“I never thought of Green Day as a punk band. Just bubblegum, really."
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These tracks found their way to the playlist. Listen to the radio or check them out on Spotify*. 


B - Brainpool - The Last Christmas
B - Bubblegum Lemonade - This Is The New Normal
A - Fleurs - Start Again
A - Hella Better Dancer - Sleeptalking
A - Kalle Mattson - Darkness
B - Kinetics - Empty Lanes
A - Magic Trick - The Store
A - Painted Palms - Spinning Signs
B - Popstrangers - Rats In the Palm Trees
B - Reuben And The Dark - Rolling Stone
B - Toy - You Won't Be The Same
A - XVIII Eyes - Volcano Surfing


* Loads of tracks are not on Spotify. Find them on the radio or somewhere else.
Romeo Stodart in Stockholm

Live concert recording: Romeo Stodart in Stockholm

The Magic Number’s Romeo Stodart is the headliner of the night, a very special Christmas concert in Sofia Kyrka in Stockholm. He’s joined on stage by his fellow local musicians Af Scherp, Sidechild, Jörgen Kjellgren, Magnus Olsson (percussion) and Stockholm Strings’n'Horns. Listen
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