"Some music really does suck!" - Henry Rollins
Gimme Indie

These tracks found their way to the playlist. Listen to the radio or check them out on Spotify*. 


B - Big Wave Riders - Waiting In The Wings
A - Champs - My Spirit Is Broken
A - Cold Showers - The Fire
B - De Montevert - Positive Effects
A - Delorean - Destitute Time
B - Desert Stars - Boys I Like
B - Emil Jensen - Radioaktivitet (med Klara Söderberg)
A - Frankie Rose - Sorrow
A - Gap Dream - Chill Spot
B - Heavenly Beat - Complete
B - Los Campesinos! - What Death Leaves Behind
A - Man Man - Head On
A - Max and the Moon - All I Know
B - Nicole Sabouné - I Surrender
A - North Highlands - I'll Do My Best
A - Oum Shatt - Hot Hot Cold Cold
B - PINS - Lost Lost Lost
A - Pinkunoizu - Tin Can Valley
B - Star Horse - Stranger
A - Surf City - Song from a Short-Lived TV Series
B - Temples - Keep In the Dark
B - Top Less - Danger Love
A - Wymond Miles - Passion Plays
B - Yuck - Rebirth


* Loads of tracks are too cool for Spotify. Find them on the radio or somewhere else.
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