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Winter Wellness at Ambrosia
New Online Booking System
We are so excited! Ambrosia now has a new Online Booking system to make life easier for you. 
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Strengthen Your Immunity with Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine theory says that we tend to catch cold more easily when our protective surface energy or wei qi is weak.  This allows viruses and bacteria to penetrate more easily when we are stressed or tired.  Treating colds and flu in a timely manner is important to prevent the bugs from going deeper into the body, where they can cause a range of chronic, lingering symptoms ranging from mild to severe.
Specific acupuncture points and herbs can strengthen your immunity (wei qi) so this does not happen - this is true preventive medicine. These are best used before you catch a cold and a course of treatments early in the season gives the best results for the whole family.
One of the best preventative herbal formulas we have in clinic is called Resistance, the best children's formula is called Kids Defence . A key herb in these formulas is Astragalus and studies have shown that it reduces the incidence and shortens the duration of the common cold when taken preventively.
Preventative strategies are different for different people depending on if you have a short term weakness of your immune system or if you have a poor constitution or long term exhaustion or suffer from chronic stress or are at day care being exposed to lots of snotty kids.
Of course other point combinations and herbs are very effective when you actually have a cold or flu and are best taken as soon as you notice symptoms such as fatigue, runny nose, headache or sore throat.

For those times when you don’t have the energy to get out of bed to come for a treatment, find out what herbal formulas to stock up on by attending our Natural First Aid for Winter Wellness workshop or give us a call so we can have the correct remedy available for one of your family or friends to pick up for you!

So book in today for an acupuncture treatment to either prevent or treat cold and flu symptoms. Treatments are great for the whole family.

Winter Wellness - Yoga and Your Immunity
Sat June 23rd 3.00-4.30 pm 

with Clare Donnelley Practitioner of Chinese Medicine and
accredited Iyengar Yoga teacher
Practicing yoga strengthens the entire body, not only the musculoskeletal part but also the organs.  Yoga is also a great stress reliever with relaxing poses like seated forward bends -paschimottanasana and savasana- lying down relaxation. Simple pranayama – breathing – techniques help to calm the emotions, and at the same time strengthen the lungs to boost your immunity and thus prevent the chance of viruses or bacteria from taking hold.
In the upcoming workshop, Clare will lead you through some basic poses (asanas) to strengthen your kidney energy which in Chinese Medicine is considered the root of the entire body's energy system, and so affects the function of all your other organs. These will include standing postures, twisting and forward bends that gently ‘massage’ the internal organs. The yoga class will conclude with a lying down pose, when some simple breathing techniques will be demonstrated.  This will then lead us into a meditative state. Clare will teach you a few methods to enable you to continue practicing at home.
Clare Donnelley has studied Tibetan Buddhist teachings and meditation for over 20 years.

Come along, bring a friend, and nourish you body with Yoga for Winter Wellness
Spaces for all workshops are limited, book online or call today (Ph:9665 4341) to reserve your place.


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We look forward to seeing you all soon,
Tania and Clare

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