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June 2011

If you're like me, you're ready for Summer and looking forward to warm weather, perhaps some time off work, and opportunities to enjoy the fruits of the season - perhaps at a BBQ (personally I can't wait for watermelon). Speaking of BBQ, please stay tuned for a coming announcement for a Philadelphia Metro Chapter Summer Social event at my house on August 13 in Exton, PA. This year we'll be co-sponsoring the event with the UsabilityNJ chapter - so it's an excellent opportunity to meet some new friends who share the same passion many of us have for improving user experience, whether it's through design or documentation and training.

That's all for now - it's time to get out there and start enjoying yourself and spending time with your friends and families. We'll see you soon and fill you in on all of the exciting things happening with STC and the Philadelphia Metro Chapter (we've got a lot of things we're working on this summer)!

Todd DeLuca
President, STC-PMC


STC Summit Takeaways

There were many announcements and take aways from this year's STC Summit in Sacramento, CA. The Philadelphia Metro Chapter was well represented with 12 members in attendance. As always, it was a busy, productive, social, and fun event. If you've never been to a STC Summit, you should make a point of attending, it's well worth the experience. Next year's event will be in the "windy city" of Chicago, IL.

Here's a quick summary of some highlights from the Summit:

  1. The My STC social network is live - log in today using your existing STC credentials (name/password) and start building your STC network. Visit YouTube (search My STC) for video demonstrations.
  2. Based on the voting from the Annual Business Meeting, student STC members are now eligible to vote! More info...
  3. The Certification program for Technical Communication is active and has begun accepting its first applicants. More info...
  4. STC Members can now access over 30 recorded sessions from the 2009 Summit for FREE! More info...

In addition, all STC members can access the Summit@aClick recorded sessions from the 2011 Summit for only $149. This service is free for Summit attendees and also available to non-members for $299. More info...

Local Member Attends MadCap Roadshow in Philadelphia

 A few attendees of the STC-PMC sponsored Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference were lucky winners of a free all-day pass to the MadCap Roadshow event in Philadelphia, PA on May 26. Thanks to MadCap who generously donated the $99-value tickets to the event.

Local chapter member Matt Harris was one of the winning attendees and had very positive things to say about the event. "I really enjoyed the Roadshow in Philly on May 26. The speakers delivered an information-packed workshop while keeping the audience engaged and eager to ask questions. They really went out of their way to ensure attendees walked away with practical information."

Membership Has Its Benefits

I have been a member of STC since I was a student at the University of North Texas. With my STC membership, I was able to attend monthly meetings for a reduced cost, which allowed me to see presentations that enhanced my knowledge about current technical communication issues. I also volunteered as an editor and writer for the Lone Star Community’s newsletter (which was another résumé enhancer).
After I graduated from college, as an adult member of STC, I still find there are many benefits to having a membership. These include, again, networking, volunteer opportunities, and education opportunities. I was able to attend the Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference in March, which provided many excellent learning and networking opportunities. I definitely believe that being a member of STC provides numerous and beneficial learning opportunities through conferences and monthly meetings that only enhance my knowledge of technical communication.
 I also appreciate the constant and numerous amounts of information that are available through the STC web site. I am currently using the Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBOK) on personas to see how they can be incorporated at my company. I also enjoy reading the articles available in the newsletters and magazine publications. I always find the information available on the site and in the articles to be informative and an excellent starting point for researching how I can improve the technical documentation at my company.

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