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Fertility and Chinese Medicine
Men's Fertility
Men today are increasingly facing fertility problems. 40% of infertility is due to the male factor, 40% to the female factor and 20% is a combination of causes. Today a “normal” sperm count is 20 million per ejaculate. Only 25 years ago, normal was 100 million. Sperm quality is also declining which not only affects your chances of pregnancy, but also the development of the fertilized egg, implantation and therefore the possibility of miscarriage, and the development of the embryo itself and so the health of your child.  
There are a number of influences to consider. Today chemicals are added to nearly everything we put in or on our bodies. Environmental pollutants and nutritional factors have a direct impact on the healthy production of sperm as do emotional disturbances and high levels of stress, while smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are an additional risk. 
Evidence based research on the effects of acupuncture and sperm quality and quantity verify that great improvements can be made with healthy behaviors and natural treatments.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine significantly improved both the sperm count and quality with improvements in motility (forward movement), morphology (shape), and overall higher rates of successful pregnancies from men with infertility of unknown cause.
Depending on the case, treatment can make significant changes in just a few weeks. However, further benefit is gained from longer courses of treatment since it takes your body 90 days to create and mature sperm. Your health, nutrition and lifestyle during this time significantly impacts the quality of your sperm. Preconception care is designed to maximise health so that you are at your best when you and your partner conceive.

Increasing women's chances with IVF
Acupuncture is a great adjunct for women having IVF treatments. Studies have shown that you are twice as likely to fall pregnant if you are receiving acupuncture during your IVF protocol.  Acupuncture increases blood circulation to your ovaries and uterus and hence increases your capacity for conception.  Many of our clients have discovered these benefits, but most tend to use it only before and after embryo transfer.  You can further increase your chances of falling pregnant, however, if you are able to come in for treatments for two to three months before IVF procedures and medication are commenced.  We can ascertain the best points to use for you as we observe your particular pattern through your menstrual cycle.

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Thriving in Times of Stress - Sat Nov 17, 3-5pm with Tania Grasseschi

It’s the end of the year and your children have exams, you have deadlines, Christmas is coming and there are too many weeks of school holidays to juggle, finances are tight and your relationship could use a boost - everywhere you turn you and your children are being called to action.
Thriving in times of stress is not so much about how to manage stress, as it is about how to look after yourself on a daily basis so that you are less likely to become stressed in the first place.
Discover the keys of self care and how to better understand what your stress is trying to tell you so you can use that energy constructively. 

Book in now, bring a friend, and discover the best way to thrive in times of stress

Summer Yoga - Open Your Heart - Sat Nov 24, 3-5 pm with Clare Donnelley

In Chinese medicine the season of summer is the time of your heart, which is considered the emperor of all your bodily organs. The element is fire, which initiates and decrees activities. It is a time when heat brings everything to the surface and it grows outwards.
In this workshop Clare will teach you some poses to open your heart, to help you retain your energy levels and to keep your cool.

Book in now to Clare’s Summer Yoga workshop, bring a friend, and open your heart to a wonderful Summer

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Thriving in Times of Stress

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