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Exposing the ELCA
From Exposing the ELCA's Founder

The 2012 ELCA National Youth Gathering will take place this summer and Exposing the ELCA made it a priority to inform its readers regarding the presenters the ELCA has chosen to speak to, teach and disciple the 30,000+ youth who will attend. The speakers we have told you about are radicals. If you haven’t read my blogs about them you need to. (Nadia Bolz-Weber, Rev. Andrena Ingram and Shane Claiborne) These speakers would not be considered orthodox. We need to ask ourselves, “What is the goal of the ELCA leadership in choosing these speakers to motivate, instruct and guide the youth and future leaders in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?”

The ELCA leadership has decided to bring in people that will preach their warped view of God’s word and influence the young minds of those attending. In 2009, Jay Bakker was a speaker at the ELCA Youth Gathering. Exposing the ELCA reported previously about his vocal support of homosexuality. Mr. Bakker has announced, “I felt like God spoke to my heart and said ‘[homosexuality] is not a sin.’” (see here) Also in 2009, the ELCA officially invited the pro-LGBT advocacy organization to participate in the Youth Gathering. (see here)

The ELCA is indoctrinating our young people. Most people don’t realize it though. Parents monitor what their kids watch on TV, what they do on the computer, yet many don’t know that they are sending their children into the lion’s den. The kids will travel across the country, will be gone for one week to a youth gathering run by wayward radicals who are in charge of the denomination.

This is one of the main reasons Exposing the ELCA is here. To inform you.

I pray God continues to use this ministry to inform many about the heretical teachings and policies of our denomination which pull people away from the Truth.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Exposing the ELCA runs on very little funding, but there is a need for it. If you would prayerfully consider a gift of $20 or more to this ministry, it would truly be a blessing.

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Thank you!

Dan Skogen

The ELCA Defends Heretical Conference

A number of months ago, Exposing the ELCA told you about the anti-Christian happenings and speakers at an ELCA church’s Faith and Feminism Conference. (see here) We even told you about the director from the ELCA’s Office of the Presiding Bishop showing images of Jesus as a female at the conference. (see here)  

When we told you about the conference speakers, we were not yet aware of another of the conference speakers, Dr. D'vorah J. Grenn, Ph.D. Here is what Exposing the ELCA found out about Dr. Grenn. “She is co-director and executive core faculty in the Women's Spirituality MA Program and was founding kohenet/priestess of Mishkan Shekhinah (2007), a movable sanctuary honoring the Sacred Feminine in all spiritual traditions.“ Some of her “writings include Lilith's Fire: Examining Original Sources of Power, Re-Defining Sacred Texts as Transformative Theological Practice (Feminist Theology Journal, 2007). . .”

Dr. Grenn’s "‘Protective Magic’ -- on amulets and incantations - will be taught in Spring 2012 at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) in Palo Alto.” (see here)

Dr. Grenn “is founder and director of The Lilith Institute (1997) . . .” When we looked over this institute’s website we found many disturbing things including this “Liturgy for Lilith.” Here is some of their liturgy:

“I am Lilith, Grandmother of Mary Magdalene

I am Lilith, whose sexual fire was too hot for God.

I am Lilith, the First Woman, who chose the rage of exile over the cancer

Of servitude.

I am Lilith, Mother to the Mother-less.

I am Lilith, whose blood covers the moon.

I am Lilith, standing on owl’s claws at a woman’s crossroads.

I am Lilith, the Whore in the gateway of the Temple.

I am Lilith, whose serpentine tongue caused Eve to laugh, and pick the apple! . .

I am Lilith, free-moving in the Wilderness.

I am Lilith, spirit of night and air.

I am Lilith, in whose dark caves transgressors find sanctuary. . .

I am Lilith, living in the Shadow.

Waiting. For you.”

(see here)

The ELCA actually defends the happenings of this conference on this website. (see here)

Unbelievably, or perhaps more and more believably, many ELCA synods link to the website defending these actions.

If you read the ELCA’s defense of this conference you should know that the people who worship other gods were not conference attendees, they were the teachers and speakers. And the person showing pictures of a female Jesus comes directly from the ELCA’s main offices in Chicago, Illinois, in the office of the ELCA’s presiding bishop.

The ELCA will answer to Christ for this apostasy.



I was recently at the wedding dance held at an ELCA church. During the dance everyone attending got to experience the sexually explicit dancing of two twenty-something lesbians (yes they were lesbians). Nobody else was dancing in such a manor yet these two ladies felt it was perfectly acceptable to grind on each other in the full view of toddlers, elementary students, teenagers, parents and grandparents.

They had no respect for the church building or for the young people watching. And why should they, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has declared that God is wrong and homosexuality is not a sin. The ELCA celebrates the choice of these lesbians.

2 John 9-11 says: Anyone who goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God; the one who abides in the teaching, he has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him in your house and do not give him a greeting: for the one who gives him a greeting participates in his evil deed.

Those people who are supporting the ELCA are participating in this evil. 


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Comment From A Reader

“Dan, just want to let you know how much your website has helped me in my search for the reasons behind these decisions the ELCA has been making. The links to 'critical issues commentary' in particular, opened my eyes to information and thinking of great dimension. I check your site every day eager to find more enlightening information and am seldom disappointed. May God bless you and your search for the truth.”    

ELCA Today

Some of you may not know this, but Exposing the ELCA has a sister website called ELCA Today, formally called Responding to the ELCA. You can check it out here.


"with 'bound conscience' the ELCA has bought an unfocused concept with an undefined purpose and an unspecified scope of application, whose usefulness is uncertain and whose consequences are unknown, perhaps because its biblical origins are unstated."  - Thomas D. Pearson (see here)


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