Food as Medicine on this Sat 29/10/11
Acupuncture for Sinus and Hayfever
Massage for Pain and Stress Relief
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FOOD AS MEDICINE workshop this Saturday 29/10/11.
Experience a wonderful opportunity to see food in a completely different light
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2 other fantastic workshops also in November
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Acupuncture for Sinus and Hayfever
Sinusitis is an inflammatory condition of the sinuses, which are small airspaces within the bones around the eyes, cheeks and forehead. When any of these cavities becomes inflamed, the drainage process is inhibited thus creating an ideal environment for congestion and infection, resulting finally in Sinusitis.
Sinusitis affects millions of Australians every year, generally resulting from reactions to allergens or cold and flu. There is no known cure for chronic sinusitis.  Treatments such as antibiotics and antihistamines can help resolve a current infection, but there are no guarantees that the infection won’t return and over time this puts a burden on the immune system.
At Ambrosia we offer Acupuncture and Herbal treatment approaches for both chronic and acute sinusitis.  Many of our patients find acupuncture to work wonders for immediately clearing the sinuses and relieving pain while herbs and dietary changes nourish the immune system and reduce the production of mucous.
Salt water irrigation of the sinuses with a Netti pot is a simple, yet very powerful, technique that you can use between visits that works wonders for chronic sinusitis and allergies.  It has a remarkable effect on upper respiratory tract infections, especially hay fever.  Neti pots are a gentle, safe, efficient way to deliver a good cleansing dose of saline to the nose and practiced on a daily basis help keep your sinuses clean and make your breathing free and easy.
  Netti Pots and instruction sheets are available at Ambrosia.
Manage your allergies as part of a comprehensive treatment program with Tania & Bartley.

We look forward to helping you feel more relaxed and pain free so call us today on 9665 4341 and book an appointment.

Massage for Pain and Stress Relief

Pain in the Back? Look to the Front!
Back pain affects about 8 out of 10 people. But there are many steps you can take to avoid it. One of the best things you can do to prevent back pain is to exercise regularly and keep your back and abdominal muscles strong.
So what causes back pain?
Naturally, accidents and sports injuries can be the cause of the pain, but a number of other factors can contribute to back pain, including:
·         Poor posture
·         Obesity
·         Poor physical conditioning facilitated by inactivity.
·         Psychological/emotional stress
·         Internal disease, such as kidney stones, infections, blood clots
·         Osteoporosis (bone loss)
Many people fail to realize that often pain actually originates from the opposite side of where it hurts. So if you are experiencing back pain, it might mean that the muscles directly opposite and to the front have tightened and shorted and is the cause of the pain.
Massage is a simple method that can help ease all sorts of pain.

For quick pointers on how to relieve back pain, please enquire at Ambrosia and book your remedial massage today
with Patricia - Thr & Sun 8 am - 2 pm, by appointment only.

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Get inspired this spring
Sat Oct 29th 3-4.30pm
Food as Medicine with Tania Grasseschi at Amrbosia
Medicine and food are of the same source", says the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (the Neijing 300BC).
You are what you eat & this is true at all levels of consumption.
Look at food from a different perspective and you'll be amazed at what you see. 
How can you eat in harmony with your body's needs, with the time of day, with the seasons?
What are the 5 most important things that affect digestion?
How do the different flavours support our health?
How can you have more energy to live a great life?
Come along, bring a friend, & find out the answers to these questions and more.
Spaces are limited, bookings essential, only $25

Sat Nov 5th 3-4.30pm
Pranayama with Mirella Parry from Yoga Sati Life at Ambrosia
Pranayama is an ancient yogic practice of breath control, that clears energy blockages and assists you  in  deepening your meditation practice.  It is great tool for insomnia, pain and all stress-related conditions.
You will learn various techniques to extend your breath, calm your mind / emotions and balance your central nervous system.  Live a life you love, in a body you love .... one thought at a time. 
Spaces are limited, bookings essential, only $25

Sat Nov 19th 3-4.30pm
Do-In, The ancient art of self massage  with Tania Grasseschi at Ambrosia
Generate more energy in your life with DO-IN, a safe and easy to learn method of self massage, based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, which awakens our energy channels & connects us to the energy flow within.
DO-IN is the perfect morning routine to clear your mind, put you in a good mood, get your body working well and give you a good source of energy. It also makes a great mid-day break activity to quickly relax and recharge you.
DO-IN enhances other forms of bodywork and keeps you in better balance between visits. When paired with good nutrition and daily exercise, the regular practice of DO-IN helps assure you of a constant supply of energy that keeps your nervous system and emotions in peak condition. 
Spaces are limited, bookings essential, only $25

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