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I am very excited about what God is doing with Exposing the ELCA to help educate Christians about the non-scriptural teachings, beliefs, actions and policies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Here are some readers' comments:

- “Thank you for your vigilance and fortitude, fighting for our Lord to expose the truth. I liken your sites to the Drudge Report for Lutherans. Your efforts are much appreciated and are a welcome place for those that have been ostracized at their churches when people close their eyes to the truth. As the old saying goes, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.  Keep the faith and keep 'fighting the good fight!'” 

- “My church is at last going through study whether to leave ELCA or stay. Guessing, I would say we have more wanting to leave than stay - except for the issue of change and fear of what next. We are mostly a complacent congregation who is not aware of what happened in Aug. '09 or don't think it will hurt them. They aren't concerned about the future. . .”

- “Thanks for the work. I torment my bishop with much of your stuff.”

- “Hello, I just wanted to thank you for an awesome website. I am a formal ELCA pastor that left with the elca last year to join LCMC back (in) 2009. . . Keep up the good work of sharing the truth about the ELCA. My constant prayer is that they can come to recognize their departure from God's Word and truly come to a place of repentance.”

I have corresponded with many people who have been helped by the information provided on Exposing the ELCA.  It is a wonderful confirmation to me that Exposing the ELCA is a needed ministry which is doing God’s work, standing up for Biblical Truth, shining God’s light on darkness. Scripture calls on us to, “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” (Ephesians 5:11) Salvation is at stake in what the ELCA is doing and teaching; Exposing the ELCA’s mission is worthy and God has called us to this work.

The effort, time and energy involved in operating Exposing the ELCA is extensive.  Would you please consider giving to the ministry of Exposing the ELCA so that we can continue God’s calling for us to stand up for His Truth and lead others out of darkness?

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Your partner in Christ,

Dan Skogen


ELCA Schemes to Keep You
in the Denomination 

For churches and ELCA members looking to break away from the ELCA, you will run into a lot of claims aimed at keeping you in the denomination. Bishops will say “we need your (orthodox/traditional) voice” in the denomination. They need you? The ELCA is less Lutheran than it was last year. The ELCA made no repentance over the last 10+ years the WordAlone organization was seeking the ELCA’s return to Scripture. Lutheran Core also saw little change in the ELCA despite their strong voice for a return to orthodoxy. If the ELCA hasn’t returned to the truth, over all these years, what makes one think that they will if your church stays in the ELCA?

Some people claim that the devil is at work trying to divide us. Satan wants you to believe that statement. The fact is, Satan is actually working to change the truth, doctrine and our outlook on Scripture so that people will believe lies and not believe in Christ and find freedom from sin. Satan wants us to stay in an denomination that doesn't bring people to Christ anymore.

I can’t understand those that place unity over God’s truth. If the ELCA decided Bishop Hanson is the Son of God, not Jesus, would those same people still be calling on unity? Would you remain a denomination that so blatantly rejects Truth?

Jaynon Clark, Wordalone Ministries president wrote this to ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson, "The time has come for someone--unfortunately me--to step up, no matter what the consequences are for doing so and call, ‘Foul.’ I intend to bellow like an over-padded umpire in this, my attempt, to stop the exportation of this false gospel and new religion you have presided over and imported into the ELCA and beyond. . . You openly proclaim that Scripture lacks clarity and is unable to address this present age with authority. This is blasphemy against God, His Word and the work of the Holy Spirit." (read here)

This "new religion" as Jaynon Clark calls it, is a false religion. I can not imagine God wanting us to remain in a denomination that is working to undermine everything He says. We should pray for them, we should speak the truth in love to them, but we should not remain or partake in their modern day worship of self.

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Exposing the ELCA recently celebrated its one year anniversary. This ministry began on December 19, 2009. Over the last year (as of Dec. 22, 2010) we have had 26,457 individuals visit our website. 59,595 visitors (includes return visitors). There have been 145,539 individual Exposing the ELCA pages viewed.

Thanks to you, the message of Exposing the ELCA has reached every state in the USA and 99 different countries.

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- St. Mark’s Lutheran in Marion, Iowa, holds its second vote on leaving the ELCA on Jan. 30, 2011. Please pray that the vote is successful (the first vote passed by 2 in October)

- Members of the ELCA.  Please pray for those that are standing up for Christ and that more members will learn about the non-scriptural teachings and policies of our denomination and take action.

- Exposing the ELCA.  Please lift this ministry up in prayer, that God would continue to use us so that the four million members of the ELCA will hear the truth.

“Doctrine directs us and shows us the way to heaven . . . we can be saved without love . . . but not without pure doctrine . . . The devil would dearly love to corrupt and overthrow our doctrine; that is why he attacks us so cleverly with this specious argument about not offending love and the harmony among churches.” - Martin Luther (Luther’s Works 27:41-42)