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One Word

A friend who is an orthopedic surgeon (but is not the doctor assigned to Mom's case) stopped by and spoke with the trauma nurse to see how Mom is doing. He called me and said, "I can only think of one word to describe her condition, and that word is miraculous."

The Details

Acute Trauma: Mom has been in the Acute Trauma center since she was admitted. When they took her in to do the spleenectomy, the scan revealed that the bleeding had stopped, so they did not do the surgery.

Step Down Trauma: She has a pseudo aneurism in the spleen and was moved to the step-down trauma for observation for 24 to 48 hours.

Therapy: They have already begun therapy. They had her stand up and take a couple of steps with the walker yesterday. Wow! that sounds fast. She is in a lot of pain.

Regular Hospital Room: Once they determine there is no danger of the spleen worsening, they will move her to a regular room for a few days.

Rehab Facility: This is our greatest concern right now, trying to figure out how to handle both Mom in rehab and care for Dad at home. We would like them to both be admitted to the rehab facility, but it looks like insurance will not cover Dad, even though Mom is his primary caregiver. Please pray as we try to discern what God would have us do. Pray for Roger´s sister, Marie, who is with them, shouldering the bulk of care and helping Mom and Dad make decisions.

Thank you so much for your prayers and concern!
Roger Dye
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