The IV GOPAC Global Conference took place in Mexico City from March 11-13 2011.

Mexico Conference
The event was co-organized by the Senate of Mexico, and hosted by Senator Ricardo García Cervantes, recently elected Vice-Chair of GOPAC and Chair of the Latin American Regional Chapter (PLACC) and the National Chapter of Mexico.  The Global Conference brought together over 200 parliamentarians from 42 countries to share ideas and gain expertise on the fight against corruption globally and how to make it applicable at the country level.
Please follow this link to see the Conference Declaration and Resolutions.
Workshops included meetings of GOPAC’s Global Task Forces (GTFs) Topics for these Task Forces were identified at the II Global Conference in Arusha, Tanzania in 2006. Other topics included: GOPAC Country Chapter Development, Engagement of GOPAC members and society, as well as funding and programming issues.

GOPAC’s programming model uses the concept of Global Task Forces to promote the agendas identified by membership by convening a regionally representative group of parliamentarians to champion each topic within their region and globally.  The Task Force’s work is supported by the GOPAC Board and Global Secretariat, through the creation of handbooks, holding workshops and capacity building among parliamentarians worldwide.  Through these Task Forces, GOPAC can support the introduction of legislative and oversight changes in national parliaments to control corruption, promote good governance and make the Executive accountable to the people.
Anti-Money Laundering GTF (GTF-AML)
Led by Roy Cullen (Canada), the AML GTF is to engage and motivate GOPAC Regional and National Chapters and Parliaments through workshops and other means to push for stronger international regulations governing international financial transactions and to prompt the repatriation of illicit funds invested elsewhere.  The GTF promotes the work of key organizations in this field including the World Bank, IMF, FATF and the International Compliance Association.
United Nations Convention Against Corruption

Led by Dr. Naser Al Sane (Kuwait), GOPAC’s Global Task Force on the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) recognizes the importance of the Convention in promoting international cooperation in combating corruption. The Task Force links GOPAC members and chapters to the effective implementation of the UNCAC and oversees GOPAC Monitoring of Parliamentary Support.  A joint project by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and GOPAC produced the UNDP-GOPAC Toolkit for Parliamentarians on the prevention chapter of the UNCAC.
Parliamentary Ethics and Conduct

Led by Ghassan Moukheiber (Lebanon), this GTF seeks to change the widely held perception that parliamentarians are part of corruption, rather than a solution to it.  GOPAC has created this Global Task Force to consult with parliamentarians and others to develop a draft Code of Ethics for Parliamentarians.  Some of this work has been used to create the Handbook on Parliamentary Ethics and Conduct, recently published in conjunction with Westminister Foundation for Democracy.

Parliamentary Oversight
(GTF – PO)

Led by Cesar Jauregui (Mexico), Parliamentary Oversight works with the World Bank and Hansard Society to strengthen legislative provisions for the use of public resources, including the powers, procedures and practices of parliamentary financial scrutiny and resource revenue transparency. GOPAC has developed a financial oversight handbook that is being adapted to different governance systems.

For more information on how to get involved with the Global Task Forces, including nominations to the GTFs, please contact the GOPAC Global Secretariat through


We are pleased to announce that the V GOPAC Global Conference will take place in Manila, Philippines in 2013. The host of the next Global Conference will be the Senate of the Philippines and the National Chapter of GOPAC, Philippines under the supervision of recently elected GOPAC Vice-Chair, Senator Edgardo Angara.  We will send out more information about the Global Conference as it becomes available.
Changes in the GOPAC Executive and Secretariat:
The members of the GOPAC Executive after meetings at the Global Conference are as follows:
Dr. Naser Al Sane, Former MP (Kuwait)
Sen. Edgardo Angara, Philippines
Sen. Ricardo García Cervantes, Mexico
Hon. Given Lubinda, MP Zambia
Roy Cullen, Former MP (Canada)
Mary King, Trinidad and Tobago
Member at large
Hon. Christiane Vienne, Belgium
GOPAC Secretariat welcomes Ms. Andrea Blake as the Director of the Secretariat office in Ottawa, Canada.  Mr. John McCook has joined our Edmonton office and will they both sit on the GOPAC Management Team with Mr. John Williams, CEO of GOPAC and the GOPAC Treasurer, Mr. Roy Cullen.  Ms. Lynda Sprague, Ms. Pamela Groh, Ms. Lola Giraldo and Ms. Kendra Brosseau continue to work with GOPAC toward goals set at the Global Conference.
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