“The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.” - Kurt Cobain

New tracks added to our playlist. Some of them are on Spotify* too. 


B - Chad VanGaalen - Leaning On Bells
A - Delay Trees - Fireworks
A - FAMY - A Ho A Hand
A - Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You)
B - Haley Bonar - Kill The Fun
B - Highasakite - Darth Vader
B - Honduras - Jetlagged
B - Honungsvägen - Kroppen din och hjärtat mitt
A - Horse Thief - Devil
A - Howling Bells - Slowburn
B - Humfree Bug Art - Hawaii
B - Iberia - Swansea
A - Iska Dhaaf - Everybody Knows
B - Jr. Sea - Out of Body Auto-Reply
B - Mac Demarco - Passing Out Pieces
A - Owen Pallett - The Riverbed
B - Royal Shoals - Com Et Dius
A - Simian Ghost - Cut-Off Point
A - SOHN - Artifice
B - Strange Names - Ricochet
B - The Apache Relay - Don't Leave Me Now
B - The Van Doos - Airborne
A - White Hex - Paradise
A - Wye Oak - Glory


* Loads of tracks are not on Spotify. Find them on the radio or somewhere else.


Tävla om konsertbiljetter i vår!

2014-04-26 Erlend Øye Mejeriet Lund
2014-05-08 Moto Boy Södra Teatern Stockholm
2014-05-09 Moto Boy Babel Malmö
2014-05-13 White Denim Debaser Strand Stockholm
2014-05-15 Hospitality Pustervik Göteborg
2014-05-17 The War On Drugs Mejeriet Lund
2014-05-26 S. Carey Pustervik Göteborg
2014-05-29 Damien Jurado Babel Malmö
2014-06-14 Wovenhand Babel Malmö

Best Coast at Emmaboda 2010

Exclusive pick from our live archive: Best Coast in 2010.

Recorded live at the Emmaboda festival in southern Sweden on July 31, 2010. At the time their debut album wasn't even released and despite a daytime slot a rather excited audience turned up to show their support.
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