Happy Easter special offers
Fertility and Chinese Medicine
Mind Body Connection workshop - May 24

Happy Easter

To celebrate Easter and the coming school holidays I am making 3 very special offers
1. Get active on Oriental Wisdom's Facebook page and once each week I'll be offering a treatment at a BIG discount.
2. Have a friend subscribe to Oriental Wisdom's newsletter here and then send me a quick email letting me know both of your names and you can both receive $15 off an April treatment.
3. Enrol in the Mind Body Connection workshop with a friend, during April, and you get $50 off your ticket. Pay over the phone to save.
Happy Easter (='.'=)
Fertility and Chinese Medicine

As you all know I love working with women's health. This semester I also have the wonderful privilege of teaching all about women's health to the students of Endeavour College of Natural Health as part of their Bachelor of Health Science degree in Acupuncture. I am thoroughly enjoying sharing with them all about treating gynecological and obstetric diseases using Traditional Chinese Medicine therapeutics.
Women's health is a huge area and Chinese medicine can help with many aspects of it including menstrual issues and fertility, pregnancy and post birth support, and menopause relief. 
As we are approaching Easter, which is named after Eostre the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, and as the egg has been a symbol of fertility and immortality since the earliest of times I will take this opportunity to focus on fertility.
Women usually come to clinic for fertility treatments either because they are thinking of trying to conceive, they have been trying for some time without success or they are in the process of IVF treatments. The best time, however, for both potential parents to come for treatments is Read more ...

Mind Body Connection
Sunday May 24

Book online to reserve your place
As we move into autumn and we turn inwards this is the perfect time to explore your mind body connection. In this workshop you will
  • Discover the link between the Chinese 5 Elements and 5 Emotions and how the energies of thought, feeling and belief flow through your body and impact upon your health and well being.
  • Explore the Chinese body clock and recognise why you feel certain ways at particular times of the day so how your body clock can affect your well-being.
  • Learn a great meditation technique to positively channel your emotional energy and help you to better listen to your body's wisdoms.
If you are a practitioner you can even gain CPE points by attending.
Book in today.  
Wishing you all a happy and healthy Easter.

I look forward to seeing you soon at WNM.

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Wellness Workshops 2015

* Food as Medicine
15 Mar 10am-4pm

Safely and easily eliminate toxins from your body, mind and spirit.  Learn gentle daily practices to look and feel younger, slimmer and more energised. Lose weight, gain energy and nourish your family. Discover the keys to digestive health, and learn how to eat in harmony with your body's needs.

* Mind Body Connection
24 May 10am-4pm

Do you know how the mind body connection works? Discover how the energy of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs flows through your body and can impact your health and well being. Re sync your life to flow in harmony with your natural body clock see how much more you can accomplish

Book on line today to reserve your place
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