Newsletter  December 2015


During an inspirational journey through travelling, living in different countries and continuous self-reflection, I learned very well what makes me tick: I love to support others in their growth process. Whether this means teaching kids on a bike or support managers/teams in the corporate world, it’s both very rewarding and every single experience helps me in my own personal development process. Besides that, I learned that I am a social entrepreneur, Corporate Social Responsibility is in my DNA and always on our agenda.
Translated on an entrepreneurial level this meant we grew from WannaBike through WannaGo Outdoors to WannaGrow which wouldn’t have been possible without the great team of colleagues and partners around me.
After having read lots of stuff about Personal Leadership & Development, in the end, for me it all comes down to what I learned in Japan already 22 years ago: What’s your Ikigai? It’s a great way to find out why you wake up in the morning and an important step to be able to grow and show leadership. 


Ellemieke van Beek,
Managing Director
WannaGrow, WannaBike, 
WannaGo Outdoors 


Training & Coaching 
The teambuilding events at WannaGo Outdoors brought us a clear insight. For most of our clients, 1 teambuilding session appeared not to be enough. Very often the challenging exercises manifested a need to continue on the path of team and personal development. Hence, with WannaGrow we offer more in-depth training and combine outdoor events with internal sessions, mainly on Personal Leadership & Communication.

Since August we cooperate with Steven de Lira. He developed the “ Future Fit” concept,  which shows many similarities with our vision on Growth. The value proposition of his model is that it links personal development to growth targets of your organization, Besides that, the method is supported by software which enables us to get track on results much easier and help you move forward faster and with more fun!


15.000 people on a bike! 
It was the end of 2004 that I remember telling some of my friends about my plan to set up a bike company in Curacao. They stared at me as if I was crazy and maybe I was.  But 10 years later we counted almost 15.000 people on a bike!
Thanks to a great team of tour guides, super enthusiastic clients and the support of my most loyal colleague Helene, we reached this incredible result. Wanna know how we did this? Check  

After 10 years, it’s time to move on and we are in the process of looking for a new owner. This enables me to focus on the development of my 2 other companies, WannaGo Outdoors and WannaGrow, which to date are active on  4 different islands

WannaGo Outdoors

Boost your X-Mas or Newyears dinner!
We keep on developing teambuilding concepts on inspiring locations, also to celebrate the end of the year! So if you are looking for a great way to boost your team, have lots of fun, but lack time to organize it, check our special corporate packages at L’aldea and the Ostrich Farm. Check
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