"Some music really does suck!" - Henry Rollins
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These tracks found their way to the playlist. Listen to the radio or check them out on Spotify*. 


A - Au Revoir Simone - The Lead Is Galloping
B - Azure Blue - Sunset
B - Big Data - Dangerous
A - Big Fox - Romantic Movie Love
A - Casimer & Casimir - O Sweet Joe Pye
B - Cayucas - High School Lover
A - Cults - High Road
B - Dreamboys - Born Yesterday
A - Ejecta - Afraid of the Dark
A - Grooms - I Think We're Alone Now
B - Ha Ha Tonka - Colorful Kids
A - Haerts - All the Days
B - Hey Geronimo - Lazer Gun Show
B - Killers Walk Among Us - Denial Is Not Just A River
B - Mons Montis - Swept
B - Motioner - Road Silk
A - Pity Sex - Drown Me Out
A - SISU - Harpoons
B - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Young Presidents
A - The Casket Girls - Holding You Back
B - The Starfolk - The Great Unknown
A - Upset - Oxfords and Wingtips
A - Woman's Hour - Darkest Place
B - World's End Press - To Send Our Love


* Loads of tracks are too cool for Spotify. Find them on the radio or somewhere else.
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