach?
  • If you were to eat just one type of food for a month, what would that be?
  • What do you think about the "3 seconds" rule, which states if you pick something up within 3 seconds, you can still safely eat it?
  • Would you prefer to eat a cake or to have a cake?
  • How would you impress your future mother-in-law if she was to come for a dinner and you discovered that the fridge was empty?
  • What is your favourite polish dish and how would you sell it to the Englishman?
  • Is there any meal that you've tried and you will never eat again? 
  • Who's a better cook? You or your mum?
  • You are in the restaurant, you ordered your favourite meal, it's bad, so you return it, just to see mad Gordon Ramsey coming out of the kitchen screaming at you, what you do??
  • Do you think tipping waiters in the restaurant is mandatory, or do they actually have to deserve your gratitude??
The audience voted and the best appetiser was prepared by Dick Dixon, who talked about the "3 seconds rule" Because in the Restaurant "Polish Your Polish" we care even about the quality of appetisers, they were reviewed by an Inspector, Gosia Szyrmer. We then had a short break for aperitifs.
The main course consisted of 4 dishes.
Our first cook was Asia Kołton with a dish called "How not to get crazy..." where she talked about the benefits of meditation and how it helped her.
Then Yuki servers us a Japanese dish "Musical toilets, late trains and no tips". We could learn from it about the philosophy of Kaizen (continuous improvement) and how people in Japan strive to make everything better and more efficient every single day. It must be great to live in a country like this!
Then we all indulged in "Herrings, canary, aliens - one night experience" prepared by Michal Szady - a description of one hilarious night in Poland.
The meal was topped up with "Vodka and Cola" by David Marks who talked about his visits to Poland. He visited our country during various important historical moments similar to Forrest Gump. David now waits for an offer to make a sequel of this film, which will be set in Poland rather than USA and is willing to charge less than Tom Hanks.
After the main course we proceeded to the desserts which were served by: Dick Dixon, Agnieszka Obara, Mikołaj Paszkowski and Gosia Gorna.
We then hear the reports from Mikołaj, our kitchen timer, and luckily everything was cooked al dente, as it should be. 
Our Food Inspector, Michelle, praised the quality our recipes, pointed areas where we could improve and like the fact that we mixed her special ingredient ("mix") into many of our dishes.  
Dick Dixon, the Chief Inspector, evaluated our feast. Hopefully his review of our club will be in the next edition of the Michelin Guide :)
Our manager, Agnieszka Obara, proceeded to awarding prizes for speeches and evaluations. Yuki was chosen the best cook and Gosia Górna - the best pâtissier . 
Then we all headed for an after-meal drinks in a nearby pub.
Our next meeting at some time in August and we'll provide more details closer to the date.
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