From Exposing the ELCA's Founder

Year in Review

It has been a busy 2011 for Exposing the ELCA. A year of ministry, writing, researching, emailing, replying, designing and informing. It has been a year of exposing darkness, encouraging conversations and correspondence. It has been a year of persecution by the enemy for standing up for Christ.

Here are some of the most important happenings in Exposing the ELCA in 2011:

- Exposed the ELCA’s close work with the Unitarians. (see here)

- Reporting this story, Resign, Says ELCA Bishop to Scripture-Following Pastor.

- Exposed ELCA’s Muhlenberg College Course that Concludes with Professor and Students’ Drag Show.

- Exposed Muslim Prayer Gatherings in ELCA Church.

- Exposed ELCA church’s goddess worship videos. (here and here)

- Shared three high quality ELCA-related illustrations by Matthew Silber. (here, here and here)

- Exposed the 6th Annual Wartburg College Drag Show.

- Exposed universalism happening in the ELCA. (see here and here)

- Exposed 1500+ ELCA leaders position on Evolution, Creation. (see here)

- Reported on ELCA Publication Promoting Gay Youth Camps.

- Reported on many orthodox Lutheran churches and pastors leaving the ELCA. (see this page)

- Brought to you, “The Resolution of Revenge” by Rev. Cary G. Larson. (read here)

- Exposed the ELCA Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod “Appreciation of Charles Darwin.” (see here)

- Exposed Rev. Robert Rimbo of the ELCA’s Metropolitan New York Synod’s public support for gay marriage. (see here)

- Brought to you the story Muslims Worship Allah in ELCA Church.

- Shared with you St. Paul Lutheran Church’s “Journey into the Light,” their story of leaving the ELCA. (see here)

- Reported on 2011 Synod Assemblies. Here is one example.

- Exposed the bias and anti-Semitism that continually shows itself in the ELCA. (see here)

- Exposed the ELCA's Interfaith Agenda.

- Exposed the ELCA’s Political Activism. Here is one example - Is the ELCA the Democratic Lutheran Church in America?

- Exposed ELCA seminary teacher saying that the Bible was edited and changed.

- Presented disturbing information coming out of The Lutheran magazine. (see here)

- Brought you the troubling things that occurred at the ELCA’s 2011 Churchwide Assembly. (see here)

- Exposed lesbian portrayal of Joseph and Mary in a Methodist church. (read here)

- Reported on ELCA Synods Co-sponsoring Anti-Israeli Conference with a Muslim Prayer Service.

- Reported on California ELCA Churches Performing Same-Sex Weddings.

- Exposed an ELCA conference led by priestesses of Isis, and the Office of the ELCA’s Presiding Bishop’s connection to it. ELCA Office of the Presiding Bishop and Worshipers of Isis.

- Brought nationwide attention to the Isis worshipping ELCA conference through the widely read website WorldnetDaily. (read here)

- Revealed ELCA Leaders Pushing For Marriage Equality and Abortion.

- Reported on the close working relationship between the ELCA and disturbing scholar Marcus Borg. (see here)

- Exposed ELCA pastor’s hope that Feminists Destroy Historic Christianity.

- Exposed More ELCA Pastors Who Say They Will 'Perform Religious Rite for Same Sex Couples.'

- Produced a new Exposing the ELCA video called The ELCA and goddess worship.

- Exposed that a top ELCA leader from the Office of the Presiding Bishop Presented Pictures of Jesus as a Female at an ELCA-run conference. (see here)

As you can see, God has used this ministry greatly over the past year. Through our reporting, God has led us to impact many individuals and churches in their journey to stay faithful to Scripture in troubling times in our politically-correct culture. It is my prayer that we have been faithful to God’s calling on our ministry, Exposing the ELCA. I look forward to the future as we continue to grow and expand our efforts, and I humbly ask that you lift up this ministry in prayer. In order to grow and continue this important work, we also need monetary support. Despite hearing many reports and personal emails testifying to our critical role in churches and in the lives of people seeking truth, frankly, there has been very little financial support for this ministry. Perhaps you are like me, in that I really appreciate and utilize the resources of Christian organizations and programming, yet I haven’t always supported them financially even though they give me and others so much. God has convicted me about this, and now I support those ministries. If you have been resourced, helped or blessed by this ministry, I am asking for your help in keeping this ministry going and continuing to be a change agent in the ELCA and in the lives of individuals and churches who need to be equipped for the critical work of standing up for Truth.

God bless you and happy new year!

Dan Skogen


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