Dear friends,

We are proud to announce that the Monkey's Paw has been invited to display its old & unusual biblio-aesthetic at the nearby
26 artspace (26 Mackenzie Crescent) during the month of March. Complete information can be found below, or on the "Men of Canada" fbook event page.

Coincidentally, our hard-working book-miners have recently uncovered numerous rich veins of unexploited resources, and the shelves of the Monkey's Paw are looking more plump and delicious than ever. We encourage you to visit our neighbourhood on any of the next four Saturdays... and make a stop both at the Monkey's Paw and at 26. The two sites are separated by a mere 300 meters of urban sidewalk, and together will supply a staggering one-two punch of old book atmosphere.

at (26 Mackenzie Crescent)
First Four Saturdays of March (1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd):

MEN OF CANADA by Stephen Fowler
With "Men of Canada," Monkey's Paw proprietor Stephen Fowler has distilled an antique book into a readily digestible form. Working from a three-volume biographical encyclopedia published 1890-93, Fowler has created a 12-minute multimedia presentation which serves both as a meditation on the impermanence of human achievement, and as a photographic taxonomy of Victorian whiskers. All images and text have been faithfully extracted from the original editions.

"Men of Canada" runs on continuous loop from 2 to 6 pm during the first four Saturdays of March. Join us Saturday, March 15 at 3pm for a conversation with Stephen Fowler and Matthew Tegelberg, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and Multimedia at McMaster University, Hamilton.

Artist Bio:
Thanks to early training as a newspaper obituary writer, Stephen Fowler has always maintained an interest in memorializing the dead with maximum economy of language. Fowler first explored the intersection of archaic print and contemporary media in the mid-1990s with his column "Salvage Culture" on the seminal New York webzine In 2006, he founded the Monkey's Paw antiquarian bookshop in Toronto.

About 26:
26 is a domestic viewing space for contemporary art in the Beaconsfield neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada. Featuring an open program of diverse local and international artists, 26 seeks to engage the viewer in a critical and relaxed experience with art. 26 is the first curatorial collaboration between artists Nicole Collins and Michael Davidson.
26 Mackenzie Crescent, Toronto, ON, M6J 1T1
Saturdays NEW HOURS: 2-6 or by appointment 416 346 3246
Meanwhile, at the Monkey's Paw:

Regular visitors will notice that our section on fashion, clothing design, and textiles has been greatly enlarged, thanks to a sizable acquisition on these subjects. We're pricing the books as fast as we're able, and you can expect the goodies to keep emerging for weeks; but bibliophiles with an interest in costume should make arrangements to get over here right away. The competition for this stuff is merciless.

Also, thanks to an ongoing excavation of long-overlooked boxes in our storage area, we've added numerous old, fascinating, and unexpected titles to most of the sections in the shop. Books that haven't seen the light of day for years are suddenly blossoming on our shelves and display tables. We look forward to finding homes for these pretty orphans.

And lastly: in response to renewed media interest in the now-legendary Biblio-Mat [see Maclean's -and- Global News], the Monkey's Paw has decided to ratchet up the stakes a little. We've always stocked the machine with interesting titles, but our current selection of Biblio-Mat books is OLDER, MORE OBSCURE, and MORE PRECIOUS than ever. It's not clear how long we'll be able to maintain this level of quality for a toonie a pop, so get 'em while you can!
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