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Bogotá, Colombia - God is moving!

160 Key Couples from 15 countries gathered in Bogotá, Colombia for three days of plenary sessions, dynamic training, encouragement, prayer, and ministry planning.

Purpose: To empower, strengthen, and grow the Key Couples in the FamilyLife Movement throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Keeping Your Marriage Fresh

We led a workshop on Friday and Saturday (with 60 in attendance the first day and 80 the second day) entitled Keeping Your Marriage Fresh, and the response was phenomenal! A few of the key comments are:

  • God melted my frozen heart. He solidified our marriage and resurrected our passion for the ministry.

  • I understood the Covenant of Marriage for the first time: Marriage is a reflection of God’s relationship with His people, of Christ and the Church. That helps me understand God’s love for me.

  • We appreciate your emphasis on theological content. Many marriage conferences give us a lot of nice quotes and good advice, but your teaching caries the authority of Scripture.

  • God renewed our love for each other and our calling to ministry. He renewed my strength.

If you are a visual learner more than a reader, check out this little video!

FamilyLifeLAC2022 HD

Laura’s Perspective

The air has been electric at this conference. I’m always suspicious of “electric air”. Perhaps emotion has taken over? Oh yes! It has taken over, spewing joy over all. These couples came together from rigid COVID rules that did little to stem the tide of the virus. Closed up in their apartments, creating virtual marriage conferences, growing FamilyLife exponentially. Each bore their own COVID horrors such as Guayaquil, Ecuador where the bodies of those who succumbed to COVID lay rolled in sheets, placed in the streets to be taken to a common cemetery. Many don’t even know where their loved ones were buried.

These leadership couples are together, and joy is running over them all and down their cheeks in sadness and joy. I’m ok with this “electric air,” but I don’t think it really matters to them if we are ok with all that electricity and emotion. What was virtual will soon be face to face in every country: couples reaching families in trouble and families not in trouble, “transforming lives one home at a time.” We are humbled by their examples.

Psalm 126 was read and is so appropriate!


When the LORD restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream.
Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.” The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad.

Restore our fortunes, O LORD, like streams in the Negeb! Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.

Key Take-Aways

Definition: LAC = Latin America and the Caribbean

The event was a complete success in every way: content, training, vision, encouragement, etc., and far surpassed everyone's expectations.

This conference demonstrated that the transition of leadership from FamilyLife Global to FamilyLife LAC is complete, and that Global’s role going forward is to walk alongside LAC as they take ownership and full responsibility for the FamilyLife movement in their continent. We (FamilyLife Global) are now joyfully welcomed and invited to join the LAC FamilyLife Team as they take the lead.

This is truly an example of what we would like to see happen in every area of the world: The local FamilyLife movement is energized in the family area, with a ratio of 80% volunteers to 20% missionary staff involved the ministry leadership across the continent.

Roger translating for David and Meg Robbins, President and CEO of FamilyLife


  • Content (Plenary Sessions and Workshops): “Our expectations were greatly surpassed!”

  • Relationships: “We feel like we know the Global leadership now, and that they care about us.”

  • Networking: “Now we know that we are not alone and there are many others we can call on for help and ideas.”

  • Unity: Cru National Director Andrey Cañas thanked FamilyLife for this event that brought together all the Cru Teams in Colombia (Campus, Global Church Movement, Jesus Film, Leader Impact, etc.) for the first time ever, creating a truly connected nationwide ministry collaboration.

Key Results

  • Vision: A shared vision and strategy for all the countries of the continent.

  • Partnerships: Strategic Alliances with 10 ministries that serve the family in Latin America.

  • Funding: The event raised funds for FamilyLife LAC.

  • Growth: 320 people are now energized, connected, and equipped like never before.

Next Steps/Priorities Established by LAC

  1. Expand FamilyLife Blended

  2. Launch FamilyLife in New Countries

  3. Integrate the Caribbean Nations with the FamilyLife Ministry

Prayer Requests

  • Hugo and Kenia Guerrero have been key partners in the ministry, printing and distributing FamilyLife resources from Panama to the rest of the continent. Kenia was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia 40 days ago. Praise God that her younger sister is a complete match for bone marrow transplant! Please pray for Kenia’s treatment in the next few months.

  • FamilyLife Blended ministry in Latin America is a growing need, and FamilyLife is one of the few ministries helping the Church address this area of ministry.

  • Our Support Account: Praise God we are almost there! But we are still short on monthly giving and special needs. If you’d like to give as a part of celebrating what God is doing in Latin America, click here.

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