Welcome Autumn
Wellness workshops in March
New fees starting March 5th

Welcome Autumn

March 20 is the date for this year's Autumn Equinox. This is the day when the hours of light and dark are in balance, a great time to check in with yourself and see where you might need to address the balance in your life. Are you looking after yourself as well as everyone else? After this date the nights will become longer and the temperature will cool as we head to winter. 

Autumn is a great reminder of the impermanence of everything, it can help us grow more appreciative of all the beauties that surround us and can challenge us to live every day to the fullest. It is because of the stunning colours of autumn that it has always been my favourite season. It also feels like the air is softer at this time of year.  Watch as the leaves turn and fall and remind yourself to also let go and release all that is no longer necessary in your life.

In Chinese medicine autumn is the season to nurture our two biggest organs of elimination, the lungs and large intestine.  This is the season to boost our immunity before the winter colds and flu season begins. Are you tired of getting sick every winter or seeing your partner or kids come down with all manner of bugs? Then come in now for a course of treatments and let go of your old response to winter. Please remember that it is also of great benefit to come in for a treatment when you do get sick. You'll get over your cold or flu so much more quickly and with a lot less suffering.   

March is also an excellent time to get involved in my Wellness Workshops on Sat afternoons at 3pm. As it is the season of letting go what better time to attend "Optimal Body, Optimal Health" (Mar 2nd) and let go of the weight you no longer need and breath in a new sustainable lifestyle of great health and well being. With the support of Acupuncture, Herbs and Emotional Freedom Technique you will soon be looking and feeling fabulous. 

The food we eat has a huge impact on our immune system so attend "Food as Medicine" (Mar 9th) to learn about nourishing yourself at all levels, understanding the medicinal nature of food and the changes to make in your diet to keep your immunity strong for this winter. If you are serious about weight loss combine this workshop with "Optimal Body, Optimal Health".

Seasonal Healing is one of the best ways to remind ourselves that it is time to re-evaluate our health. "Live in Harmony with the Rhythms of Nature"  (Mar 23rd) is all about reconnecting with your own daily rhythms as well as nature's cycles so the Autumn equinox is a fabulous time to honour the change of season and create new, healthy habits.

Come along, bring your friends and be inspired. Package deals are available if you would like to attend more than one workshop. If you have already attended a workshop come along for a refresher at 1/2 price. Please book through Oriental Wisdom.

Have you come in to visit me at Wholistic Natural Medicine yet? It is such a wonderful space.  HICAPS is now up and running and my new prices take effect Mar 5th
  • Initial Consultations remain at $95
  • Follow up consultations will become $80
  • Concession rates for Seniors and Full-time students is 10% off so $85.50 initially and $72 for follow up
  • 1/2 hr follow up consultations for children under 12 will be $60

I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you soon at WNM

Tania Grasseschi
Oriental Wisdom
Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Wellness Workshops

Suite 2, 372 Anzac Pde (near Barker St) Kingsford. 
Ph: 9662 4634

Wellness Workshops 2013

* Optimal body, optimal health - Mar 2nd
Use Chinese Medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique to lose weight and feel great.

* Food as medicine - Mar 9th
Look at food from a different perspective and eat in harmony with your body's needs.

* Live in harmony with the rhythms of nature - Mar 23rd
A guide to healthy living in tune with the seasons and your body‘s natural cycles.

* 'Do-In', meridian tapping for great energy - Apr 6th
Awaken your energy channels and connect to the energy flow within to relax and recharge.

* Your chakras and your health - May 18th
Understand the links between your physical symptoms, your thoughts and your feelings.

*Natural first aid for winter wellness - Jun 15th
 Symptoms are important defenses best resolved when treatments nourish your body.  Learn how to put together a herbal first aid kit that will best look after you and your family.

* Spring clean you body, mind and spirit - Sep 14th
Learn why regular detoxing is important, dietary changes and simple ideas to help easily eliminate toxins from your body, mind and spirit.

* Thrive in times of stress - Oct 19th
Discover the keys of self care and understand what your stress is really trying to tell you.
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