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We are just over halfway through our summer quarter with no slowing down! We have had an incredibly challenging and encouraging season running with our friends from A Life Together Discipleship Training School. Challenging in regards to stewarding a new season of schedules and encouraging in regards to stewarding hearts and minds that are in adament pursuit of God and exploring all that He encompasses and all that He desires for us and this world we inhabit. We are on a journey not not just discovering biblical principles but digging into the truth, life and light of Jesus. We are only a few weeks away from commissioning our staff and students to spend almost 3 months in Cape Town, South Africa, where they will get their feet onto the soil to journey and learn about reconciliation, justice, mercy in a nation that is at the same time jarringly conflicted and absolutely beautiful. 

Alongside the DTS we are in the midst of preparing and equipping the rest of our outreach staff leaders and teams heading into nations through Graham's leadership on the Impact Team. We are excited about the  partnership of indiginous church communities and YWAM ministries to see the person of Jesus discovered among the hearts of locals and within our DTS outreach teams!


Back at the beginning of this year, I, Alissa and my dear friend Tiffany pioneered a girls club for young girls as an extension of our involvement Beautiful Revolution. We ran our first 5 week club for 5 + 6 years olds sharing and speaking about to them about their unique identity and value -  instilling the truth of this message at a young age! As we've prayerfully developed our curriculum, we have felt to focus on the themes of, you are unique, you are unconditionally loved, you have purpose, you are brave, and you have dreams in your heart. We are excited that we will be running our next club, and expanding our curriculum for girls ages 8 - 10 years old during the month of October!  Our dream would be to see this multiplied in many locations with those who have the heart to reach young girls with this message, even internationally to equip our outreach teams working in orphanages, villages, and with children in the nations! 


If you haven’t already seem on social media, we recently posted about our newest little family member expecting to join us February of 2017! We are all so excited about the news and Levi and Audra have been busy preparing for and learning about life with a baby. There are prayers are being prayed about asking God for a little sister or brother (depending on how they are feeling that day) but we are just really praying for a healthy little baby and are expectant for the newest addition!

At the beginning of September, I, Graham, will be flying to Kansas City, Missouri for a gathering of YWAM communities and global ministries called YWAM Together. This week-long conference (September 4 - 10th) is focused on understanding the “DNA” of YWAM, primarily teachings on the Four Legacy Words: 1) the Vision of Waves, young people crashing onto the shore of every nation bringing the good news of the gospel; 2) the Christian Magna Carta, the basic rights as implicit in the gospel; 3) the missional call to the Spheres of influence (education, government, economics, religion, media, arts/sports, families); 4) ending Bible poverty, making the Bible available to everyone on earth in their native language. There is much anticipation for what God wants to do and speak to our global YWAM tribe during this time and there are many voices coming from other ministries and streams from outside YWAM but who partner with us in seeing His kingdom come. We will also spend valuable time in worship, prayer, intercession for the nations as well as celebrate all that God has done and is doing! Along with attending the gathering, I will also be serving on a daily basis in helping lead our worship and celebration times with other musicians from YWAM Kona. Most of the cost for this event (airfare, housing, transportation) is covered but we are still needing to see about $400 raised to cover expenses, if you would like to give towards this need please follow our donation links below. 


Levi: Our little boy is growing up! We don’t know how but Levi turned 5 in July and celebrated in true fashion with a “super heroes” themed party. He is growing up so fast and continues to make new friends just as fast! He recently started his second year at the University of the Nations preschool and is doing a great job learning and growing on all fronts! 

Audra: What a little fire cracker she is turning out to be! Almost 3 years old, Audra is both the sweetest and spiciest little girl in the house! She is really into tea parties, painting toe nails and has become quite the little swimmer, Kona summers are scorching and so we spend time at the pool :)

Graham + Alissa: We will be celebrating our TEN YEAR anniversary at the beginning of September! What a time of reflection on how the Lord has led and grown us as a couple and family!

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates! Praying you are encouraged and blessed! Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.
With love & aloha,

        - The Malinowskis 
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