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I'd like to share with you two emails I received this month.  The first -

I am a junior who recently transferred to an ELCA affiliated college. I stumbled across your website after sitting through a particularly awful religion class - in my first of two religion courses that are required to fulfill the general core here - trying to fight back the disgust I felt for having to study such nonsense. I was brought up in a strong Bible-based Lutheran church body, and I couldn't believe what I was being told was "truth" and "fact" in class. I wanted to see how the professor could possibly believe the things he was telling us - obviously I didn't realize how far astray the ELCA really was from God. This website has given me so much comfort and reassurance, and it's become a habit to come back to it after each class and reaffirm that God's word is certainly pure and living and true. Thank you so much for helping me to stand under all the falsehoods I have to endure in this class. You have given form to my frustrations and answers to my incredulity. I pray that God continue to bless your efforts. Thank you!

The second email . . .

   I found your site through a friend. Thank God someone has stepped forward with the truth. I left elca in 2009 in disgust. It wasn't just the direction they were headed, but that they've been headed that way all along and have been deceptive about it. The people I left behind are good folks, but either asleep or not willing to rock the boat. Bless you for taking a stand.  

I hope, by reading these two emails, you will see the vital role God has given Exposing the ELCA and those who support this ministry in helping those hurt, decieved and abandoned by the ELCA's departure from God's truth.

 People need this ministry.  Thank you for being part of it.

Your prayers, support and financial gifts are very much appreciated.  You can give by following this link to Exposing the ELCA or send a check to:

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Thank you and God bless you in Jesus' name!
Dan Skogen

ELCA Synods Co-sponsoring Anti-Israeli Conference with a Muslim Prayer Service


Two ELCA synods, the Western Iowa Synod and the South East Iowa Synod, have decided to co-sponsor, what has all the indications of, an anti-Israeli conference October 14-15, 2011. (see here)

Interestingly enough, the conference that the ELCA “Christian” synods are co-sponsoring includes a Muslim prayer service.  (read here)

The conference is called “US Policy in Palestine-Israel: Engaging Faith Communities in Pursuit of a Just Peace.”

When I look at the program for the conference, maybe it is just me, but I don’t think this gathering is all that interested in making sure Israel gets a “just peace.”

Notice some of the topics they will cover:
- Challenging US Military Aid to Israel
- Divesting from Israeli Occupation
- Palestinian Christians & the Kairos document (read about the Kairos document here)
- Debunking Myths About Islam
- Muslim Contributions to Knowledge
- Peace by Piece
- Organizing Within the Churches
- Fair Trade – Canaan
- Ethical Travel to Palestine
- Inside Gaza Today
- Christian Zionism
- Organizing on Campuses
- Youth travels in Palestine

One of the scheduled workshops is titled “BDS - MN Break the Bonds.” (see here)  I looked up “BDS” and found a description on the organization's website outlining who they are and what they are about.  It said, “(t)he global movement for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights was initiated by Palestinian civil society in 2005, and is coordinated by the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), established in 2007.” (see here)

A few other things I noted about this conference: 
- Phyllis Bennis, a keynote speaker, was a founder and remains on the steering committee of the U.S. Campaign to End Israeli Occupation.
- The speakers seem to be Americans and Muslims who have the same political/Middle East view point. 
- It is worth taking a look at who the other conference co-sponsors are. (see here)
- The conference information pages use bias language and Palestinian talking points which are decidedly intended to put the Palestinian cause and positions in the best possible light while at the same time vilifying the Israelis. (see here)

If these people want to hold a conference, they certainly have every right to do so, but why are these two Evangelical Lutheran Church in America synods supporting a Muslim prayer service and an Israeli-bashing symposium?  Do you as ELCA members want your denomination to be associated with this kind of thing?
News and Notes

- The ELCA has 4.5 million members, but only 28 percent on average attended worship in 2009. (see here

- If you know of any articles, blogs, information or have personal stories concerning the unbiblical and/or troubling things happening in the ELCA please let us know.  You may submit that information here.

- You are always welcome to forward this newsletter to your friends, family and church members.

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This Could Happen to Your Pastor and/or Church


A thread on a Lutheran message board dealt with ELCA synod bishops getting rid of pastors who believe the traditional, historic view of scripture by preventing them from getting calls.  It also dealt with bishops forcing liberal non-orthodox pastors on Bible believing orthodox congregations in need of a pastor.

The question was then asked, for what reason would a bishop do this? A pastor with the user name dkeener gave an answer that I think is helpful for all ELCA members to know as they consider if their church will be affected by the ELCA leadership’s disregard for the authority of scripture. He said,

“. . . It is called risk management, and it really is quite easy to understand. For example, as to why a bishop wouldn't give a congregation what it wants:

A large and mostly conservative congregation, that gives generously to the synod, is not happy with decisions of the ELCA. They enter the call system because their pastor retires, dies, or whatever. Even though this congregation has not indicated that it wants to leave the ELCA the bishop understands that if a vote were to take place it is likely they would have the 2/3rds majority necessary. So, instead of assigning an orthodox interim or recommending an orthodox pastor the bishop places a radical revisionist as the interim. This upsets many people and the most vocal opponents leave reducing the chances that the congregation will ever be able to achieve a 2/3rds majority. The bishop then recommends only moderate ELCA loyalist for the call (who, by the way, now look orthodox when compared to the interim). This formerly "at risk" congregation now has been effectively neutered and the benevolence dollars continue to roll in.

As to why a bishop would want to "weed out" orthodox pastors, again it is a risk management thing. I have to believe that many bishops see putting orthodox pastors into orthodox congregations as adding fuel to the flame. Then there is the emotional factor. I don't know many bishops who enjoy meeting with angry and frustrated traditional/confessional congregations who oppose the changes caused by HSGT (the 2009 social statement Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust) and the changes in V&E (Visions and Expectations). I also understand that with ever decreasing budgets it must be painful for bishops to lay off synod staff and reduce ministries. The cause of this emotional pain in their minds? - those darn orthodox clergy. I find it quite easy to understand why an ELCA bishop would not want well spoken orthodox pastors. . .at their synod assemblies, stirring things up and drawing attention to things they just want to go away?” (see here


God's Word 

Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.  He told them, “This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day,  and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.  You are witnesses of these things." - Luke 24:43-48  


"When I teach from the pulpit about adultery, I don't hate adulterers. Just as we have people attending our local church that are engaging in homosexual activity, we have people attending our church who are engaging in adultery. I don't hate those people when I speak about adultery. I am just, hopefully, loving them enough to speak the truth about what God desires for the best for that person." - Bryant Wright, Southern Baptist Convention President

"In a culture that has trouble believing in absolute truths, we as God’s children are called to believe in the Bible as truth from God. Even if we find that this Word is counter cultural or politically incorrect we still need to stand on the Word." - Rev. Donald Allman 




Please keep the ELCA leadership, it's members and Exposing the ELCA in your prayers.  Thank you!



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