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Polish Stencils


15 different designs to choose from.  Nail Polish Stencils.  Create nail art the easy way.  Apply stencil over dry nail polish, paint the stencil area with nail polish or nail art paint, leave for 2 seconds and then gently remove.  Allow stenciled area to dry.

Nail Polish Stencils

Cupcake Nail Art


Polymer nail art slices in a carousel or purchase the canes and slice them yourself, these can be embedded into acrylic or gel nail appllications.  12 different designs in each carousel.

polymer Cupcake Nail Art

Cupcake Carousel

Polumer nail Art Canes - oranges

Nail Art Cane - Oranges

Polymer Nail Art Canes - Yellow Daisy

Nail Art Canes - Daisy

Nail Art colour mixing palette

Colour Mixing Palette
2 X colour palettes for $3.45,
Perfect for mixing gels with glitters or AON colourants.  Mix your acrylic powders with glitters as well.  Keeps everything in one place.

7 piece nail art brush set

7 piece Nail Art Brush Set
Marbeler, 2 shaders, fan angled striper, long striper, short detailer.  Quality must have nail art brush set.

Finger cots for protection

Latex Finger Cots
$5.95 per 100
100 finger protectors.  Perfect for protecting your acrylic, gel or polished nails from household chemicals.

Matte Polish and dots

Create this look
$14.50 for the polish and dotting tool
On our blog we have some fantastic examples of nail art created with matte polishes.  The one above is done with black matte, clear gloss top coat and a dotting tool.  Load the dotting tool with top coat and dab onto the nail to create the drops, use each end of the dotting tool to create different sized drops.

Matte Black Nail Polish

Matte Black Nail Polish
Matte black nail polish is a great base for gloss nail art.  We have 12 different matte colours available.

Nail Art Dotting Tool

Nail Art Dotting Tool
Large and small bead at each end to create different sized beads.

Micro Beads for Nail Art - Gold

Gold Micro Beads - 10 grams
We're hard at work stuffing all our wisdom about email into downloadable guides.

Silver Micro beads for nail art

Silver Micro Beads - 10 grams
All you need is quality paper, a razor blade and some tape to assemble an army of monkeys.

Mini Micro Bead bottles

Micro Bead Mini bottles
Many different colours available.

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