Winter Wellness
Coffee Chai and Chat June 20
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Winter Wellness

This year the winter solstice is on June 22nd. This is the shortest day and therefore the longest night of the year. After this the days will once again grow longer as we approach the spring equinox. These early sunsets and the cold of winter tend to keep us indoors more often so this is a great time of year to rest and reflect.
In Chinese medicine winter links with the Water element which in turn relates to the Kidneys and Bladder, the ears, the virtue of wisdom and the emotion of fear, just to name a few of the correspondences. Your kidney meridians begin on the soles of your feet so to keep your kidney energy, and your immunity, strong this winter it is important to keep your feet and your lower back warm and dry. Please put away your skimpy summer wear and get out your socks and shoes and wear a top that will keep your back warm.
The emotion linked with the kidneys is fear and while fear is often given a bad rap it actually has a beneficial side. It usually stops you to give you the time you need to gather yourself and your resources. When you take the time to stop and listen to your inner voice (remember that the kidneys also rule the ears) and check if your behaviour or motivation is compatible with your life purpose then it becomes easier to determine what action you need to take to flow, like water, to the next step in life. 

Acupuncture treatments have many benefits such as better sleep, more energy, mental clarity, better digestion and less stress. However, one benefit that few people mention is that it helps you to be more present to yourself which in turn helps you to better know yourself and as Aristotle once said “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. Regular treatments (even as little as once per month) can help you build the strength you need to face much of what life is offering you at this time of year.
The colder days also often find us sniffling and warding off colds and flu. Apart from dressing appropriately the combination of Acupuncture and herbs is a great way to boost your immunity and shorten the duration and severity of colds and flu which then reduces the need for antibiotics. If a cold does set in then stay home from work, rug up, drink plenty of soups/broths and book in for an acupuncture appointment as soon as possible. I have lots of wonderful herbs in clinic that you can use preventtively to boost your immunity as well as antibacterial, antviral and anticongestive herbs.
Herbal capsule prices are going up on July 1st so come in and get a top up for your natural first aid kit before the end of June.
A big thank you to Vicki Hannan, the fabulous photographer from VIXPIX, for the gorgeous winter landscape. Vicki is a PD/H/PE & Expressive Arts teacher not only capturing those moments in nature but also capturing your life’s events. If you need a great photographer for a special event in your life get in touch with Vicki.
You are invited to
Deborah Beer's
Coffee, Chai and Chat
Saturday June 20
3 pm - 4.30 pm
I've mentioned in the past the wonderful work of Deborah Beers, Neuro-trainer/Kinesiologist, who bases her internationally renown clinic in Coogee. 

Come along to Deborah's Coffee, Chai and Chat event on June 20 which is designed to offer you an opportunity to learn, be inspired and meet like-minded people over a cuppa and something to nibble, filled with great techniques to rebalance and de-stress, thought provoking and stimulating with lots of NEW information, great resources, good food and conversation. 

What to Expect.... 
Inspiring and Motivational Talks from Deborah Beers, myself (Tania), Danielle Wright (Author of Sleepy Magic) and other wonderful people. We will all be speaking on finding FULFILLMENT and what FULFILLS us.
Set on the Winter Solstice, when fears are closest to the surface so you can release them and create the Life you Love, the speakers will share ways they have overcome their deepest fears and created a life that is fulfilling to them so you can too!
At this incredibly powerful time discover what fulfillment is and where and how you can find it.
• Enjoy a mini meditation 
• Experience a wonderful kinesiology process to to clear the blocks
• Hear about wonderful workshops and classes
• Meet like-minded others 
• WIN amazing door prizes - treatments, workshops, books 

You, your family and friends are all invited!
Where: Lugar Brae Church Hall, Bronte
Corner Leichhardt St & Lugar Brae Ave, Waverley, 2024

Seats are limited so be quick!
$30 or $35 Paypal/ or $50 family
Bookings Essential and must be Pre-Paid! 
Call or sms Deborah on 0408 600 410 or
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Wishing you all a happy and healthy winter.

I look forward to seeing you soon at WNM.

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Wellness Workshops

As I mentioned in my last newsletter I'm excited to be teaching at Endevour College this year. I had so much fun in first semester that they've asked me to teach even more in second semester. As a result I will be putting my workshops temporarily on hold. However, I will shortly be able to offer you my workshops via webinars so stay tuned and you'll be able to attend from the comfort of your own home at any time that suits you to Eat Well, Be Well and Think Well, Feel Well and Detox to Great Health.
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