"Some music really does suck!" - Henry Rollins
Gimme Indie

These new tracks found their way to the playlist. Listen to the radio or check them out on Spotify*. 


  • A - Beat The Heart - Nurse Me (With Your Soul)
  • A - Black Books - Something to Remember
  • A - Cloud Control - Scar
  • B - Evan and The Brave - Stay This Way
  • B - Froth - Lost My Mind
  • B - Ginger And The Ghost - The Red Balloon
  • B - Hebronix - Viral
  • B - Hellsongs - Iron Man
  • B - Julie Ruin - Oh Come On
  • B - King Khan & the Shrines - So Wild
  • A - King Krule - Easy Easy
  • A - Lanterns on the Lake - Another Tale from Another English Town
  • A - Los Porcos - Sunshine
  • A - Major Leagues - Endless Drain
  • B - Minks - Everything's Fine
  • B - MisterWives - Coffins
  • A - Porcelain Raft - Cluster
  • A - Rathborne - Wanna Be You
  • B - Still Parade - Actors
  • A - Sylvan Esso - Play It Right
  • B - Teleman - Please Kill It
  • A - The Dodos - Confidence
  • B - Tikkle Me - Niagara
  • A - Washed Out - All Over Now


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