New Year’s Eve is often a time for reflecting on our past, deciding where we want to head in the coming year and then making resolutions in order to achieve these goals.  Without a direction we often wander aimlessly through the year and then wonder why we haven’t accomplished anything as the year draws to a close.

The top resolutions that people often adopt, and then quickly abandon, include Lose weight; Get Fit; Cut back on alcohol; Quit smoking; Get more sleep; Enjoy life more; Spend time with family and friends; Learn something new; Volunteer; Travel and Get organized. Apparently less than half of those who make resolutions are still on target by mid year so here are some tips to help you stay on track this year including how acupuncture and my workshops (Detox to great health; Think well, feel well; Eat well, be well; and Flow well, stress less) can help you achieve many of these goals and more.

You make resolutions for a reason; if you didn’t think you would benefit from them then you wouldn’t be resolving to attempt them. All of these resolutions are interrelated, as is all of life. If you start with one you may just find that you’ll be accomplishing them all. Book into my workshops today and you can not only show your commitment to your resolutions but you can also tick off your resolution to Learn something new.

Having spent most of December and January indulging in festivities detoxing is a great way to begin cleaning out the old and making room for the new. My first workshop of the year, Detox to great health (Feb 22, 2014), is all about cleansing your mind, body and spirit. It is about healthy eating, healthy thinking and healthy action and it is a great first step to addressing a number of your top resolutions.

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