Flow Well, Stress Less - Oct 19 - Kingsford
Stress Busters
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Stress Busters

Flow Well, Stress Less
October 19th
3pm - 5pm
WNM Kingsford
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Flow Well, Stress Less

Stress is defined as an internal resistance to an external force. As such, stress is actually about the relationship between you, your inner issues, and the world around you, external events.

When you resist the flow of the moment, rather than going with it, your body responds with an increase in adrenalin and a sense of pressure and physical tension which are all just normal fear based responses that are there to activate and prepare you for change and unpredictability.

Trouble does not arise from your stress response or in fact from the issue that triggered it, trouble arises when you lose your flow and your resourcefulness.  In martial arts you learn that it is better to make use of the energy of your opponent rather than resist it.

So thriving in times of stress then is not so much about how to manage stress, as it is about how to look after yourself on a daily basis so that you are less likely to become stressed in the first place.
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You can find out more in the Flow Well, Stress Less seminar on Oct  19. Book in today!

Good Luck to all those sitting the HSC
The HSC can be a stressful time for the whole family. Help your child perform their best with a course of acupuncture to help them relax and think more clearly.
Thank you to everyone who attended Eat Well, Be Well on Sept 2nd and thank you to Family Wellness Centre
in Allambie Heights for having me.
Thank you also to everyone who attended Detox to Great Health on Sept 14th.
Great Feedback
Eat Well, Be Well
- "I found the workshop very informative. The 5 ways to eat were eye opening. I had never thought of breathing and how this would benefit my digestion before" A Smith

Detox to Great  Health - "This programme enabled me to have a clear idea of the natural mechanisms of the body. It certainly cleared all the confusion out there re detoxification and the importance of taking care of our bodies and have them function properly" G Vieira

Public Speaking
Both workshops will be held again early next year, however, if you have a group (a mother's group, club or corporate group perhaps) that would benefit from being inspired to live a healthy life please contact me and we can arrange a date that suits you. 
Sugar Craving
In both workshops I spoke a little about sugar and sweet cravings. Unfortunately sugar creates acidity within your body and as I have said in the past an acid body is a sick body. For great health it is important for your body to be more alkaline. Sugar also depletes you of B vitamins. If you need to sweeten a dish try using a good quality raw honey, maple syrup, molasses, rice syrup, barley malt or add stewed fruit. A little pinch of salt often enhances the sweetness of sauteed onions or stewed fruit rather than adding sugar.
Often when you crave sugar and sweets it is your body and soul craving nourishment. A great way nourish your body is to eat more sweet vegetables like sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, beets and sweet corn,
To nourish your soul be sweet to your senses with inspiring images, beautiful smells, lovely fabrics, relaxing music, and positive thoughts.
If all else fails try this soup for cravings:
Sauté 1 cup chopped onions with a pinch of Celtic sea salt
Add 1 cup of each of cabbage, carrot and pumpkin finely chopped, fill with water and boil for 45 min.
Strain veg & drink broth – up to 3-4 cups per day for 5-6 days.

Wishing you all a sensational Spring.
I look forward to seeing you soon at WNM.

Tania Grasseschi
Oriental Wisdom
Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Wellness Workshops

Wholisitc Natural Medicine Suite 2, 372 Anzac Pde (near Barker St) Kingsford. Ph: 9662 4634

Wellness Workshops

* Flow Well, Stress Less - Oct 19th 3pm-5pm - $50
Stress is our internal resistance to the flow of life around us. Re sync your life to the natural flow of your body clock and watch your stress melt away

* Detox to Great Health- Feb 22nd 3pm-5pm  - $50
Look and feel younger with a gentle detox plan. Have glowing skin and great health by easily eliminating toxins from your body, mind and spirit.

* Think Well, Feel Well - Mar 29th 2014 - 3pm-5pm $50
Emotions are energy in motion. Discover how the energy of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs flows through your body and can impact your health and well being.

* Eat Well, Be Well - Apr 26th 2014 - 10am-1pm - $75
Lose weight, gain energy and nourish your family! Learn a new way to look at food and discover how to eat in harmony with your body's needs to feel fantastic.

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