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Looking after your Kidney energy
Live in Harmony workshop June 1
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Winter Wellness

Winter Solstice
This year the winter solstice is on June 21, a mere 3 weeks away. This is the shortest day of the year after which the days once again grow slowly longer.

You can celebrate the winter solstice by heading up to Katoomba on Sat June 22 for Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival.

Arriving at the solstice can be like coming to the dark night of the soul where we reach our darkest point and from there we can awaken into new meanings in our lives, a creative process that underlies all things and comes from our centre, our still point.  To reach our still point we need to slow down and the 3 months of winter are the perfect time to go within, to spend time in quiet contemplation and to spend more time indoors where it is nice and warm. It is like the time of gestation, the quiet growth beneath the surface, before the birth of spring.

Winter corresponds with the element of water, the essence of life, and the Kidney and Bladder organs in Chinese medicine. The Kidney energy is our foundational energy responsible, among other things, for our reproductive health. To support your kidneys, adrenals, and reproductive health you need to rest a little after all the activities of the preceding seasons and rebuild your reserves. Go to bed a little earlier, wear warm layers of clothes especially keeping your neck and lower back (Kidneys) warm. You can also keep warm on the inside with warming foods like porridge, soups, stews, casseroles, bakes and stewed fruit. Add cinnamon and ginger to your cooking and enjoy Chai in all its forms (chai tea, chai hot chocolate, chai dandelion tea, and chai rooibos tea). Let me know if you can think of other ways to have chai. Great food for your kidneys includes kidney beans, black beans and marrow, such as bone marrow broth or osso bucco. Regular acupuncture treatments are also of benefit in supporting your kidney and adrenal energy. I'll talk a little more about adrenal exhaustion next month so stay tuned.

During winter cold and flu season it is also important to keep your immune system strong with regular acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs. Resistance and Defence Plus are two great formulas for keeping colds and flu at bay for the whole family.  Should you get sick our Cold and Flu and Antitox formulas have great antibacterial and antiviral herbs to help relieve signs and
symptoms and getting a couple of acupuncture treatments as soon as you can will reduce the length and severity of your cold. Come to my Natural First Aid workshop to find out more.

Kidney time is 5-7pm, this is the time to be winding down after a busy day at work to support your adrenals. Understand how your body clock works and learn how to live in sync with your body and with the seasons by coming along to Living in Harmony on Sat June 1 from 3-5 pm.  Do life easily and effortlessly by going with the flow.
On Sat June 15 from 3-5 pm come along to Natural First Aid for Winter Wellness and learn how to put a herbal first aid kit together that will best look after you and your family
Come along, bring your friends and be inspired. If you have already attended a workshop come along for a refresher at 1/2 price. These workshops are only $50 and you can book online today.


Wishing you all a warm and healthy winter and I look forward to seeing you soon at WNM

Tania Grasseschi
Oriental Wisdom
Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Wellness Workshops

Wholisitc Natural Medicine Suite 2, 372 Anzac Pde (near Barker St) Kingsford. Ph: 9662 4634

Wellness Workshops 2013

* Living  in harmony - Jun 1st - $50
A guide to healthy living in tune with the seasons and your body‘s natural cycles.

*Natural first aid for winter wellness - Jun 15th - $50
Symptoms are important defenses best resolved when treatments nourish your body.  Learn how to put together a herbal first aid kit that will best look after you and your family.

* Eat Well, Be Well - Jul 20th - $75
Weather you want to lose weight, gain energy or nourish your family, learn to look at food from a different perspective and discover how to eat in harmony with your body's needs and feel fantastic.

* Spring clean you body, mind and spirit - Sep 14th - $50
Learn why regular detoxing is important, dietary changes and simple ideas to help easily eliminate toxins from your body, mind and spirit.

* Thrive in times of stress - Oct 19th - $50
Discover the keys of self care and understand what your stress is really trying to tell you.
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