Training begins this week at the MTC.  Join us at the Meet & Greet Dessert Night September 10th @ 7pm.
Jobes on a mission
Forging Ahead
<<First Name>>,

How would you communicate God's message to someone who has never had the opportunity to hear it?  That question has been on my mind a lot as we've worked through the orientation classes of our first week at the Missionary Training Center.  The gospel speaks for itself, right?  But what if that person doesn't speak your language?  What if he or she doesn't understand your culture?  How can you communicate the gospel accurately when your understanding of the world is worlds apart?

Roach, Missouri

We have just moved to what is possibly the worst-named town in America.  Roach, MO.  But just past the Post Office (just about the only thing in Roach), tucked into the scenic Ozark valleys, you will find our small apartment at New Tribes Mission's Missionary Training Center (  Our time at the MTC will be focused on the very questions I asked above.  We will study how to efficiently learn an unwritten language, how to study cultures far different from our own, and how to effectively communicate across cultural lines.  It will be an intense time of learning, but also an amazing opportunity to see God work through men and women of vast experience to speak into our lives.  We are excited to see how the Lord will grow us!

We Want You!

We want you to join us!  There are 2100+ unreached people groups in the world (comprising millions of individuals!) that have never had the chance to hear of God's salvation through Christ.  In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus Christ put his church on a mission to give every last nation, language, and people the opportunity to hear his "good news."  We would absolutly love the opportunity to share with you how you can join us in the field, pray with us during our training and future ministry, or partner with us financially.  Please let us know if you are interested in hearing more (contact info can be found on our prayer card on the right).

Your's in Christ,
— Jim & Rachel Jobe
Jim & Rachel's Prayer Card

Did You Know?

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Prayer Requests

We covet your prayers!! Thank you for praying with us that:
  • Our time in the classroom and in the community would honor God
  • We would not be too concerned with what is ahead, but be eager to serve those around us now
  • We have been blessed to see God's provision to get us here, but we desire to always grow in our dependence on and contentment in Him

Mark Your Calendar

Jim will be in Frisco on September 10th.  You are invited to join me at 7pm for a Meet & Greet Dessert Night to hear more about our training and subsequent ministry with NTM.  Please email me for directions and to RSVP.
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