You might not receive our trip information emails unless you follow these steps. Log into Gmail from a web browser and click your PROMOTIONS tab. Do you see any SKI BUMS emails there?
Important notice


Hello --

Here's an important notice for you. As a SKI BUMS member, it's vital that you receive our important trip information for any trip for which you've signed up.

This is a bit problematic for Gmail users. At times, Gmail doesn't love SKI BUMS quite as much as we love them...

Sometimes they make it hard for us to email you important information after you've signed up for a trip.

Here's something you'll want to do now:
  • Log-in to Gmail from a web browser on a computer -- not a mobile device.
  • Click on the PROMOTIONS tab. (If you don't know what that is, watch this easy video for an explanation)
  • Scroll down for any email from SKI BUMS. When you locate one, click the message and drag it into your PRIMARY folder. 
You'll see a popup message that says:

The conversation has been moved to "Primary".  Do this for future messages from
  • Click YES.

Why this matters:

We use a formatted mass mail program to send out important announcements -- the news you'll need when you've signed up for a trip -- but Gmail usually directs those emails to the PROMOTIONS tab unless you take steps to prevent it from happening.

Again -- THOSE EMAILS ARE VITAL -- with everything from payment deadlines to check-in information -- so you'll want to make sure you receive them.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Thanks much -- and here's to a fun-loving season in the mountains --

Chris French, President and the SKI BUMS team

p.s. -- If you only read your Gmail from a 3rd party mail client (like Mac Mail, Outlook, or a mobile device), you won't see the Promotions tab. You must log into from a web browser to view it.
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