Spring update, soldering, giving shots, and trips to the zoo.
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Spring Update
 Hello Friends!  We’re deep into another semester of our training here at New Tribes Mission’s Missionary Training Center in Missouri, and we wanted to fill you in on what we've been up to.

Practical Stuff

Many of our classes this semester have been lots of fun!  In Missionary Technology, we learned how to design and assemble the solar power systems that will produce our electricity while on the field (see Rachel wielding a soldering iron, right).  In Field Health, we learned some of the basics of prevention and care for the most common ailments we are likely to encounter (see Jim giving Rachel a "practice" shot of saline).

Our most recently completed class, Grammar, has helped us to understand how to properly analyze and document the grammatical system of a language.  This will be a huge help to us as we begin to learn an unwritten language, develop a writing system, and translate the Scriptures into the language.  Rachel and I have both been accepted into the linguistics programs here at the MTC (which will prolong our time by one semester), so this grammar class will also be a good foundation on which to build a deeper understanding of how languages work.

A Narrow Field

Last month representative leaders from the various NTM ministry fields descended on our campus for the annual Field Fair.  During this time we had the opportunity to learn more about many of the opportunities we have in working with NTM, and we are excited to tell you that the Lord has used this time to help us narrow down a location: Asia Pacific.  For clarification, the country we are focusing on is currently wide open to missionary activity, and when the time comes we will likely enter this country with a missionary visa.  However, despite being welcome in the country, our desire is to maintain a lower profile for ourselves and other missionaries in the region, so we refer to the country in the broader term, Asia Pacific.

Hudson's Highlight

Last week we celebrated Hudson's 2nd birthday.  He is a growing boy with lots of energy and affection to spare.  We all enjoyed a recent visit to see my sister and family in Chicago that included fun trips to the zoo and aquarium.  Hudson gets to play with his friends in child care while mom and dad are in morning classes, and rumor is that his favorite activity (for the moment) is making rounds to hug the girls and walk around holding hands.  It may be time to teach him where cooties come from.

We are so grateful for your support and prayers as we prepare for the task of reaching a remote, unreached people group. We look forward to seeing many of you this summer while we’re in Texas. We'll get more information about our schedule out soon, but until then, 

Your's in Christ,
— Jim, Rachel, & Hudson Jobe
Jim & Rachel's Prayer Card

Prayer Requests

- for wisdom and patience as we have the opportunity to study God's Word with some new believers in the community.

- for making the most of our time here, as we have plenty of opportunity to be distracted from our goal

Did you know?

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