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FEATURED ARTICLE                                                                                                                                          SEPTEMBER 2014

 A big launch party impractical for you - or your readers? Think virtual!

by Laura Orsini 

Although it's always fun to throw a big party to celebrate your book's release, sometimes this isn't the most practical thing to do. Perhaps your budget doesn't accommodate such an event. Maybe you just don't have time to plan a big party. It could  be that the bulk of your readers are not in your back yard, but on the other side of the world.

As book tours have moved online, it's also becoming more common for authors to hold virtual book launches.

Such is the case with my client, Maxine Attong, who is getting ready to launch her second book, Lead Your Team to Win: Achieve Optimal Performance by Providing a Safe Space for Employees. Maxine lives and works in Trinidad, but she has lots of clients on the East Coast of the United States and throughout the UK. For her, a virtual launch makes perfect sense, and we're planning a good one for Friday, October 3rd at noon, EDT. 

The SAFE SPACE concept teaches all members of a team the power of respect and allows every team member to take risks, learn, grow, and ultimately perform at optimal levels. I believe Maxine's book truly has the power to make a difference in many people's lives because the SAFE SPACE is a place specifically designed for dreaming on the job. Team members dream of the way they want their organization to look and feel, and then plot projects to make it so (kudos to Captain Picard). In the SAFE SPACE, the impossible is converted to the possible. The SAFE SPACE is the team's think tank, a place for risk-taking. The leader prompts the team to be ridiculous in its thoughts and go for the big ideas. People come in thinking failure is an option, and leave with the confidence to try.

As a leader in the self-publishing arena, I believe in Maxine's concept. I challenge you to take her 13-question quiz to determine whether your own team (even if your team is just you and your virtual assistant) are ready for the SAFE SPACE. If you take the quiz and find your team is missing a few important characteristics necessary to create a SAFE SPACE, don't worry. Just be sure to register for Maxine's virtual launch webinar, where she and several special guests will be discussing her book and answering any questions you may have about this whole idea of creating a SAFE SPACE.

In addition to Maxine's fantastic book, when you purchase on the day of the launch, Friday, October 3rd, you will also receive free gifts from several other leadership trainers and experts, including an eBook copy of my own book, Practical Philanthropy: How 'Giving Back' Helps You, Your Business, and the World Around You. Additionally, if you are unable to attend this event as it happens, a recording will be made available for anyone who registers.

REGISTER for Maxine's virtual launch party HERE.


If you're getting ready to launch your book and think a virtual launch might work for you, drop us an email at or call us at 602.518.5376 for your complimentary 15-minute consultation. ■

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