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Clumsy Love

"I am just so tired." Rivulets of tears ran over her dark circles and down her cheeks . She was indeed exhausted. As she wept into the piles of small napkins, my mind ran in circles. She is tired and a fragile vessel which might just physically shatter. How can I help her? How can I help her stay married? She is the product of generations of torn marriages. Where is the hope? How can I point her to God's glory and take her mind off herself? It seems almost cruel to require anything of someone hurting so deeply, yet it is the only way. For not being marriage counselors we sure do get into a lot of counseling situations.

We have been trying to love this woman, as well as the rest of the congregation, all these years. but how clumsy we have been. And yet, she has been ministered to by our clumsy attempts to love her. We have rarely done everything right, but that big Holy Spirit translator turns it all into love, healing her aching soul. God takes our loaves and fish and multiplies them into more than enough. We just have to hand them over to Him.
Oh, I can't resist going further with the loaves and fish thing… If we don't hand the loaves and fish over, our fish stink and our bread molds — and no one gets to eat. Lord make me willing to hand it all over!

— Laura

We have done everything wrong!

The baby's short, little breaths in Laura's ear brought back sweet memories of our own children as newborns. Little Naomi slept restfully on her shoulder while her older brother (18 months old) slept in the stroller. Their parents were walking on the beach. It was a marriage conference, and this was probably the first time they had even looked at each other in 24 hours. We hope they found a place to rest and revel in this brief freedom from the constant care that small children need.
Roger had sent the couples out to spend time alone after the intense teaching and digging into God's word. During the weekend, these six high-energy couples opened up their complicated lives to us and to each other. One confessed, "We have done everything wrong!" She is not the only one who has done everything wrong. There is a big club of us who have done everything wrong. We meet daily at the cross.
We spent our last moments praying for each couple. Their prayer requests revealed that they had been examining not only their own marriages but also society's view of marriage and family. They went deep and wide in bringing the light of God's Word into many corners of their own culture. The Holy Spirit was present: convicting, illuminating, comforting, and forgiving. We were privileged to watch God at work, and it was humbling. Thank you Lord!
The majority of this new congregation, Refugio de Gracia (Refuge of Grace), are young and very new in the faith. Some are in leadership and others want to be part of ministering to families. It didn't take but a brief glance to see the difficult road ahead for these couples. Several have a child from a previous relationship, which is a very common scenario in Chile.
For those who pray specifically, the six couples are: Rodrigo (pastor) and Paula, Daniel and Alejandra, Pablo and Barbara, Carlos and Yahaira, Marcelo and Anais, Angel and Mirna.
We barely got home Saturday night (or rather Sunday morning) before Roger was off to preach in Valparaiso, filling in for another pastor. Roger was exhausted, physically and emotionally, after such an intense weekend, but the Holy Spirit prevailed, blessing the message and the service. After the service, they shared that a significant percentage of the marriages in the congregation are conflicted and asked us to schedule a conference for them.

In His perfect love,
Roger & Laura Dye
Our schedule for the coming months with the following congregations:
  • Feb. 8-10 Iglesia Malfatti Valparaíso retreat for hurting couples
  • Feb. 14-17 Iglesia Reformada de Maipú training retreat
  • Feb. 24-March 5 Roger to missions conference in the US.
  • March 15-16 San Marcos Santiago training retreat
  • March 22-23 Iglesia Refomada del Valle Lonquén training retreat
  • March 29-31 Easter
  • April 13 First Family First conference for pastors and their wives in Santiago
  • April 15-18 Family Ministry Leadership conference in Viña del Mar
  • April 20 First Family First conference for pastors and their wives in Viña
  • May 3-4 Cristo Rey Santiago training retreat

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