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"Sometimes we can only find our true direction when we let the wind of change carry us." ~Mimi Novic
🔶 STEM From Scratch Team Applications 🔶
Happy New Year! We've released our newest round of applications, and we're looking for new executive directors and team members to join us! If you'd like to work with a team of like-minded students who are passionate about STEM and making STEM accessible to students around the world, be sure to apply! All applications close on January 21, 2022 at 11:59 pm PST. If you're interested in joining, check out our open positions below and apply!
  • Co-Executive Directors
  • Mathematics Subject Page Head
  • Subject Page Editors: Biology/Psychology, Engineering
  • Writers
  • Newsletter Team Members
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📋 Upcoming STEM Opportunities 📋
Our team has worked hard to compile upcoming STEM opportunities for you to participate in, and you can click the title of each one to learn more! Most of these opportunities are time-sensitive, but if you're looking for year-round ones, you can head to our website to see a complete list.
🧑‍💻 CodeIT Team Applications
CodeIT is a student-led nonprofit aimed towards bringing computer science education to underprivileged students. They are going virtual and opening up team positions! The deadline is January 4.
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📚 Youth Initiative Vancouver Peer-Tutoring Program Leader
As a leader, you’ll be able to spearhead one-on-one private classes to gain leadership, teaching, communication skills, and more to coordinate your own curated and tailored lessons. Share your passion for STEM with young students! The season starts January 17.
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🧠  Simply Neuroscience: Virtual Fireside Chat with Chloe Duckworth
On January 23 at 9 pm EST, Chloe Duckworth, CEO of Valence Vibrations and COO of Hope Hearted, will be sharing her experiences in neuro-entrepreneurship and democratizing access to wellness from a student perspective.
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🌟  StarHacks II
StarHacks is an all-female and nonbinary high school and collegiate virtual hackathon from January 22-23 open to students from all over the world!
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🖥 Tech Girls United + Engineer Your Future Hackathon
This virtual hackathon from January 29-30, 11am - 4pm PST is open to female and non-binary students. It is a great opportunity to improve your programming skills and have fun creating something new! The prompt is to "create something that positively impacts your community."
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🖱 Bit by Bit Coding: Form and Function Volunteers
Teach middle schoolers the basics of web development at this free online program. Volunteers will teach lectures, debug code, and gain leadership experience.
Learn more & apply!
📄 New Blog Posts 📄
Check out the latest blog posts on our website! If you're new to STEM From Scratch, check out all of our blog posts here.
🐋 "Animal Senses: Beyond the Basic Five"
by Sophia Zhu
📈 "Computers Are Taking Over Wallstreet"
by Kaden Huber
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